I have to admit, I picked up a T. Jefferson Parker novel years ago since it was right next to veteran author Robert Parker’s large section of books. His early books were decent, but in the last four or five, he’s really hit his stride and I can’t walk by his books without picking up the latest. (Ironically, since then, I haven’t bought a Robert Parker novel, although I really enjoy his work, as well.) Four books ago, in the novel Silent Joe, the main character was a cop who was disfigured in a childhood accident. When I read the prologue and the first chapter of The Fallen, whose main character is a cop who survived a six-story fall, I was ready to rip on Parker for using the same sympathetic character modus operandi once again. However, the more I read, the more I really got into this novel. And how the accident has affected the life and job of the main character, Robbie Brownlaw. Similar to Silent Joe, Parker weaves a great murder mystery. And one that also includes a look into local politics — fictitious, of course, but likely with a huge semblance of truth. Parker has written three books with female lead Merci Rayborn. Brownlaw is much more compelling — and human — in my opinion, and here’s hoping Parker keeps his m.o. and brings back Brownlaw for a future novel.