Match No. 1: Charles Mercury & Sara Del Rey & Supa Badd vs. Topgun Talwar & Zokre & Ryan Drago. Zokre with some nice moves early. First an armdrag and then a slingshot armdrag. Del Rey with a huge hip toss on Drago. Supa Bad with a huge suplex and then a dropkick. Drago working over Del Rey. Heels work over Del Rey. Talwar can barely pick her up for a slam. Del Rey gives Drago a ddt. Supa Badd unloads on the heels. Mercury with a springboard cross body block to the floor. Talwar nearly misses a cross body block to the floor. Del Rey then does a cross body to the floor. Zokre does a corkscrew flip to the floor. Supa Badd to the top rope. He does a dive. Drago buts Badd into a texas cloverleaf but Del Rey breaks it up with several forearms to the face. Mercury misses a legdrop from the top rope. Del Rey gives Drago a bridging german suplex for the pin. These six were pretty green, the match wasn’t great, but they gave a pretty good effort. Rating: *1/2

Match No. 2: Excalibur vs. Chris Bosh. Bosh with a nice spot where he does a satellite headscissors to the floor. Excalibur hits a huge knee from the top rope. He follows with an armbar. Huge lariat by Excalibur. He then hits a double underhook piledriver for the pin. Pretty good match. As an added bonus, Excalibur does commentary on his own match. Actually, the self commentary schtick got a bit old in the end. Rating: ***

Match No. 3: The Ballard Brothers (Shane & Shannon) vs. The Aerial Express (Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver). The Ballard Brothers are doing a Slapshot gimmick, complete with Charlestown Chiefs hockey jerseys and red mullets. Nice suplex by Sky. Quicksilver hits a leg lariat. Sky hits a sweet suicide senton onto the Ballards. Quicksilver nearly kills himself as his suicide dive goes awry and it looks like he grabs the top rope and hits the ring apron with his head. Ballards working over Quicksilver in the corner. They do a crazy double russian leg sweep. Shane hits a springboard splash on Quicksilver. Scorpio with a huge dropkick. Nice doubleteam by the faces as Excalibur holds Shane in front of him and Sky does a leap frog and then Quicksilver gives him a sitout facebuster. Quicksilver with a high cross body block. But Shannon catches him and does a big spin and Shane dropkicks him in the face. Scorpio makes the save. Shane hits a nice brainbuster on Sky. Shannon has Scorpio on his back in a fireman’s carry and he starts spinning. Quicksilver kicks him and then Scorpio rolls him up but he is under the ropes. Quicksilver holds Shannon, Scorpio dropkicks him in the chest and then Quicksilver drops him into a piledriver for the pin. Nasty looking move. These guys put on a pretty good show. Rating: ***1/2

Match No. 4: Super Dragon vs. M-Dogg 20. Nice opening sequence as they start in a test of strength and then transition into several moves while keeping their hands together. M-Dogg with a pommel horse move. He then does a crazy handspring suicide senton but he touches the ropes and his flip over the top rope comes up a bit short. Luckily Dragon adjusts and he catches Dragon with a hurricanrana on the floor. These guys did a great job averting disaster. Nice standing moonsault by M-Dogg. M-Dogg does a split-legged moonsault and lands on his feet but catches a boot in the nuts. Looks like they botch a move and Dragon does a dragon screw. He hits another dragon screw. Dragon with a double foot stomp. M-Dogg with another high risk move to the floor, this time with a corkscrew. M-Dogg with a tarantula on the guardrail. He then does a split-legged corkscrew moonsault. M-Dogg blocks a power bomb and turns it into a ddt. Dragon does a double foot stomp from the top rope. Dragon with a senton for a near fall. M-Dogg hits a swinging ddt. M-Dogg goes for a crazy hurricanrana from the top rope. It looks like he misses, but at the last moment Dragon flips to the mat. With Dragon’s back turned, M-Dogg does a springboard into a botched move. He then hits a hurricanrana from the back. M-Dogg misses his corkscrew 450 splash (Death From Above). Dragon then hits a springboard spinning wheel kick (UFO) but M-Dogg kicks out. Dragon then hits his corkscrew 450 splash (Dragon Twister) for the pin. Damn good match. These guys missed a couple of spots, but considering the difficulty of the numerous moves they attempted, no big deal. Rating: ****

Match No. 5: TARO vs. Babi Slymm. Taro cuts a promo before the match. He issues an open challenge. Oh, shit. This guy is twice his size. Slymm with a couple of huge shoulder blocks. Taro does a headscissors, but Slymm with a huge clothesline. Massive hip toss by Slymm. He then gives TARO a huge release german suplex. Slymm goes for a chokeslam but TARO turns it into a ddt. TARO with two spears and a leg lariat that send Slymm to the floor. TARO to the top rope where he does a tope con hilo onto Slymm. TARO with a lariat from the top rope. Slymm then hits a sitout chokeslam. He pulls him from the mat at two. Slymm with a sitout swinging side slam (Birdman) but he doesn’t cover him. He gets a chair and then sets up between the first and second rope. He charges TARO who moves and Slymm goes face first into the chair. TARO then covers him for the pin. Decent, yet predictable match. Rating: ***

Match No. 6: Mr. Excitement & Disco Machine vs. Hook Bomberry & Apollo Khan. Excitement exchange huge elbows. Hook working over Disco’s arm. Hook puts on a hammerlock on Disco and then bridges. A lot of matwork early. Apollo also does hammerlock into a bridge on Disco. Disco finally gets the hot tag. Excitement with a pair of overhead suplexes before Apollo gives him a backdrop driver. Apollo with a nice space tornado ogawa (sto). Kahn fucks up a move on the ropes, but then gives him a spear from the second rope. Disco dropkicks Khan and then Excitement gives him an exploder. Hook with two huge clotheslines on Excitement. Hook with a pair of snap suplexes and then a swinging neckbreaker. Disco tags in a gives Hook a snap suplex followed by a sitout facebuster but Apollo breaks it up. Hook goes back to work on Disco’s arm. Disco goes for a chokeslam, but Hook catches him in an arm bar and then locks it on for the tap. Match started slowly, but picked up and was pretty decent. Rating: ***

Match No. 7: Hardkore Inc. (Adam Pearce & Al Katrazz & Hardkore Kidd) vs. X-Foundation (Joey Ryan & Funky Billy Kim & Scott Lost). Six-way brawl starts things. Billy Kim with a dive onto Kidd. Lost does the same. Ryan works over Al. Kim and Lost hold Al and then Ryan gives him a sitout powerbomb. Leg lariat by Pearce. Kidd drops Lost hard onto the top rope. Al does the same. Back suplex by Pierce on Ryan. Heels work over Ryan outside the ring. Al walks the ropes. Ryan hits a super swinging neckbreaker (Duff Drop) from the top rope on Pearce. Faces with some nice doubleteam moves. Al clotheslines Kim over the top rope. It looks like he misses but Kim takes a nice flip bump to the floor. Kidd hits a sitout facebuster on Lost. Ryan gives Kidd a release german suplex. Al with a nice implant ddt on Ryan. Pearce nails Kim with a piledriver. Lost then superkicks Pearce. Ryan and Kim hold Al over their knees and Lost hits a huge elbow from the top rope. With the referee distracted, Pearce gives Ryan a crazy belt shot for the pin. Very good match. Rating: ***1/2

Match No. 8: A.J. Styles vs. Frankie Kazarian. Before the match Samoa Joe says he can’t wrestle due to injuries. All mat wrestling early. Kaz does a springboard to the outside of the ring and ddt’s Styles on the apron. Huge dropkick by Kaz. He then hits a springboard legdrop. Huge boot by Kaz. Styles hits a nice brainbuster. Huge discus lariat by Styles. He then hits a springboard moonsault into an inverted ddt (Phenomenon). Kaz follows with a bridging wrist lock electric chair drop (Back to the Future). After two attempts were blocked, Styles hits the belly to back inverted mat slam (Styles Clash) for the pin. Real good match, but a bit short and I expected better. Maybe this was their first match together as they didn’t totally click. Rating: ***1/2