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AWA (10/8/85)

Match No. 1: Nick Bockwinkel vs. Sgt. Slaughter. Gary Michael Capetta is the ring announcer. Larry Zbyszko and his mullet are in Bockwinkel’s corner. Match was taped at the Tropicana in Atlantic City. Bockwinkel offers his hand to Slaughter. He finally shakes. Pretty boring early. Five minutes in and already a rest spot as Slaughter works on Nick’s arm. Nice corner bump by Slaughter. Bockwinkel hits huge piledriver but Slaughter kicked out. Slaughter piledrivers Bockwinkle reaches the ropes. Boris Zhukov shown at ringside. Bockwinkel hits Slaughter in his enourmous gut and he reacts like he was shot. Kid in front row has a Wrestlemania t-shirt. Camera quickly cuts away. Slaughter does a Hulk Hogan impersonation with a no-sell comeback. Bockwinkel hits a sleeper on Slaughter. Slaughter hits big clothesline and applies the cobra clutch. Zhukov distracts Slaughter, who breaks the hold. Idiot Slaughter gets counted out. Shitty finish to average match. Nice booking job, Verne, you dumb bastard. Rating: **1/2

AWA (3/13/83)

Match No. 1: Jesse “The Body” Ventura & Ken Patera & Bobby Heenan vs. Hulk Hogan & the High Flyers (Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell). Eric Bischoff and Nick Bockwinkle stand in front of blue screen that shows empty ring and talk about the match. Gene Okerlund does the ring announcing along with some commentary. Gagne is announced at 217 pounds. Maybe if his boots were 20 pounds each. Vince sure pissed on Verne. Five of the six in this match were in the WWF within a couple of years. B. Brian Blair took Gagne’s spot in the High Flyers with Jim Brunzell as they formed the ripoff Killer Bees. Heenan could take same damn good bumps back in the day.┬áDamn, it must have sucked to have to sell punches from that weakling Gagne. Thankfully, I didn’t grow up in the Midwest, like these poor suckers in Minneapolis. Instead of an old, bald champion and his loser son, I got Ric Flair and the NWA. Thank God. Dumbass Rod Thorngard calls a backdrop a monkey flip. Hogan pins Heenan with a legdrop. Damn, the place is packed. Packed full of Midwest marks. Average match with great heat. Rating: ***

AWA (12/25/82)

Match No. 1: Hulk Hogan vs. Jesse “The Body” Ventura. Gene Okerlund is the ring announcer. Ventura works over Hogan’s arm. Ventura gets advantage twice by pulling Hogan’s hair. He goes back to the arm. Yawn. Leave it to AWA to fuck this match up. Hogan takes charge. Ventura works the arm again. Time for Hogan to make his comeback. Ventura takes great exaggerated bumps. Bell rings as two are fighting outside the ring. Hogan tries to hit Ventura with a chair, but he escapes. Typical AWA. Short match with little actual wrestling and a shitty finish. Too bad, you Minneapolis marks. Rating: **

AWA (8/30/81)

Match 1: High Flyers (Jim Brunzell & Greg Gagne) vs. East-West Connection (Jesse Ventura & Adrian Adonis)

Jesse and Adrian cut a promo with Gene Okerlund.

Damn, Greg Gagne is skinny. And speaking of skinny, Adrian Adonis is two hundred pounds lighter than his “Adorable” days. Boy can he work at this weight. Brunzell is in great shape. Adonis takes a couple of great bumps in the corner. Ventura doesn’t show me much. Ventura holds Gagne and Adonis comes down to make it a spike pile driver for the pin.

Rating: ***1/2 Thankfully, I didn’t grow up in the Midwest and have to endure a bald champion and his skinny son as the top two babyfaces. Standard match, work of Adonis increases the rating.