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ECW (5/28/96)

Show opens with a Brian Pillman video.

Clip shown from “A Matter of Respect” as Rob Van Dam shakes hands with Bill Alfonso and Sabu is taken out on a stretcher.

Fan Cam segment with Paul Heyman. He makes UFC reference. He cuts promo on Van Dam. Then drives away in a Camaro. Cheeseball.

Match No. 1: 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Chris Jericho from house show on Fan Cam joined in progress. Jericho is all juiced up. Scorpio gets pin with reverse 540. Rating: None.

Highlights of Sandman gettting his knee fucked up by Shane Douglas at a house show. Stevie Richards interrupts Joey Styles with cheesy promo.

Raven interview in the ring at house show in Allentown, Pa. Same old Raven shit. He asks Richards to find him a slut.

Richards interrupts Styles again.

Highlights of Dudleys vs. Damian Kane and Devon Storm. Storm takes backdrop over top rope onto D.W. Dudley. Devon hits Kane, Storm and the Bubba with a chair. The the ref Paul Richards. Richards rings the bell for the DQ. Bubba and Devon argue.

Cheesy skit with Bubba trying to call Big Dick Dudley. Stevie Richards says he has signed pictures of Big Dick in his bedroom and nobody is a bigger fan of Big Dick than him.

Match No. 2: Brian Lee & Eliminators vs. Gangstas & Tommy Dreamer. Crazy brawl, as always. Kronus with a nice flying tiger drop over the top rope. Saturn uses a moonsault (Saturnsault). They brawl all over the arena including on the stage below Styles. Lee suplexes Dreamer through a table and off the stage. Mustafa hits Kronus with a toy robot. New Jack gets ball shot splits into the post. Dreamer getting triple-teamed. He’s a mess. Dreamer gets superkicked in the back of the head by Stevie Richards. Kimona and Beulah then grab his balls and take him off. Dreamer puts a cinderblock on Lee’s chest and hits it with a chair. Saturn then gives him a spike piledriver. Saturn sets up a table in the corner of the ring and lifts Dreamer onto it. Saturn to the top rope. Dreamer gives him a ddt through the table. Kronus makes the save. New Jack gives Kronus nasty chairshot to the back. New Jack jumps off top rope with a chair and hits Saturn with it for the pin. Crazy as hell brawl in typical ECW fashion. Damn good stuff. Rating: ***1/2

ECW (5/13/96)

Match No. 1: El Puerto Ricano vs. Damian 666. Match joined in progress. Both are fighting on top of a table. Sabu comes into the ring. Sabu does cross body block over the top rope onto both guys then throws chairs at them. He lays them both on the table and does a springboard legdrop onto both guys and through the table. I guess this would be considered a squash. Rating: *

Match No. 2: Shane Douglas vs. 2 Cold Scorpio for ECW TV Title. Long time before they lock up. Is Heyman trying to get this one match to fill the entire show? Boring back-and-forth early. Douglas throws chair at Scorpio and gets a two count. Douglas backdrops Scorpio to the floor and he hits a baseball slide. Followed by a springboard corss body block to the floor. Shane hits slingshot suplex on Scorpio who gets dumped on the guard rail and falls on his head. Scorpio with huge clothesline on the floor. Douglas throws Scorpio into the crowd after he tries a leap. They fight in the crowd. Douglas takes a crutch shot to the back. Followed by a chair shot to the head. Douglas lifts Scorpio up for power bomb and drops him on the floor. Scorpio kicks Shane in the balls. Then gives him two chair shots. Scorpio hits a handspring and catches Douglas with a kick as he flips, followed by a moonsault to the floor. Douglas hits the barricade hard. Scorpio lays Douglas on the ringside table. Douglas hides from him and then catches him from behind. Scorpio does victory roll and bridge but Douglas kicks out. Scorpio hits superkick. Douglas hits corkscrew suplex. Scorpio hits another superkick. Scorpio with a moonsault but he gets up before the three count. He goes up again and hits a 450 splash (Scorpio Splash) but doesn’t try for the pin. Scorpio with a legdrop. Douglas hits back suplex and bridges for a two count. Douglas with a fisherman’s suplex for a two count. Douglas hits power bomb from the top rope but Scorpio kicks out. Shane hits belly-to-belly superplex for the pin. Damn good match. They really picked it up at the end. Rating: ***1/2

Scorpio looks like he is going to cry afterwards. Shane cuts a promo. He puts over Steamboat, Funk, Malenkos, Guerreros, Benoit and Heyman. He also puts over Scorpio. He tells Scorpio to put on his belt. Scorpio gives him a belt shot, a piledriver and a legdrop from the top rope with a chair and the belt on his face.

Pulp Ficton montage with Sandman and Missy; Eliminators cut a promo; Dudleys are idiots; Dreamer cuts promo with a nice mullet; Douglas babbles; Taz actually speaks; Douglas babbles some more; D.J. Ran, whoever the fuck he is, cuts a promo and intros Gangstas and New Jack cuts long crazy promo.

ECW (5/6/96)

Show opens with Buh Buh in the ring with the mic. Francine makes fun of Bubba’s unit. Devon enters the ring and takes the mic.

Match No. 1: Dudley Boys vs. The Pitbulls. Dudleys attack Pitbulls before the bell. Action spills outside. They brawl into the crowd. Tons of chair shots. They brawl on the stage next to the announce booth. Joey Styles cuts into taped match with a “live” update that the Pitbulls were injured as they were about to film a training video in Long Island. Action is finally in the ring as we return. More chairshots in and out of the ring. Devon gets planted face first into the chair by Gary Wolfe. Anthony Durante gives Buh Buh a super bomb. Devon makes the save with several chair shots. Referee Paul Richards gets a chair shot as well from Devon. Durante then gives Richards a super bomb. I guess that’s it. No real finish but tons of stiff brawling. RIP Durante. Rating: ***
Segment with Sandman and Missy Hyatt that is interrupted by a “live” report by Styles. Dreamer taken away in a second ambulance. Pitbulls apparently were taken away in the first ambulance. 
Match No. 2: Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu. This is their first match together. Van Dam does Rolling Thunder into a vertical splash. Sabu throws him to the floor. Sabu pulls Van Dam into the ring with his back on the middle rope. He hits guillotine leg drop on Van Dam. He follows with a camel clutch. Then a single leg boston crab. Sabu tries to land on his feet out of backdrop but falls. He’s such a sloppy technical wrestler. Sabu sets Van Dam on the top turn buckle. He climbs to the top rope and drop kicks him to the floor. Sabu then does a flip dive onto Van Dam on the floor. Van Dam tries moonsault off the barricade but Sabu shoves him into the crowd. Sabu hits him with a chair shot in the crowd. Sabu does Triple Jump Arabian Press onto Van Dam in the front row. Crazy fucking move, no wonder he is nearly crippled. Sabu sets up table between ring and barricade. He puts Van Dam on the table. Van Dam moves and Sabu jumps over the table onto the floor. No wonder his knees are shot. Sabu tries to jump on Van Dam but slips on the table. Another trademark sloppy spot by Sabu. With Sabu on the barricade, Van Dam jumps onto chair then ring apron then gives Sabu a kick to the solar plexus. Van Dam does flip from ring apron with chair onto Sabu. Van Dam hits springboard leg drop. Van Dam fucks up bow and arrow the first time but hits it the second time. Dumb move to do with a broken wrist. Van Dam goes for a power slam but Sabu spikes him on his head. Van Dam does somersault plancha onto Sabu on the floor. Sabu goes for top rope move on Van Dam but Van Dam shoves him onto the table on the floor. Sabu gets another table. He puts Van Dam on it. Sabu holds onto the top rope and flips onto Van Dam. Table doesn’t break. He does it again and the table breaks. Sabu his split legged moonsault for a two count. Sabu misses a clothesline. Van Dam hits german suplex for a near fall. Van Dam misses somersault neckbreaker from the top rope. Van Dam hits guillotine leg drop onto Sabu, followed by a slingshot leg drop. Sabu drops both knees on Van Dams back and he goes face first into the chair. Van Dam is sitting on the top rope and Sabu gives him a ddt. Van Dam kicks out somehow. Sabu hits triple jump moonsault for the pin. Styles calls it the greatest match in the career of both men. Four missed moves say otherwise, although they did punish the hell out of each other. Too sloppy to be called a classic. RIP Sabu’s body. Rating: ***
Dreamer with Kimona and Beulah. Styles interrupts again with “live” report. Eliminators cut promo. Saturn has blood on hands. 
Taz and Joey Styles put over Heyman and his limited production crew. 

ECW (4/29/96)

Match No. 1: Raven vs. Shane Douglas. Boring early. Best part is chant of “Stevie swallows” to Stevie Richards. Raven takes bump into the guard rail. Shane does a nice dive over the top rope. Raven takes another hard bump to the floor. Shane beating on Raven in the crowd. He even uses a cheese grater. Twice. Raven gets the upper hand and tosses Shane onto the stage. Raven is busted open. Shane gives Raven a piledriver as they get back in the ring. Shane hits a belly to belly suplex. No referee. Brian Lee had come into interfere and Tommy Dreamer got rid of him. Douglas then doublecrosses Dreamer. They fight in the middle of the match. Douglas drops Raven on the top rope, then turnbuckle. Douglas hits cross body block but Raven rolls through. Douglas hits figure four. Meanie goes for moonsault, causing Douglas to break the hold. Douglas uses half boston crab, but Richards gives him a superkick. Raven gets a near fall. Shane hits ddt for a near fall. Douglas unlaces Raven’s boot. He puts on the figure four. One of the Bruise Brothers interferes as the referee is distracted. Raven then hits Douglas with his boot for the pin. Crazy match, but pretty damn good. Rating: ***1/2

Crybaby Shane cuts a promo. He gets interrupted by 2 Cold Scorpio who cuts a promo on Shane. Shane jumps him from behind. And beats him with his belt. Sandman comes in. Shane gives him a belly to belly suplex. Shane canes Sandman and Scorpio. He then piledrives Scorpio on his belt.
New Jack cuts a promo on the Eliminators as their classic feud continues. Saturn cuts a promo wearing a gay pink t-shirt. Kronus giggles like an idiot.
Match No. 2: Axl Rotten vs. Little Guido. Guido hits Axl with a chair. Axl uses inside cradle but J.T. Smith is distracting the referee. Guido misses a leg drop from the top rope. Axl with a huge clothesline. Axl drops Guido on his head for the pin. Short average match. Rating: ***
Match No. 3: Taz vs. Devon Storm. Damn is Joel Gertner skinny. Storm has a terrible ring outfit. A cross between the Rock & Roll Express and Green Lantern. Bill Alfonso pisses off the crowd by stepping on a Flyers jersey. Taz hits an exploder (T-Bone) suplex. Storm actually hits a baseball slide on Taz and gives him a chair shot to the head. He sets Taz in a chair and hits flip dive on top of him. Storm then hits a moonsault for a near fall. Wow, he’s getting a lot of offense on Taz. Storm misses a moonsault with a chair. Taz hits Storm with a chair. Taz suplexes Storm over the top rope and onto the floor. He took a huge bump and missed the table that was supposed to break his fall. Storm is counted out. Taz uses half nelson choke (Tazmission) for good measure. Taz didn’t get a chance to show much as Storm obviously could not continue. Rating: **1/2
Pulp Fiction montage with Bill Alfonso & Taz; Miss Hyatt shows off her tits; Kimona shows off her pussy, which she is holding in her arms and appears to be a tabby; Bubba & Devon act like fools; Blue Meanie acts like a fool as well; New Jack calls out the Eliminators; Blue Meanie does his same old schtick; Alfonso rambles; New Jack says he spray painted the Eliminators’ belts; Eliminators jump Gangstas in the parking lot and spray paint their backs.

ECW (4/22/96)

Gangstas in the ring with Joey Styles. New Jack cuts a promo. He calls out the Eliminators. They come to the ring and brawl. Great action. Scrubs come out to break things up. Not a match, but we will treat it like one. Rating: ***1/2

Match No. 1: Super Nova vs. El Puerto Ricano. Nova does handstand dive off the top rope onto the floor. Nice move. Nova hits nice tiger bomb. Ricano does moonsault from middle rope onto Nova outside the ring. Eliminators beat up both guys. Bullshit finish, but decent match between the two rookies. Rating: **1/2
Saturn calls out the Gangstas. They come to the ring with weapons. They fight in the ring, in the crowd, outside the ring and back in the ring. Mustafa gives Kronus a belt shot to the head. Scrubs again breaks things up. 
Little Guido and J.T. Smith at Geno’s. Nice skit.
Match No. 2: Brian Lee vs. Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer does jawbreaker on Lee using chair. They go into the crowd. Dreamer gives Lee a bulldog on the stage. They fight on the bleachers. Lee gives Dreamer three nut shots with the bottom of the barricade. Referee takes a bump. Dreamer hits ddt but no ref. Bruise brothers come into the ring. Dreamer takes double chairshot from kicks to the head. He somehow kicks out. He hits a ddt. Bruise Brothers back in the ring. They put cinder block on Dreamer’s groin and hit him with chair shot. Lee gets the pin. Pretty good brawl. Rating: ***1/2
Montage with Sandman and Missy Hyatt. She was still fairly hot. 
Raven comes to the ring with Stevie Richards and Blue Meanie. Shane has the big announcement. He says Beulah was cheating on both Dreamer and Raven. With Kimona. That motherfucking Heyman cuts away before they kiss. Styles explains that stations like MSG dropped ECW for showing the kiss.

ECW (4/15/96)

Kenny Albert interviews Shane Douglas at Madison Square Garden. How the hell did they get Kenny Albert? Shane rips on The Clique and WCW. 

Match highlights: Devon Dudley debuts, crowning J.T. Smith with a chair shot. Little Guido also takes a chair shot to the head. Sabu and Mikey Whipwreck destroy each other. Ten years later, both of their bodies are destroyed. 
Match No. 1: Taz vs. Chris Jericho in a shoot fight. Alfonso nails Jericho in the head with a chair. Taz uses Tazplex for submission. Alfonso then pays off the ref, who was Taz’s sensei. Decent but quick. Rating: **
Montage with the Dudleys. 
Match No. 2: Eliminators vs. Joel Hartgood & El Puerto Ricano. Squash. Rating: **
Gangstas brawl with Eliminators afterwards. Damn good brawl. New Jack and Mustafa cuffed after New Jack decks a “cop”.
Match highlights from Sandman & Scorpio vs. Headhunters. Gangstas come back wearing handcuffs and they attack the Headhunters. Eliminators come to the ring with chairs and attack Gangstas. Styles makes a crack about a stolen production truck, referring to Johnny Grunge’s arrest a couple of months earlier for taking a WCW production van without permission. 
Eliminators cut a quick promo.
Raven slaps Kimona for some inexplicable reason after some tramp jumps in the ring and makes out with Blue Meanie.
Match No. 3: The Pitbulls & Tommy Dreamer vs. The Bruise Brothers & Brian Lee. All six guys fight in the crowd, then outside the arena, then outside the ring. Dreamer goes for the pin on Lee, but Raven breaks things up. He then ddt’s Dreamer. Bruise Brothers win after putting two chairs to Dreamer’s head and double dropkicking the chairs. Raven is in the ring after the match and Dreamer sets up a table. He puts Raven on the table and Pitbul No. 2 power bombs Dreamer onto Raven, breaking the table. Great brawl. Rating: ***
Pulp Fiction montage with Shane Douglas; Raven; Bill Alfonso; J.T. Smith; Damian Kane and Alexandra; J.T. Smith again; Taz; Brian Lee; Tommy Dreamer; Eliminators; Shane Douglas again; Kimona sporting a black eye; Raven again 

ECW (4/8/96)

Show opens with a recap of the promo by the Eliminators from the previous week.

Raven & The Bruise Brothers (Ron & Don Harris) in the ring with Raven’s doctor. He says Raven’s foot is completely hosed. Sandman comes to the ring and interrupts things. As Sandman drinks a beer, Raven hits him. The Harris boys lay the boots to him. Shane Douglas tries to make the save but he gets beaten down. Tommy Dreamer also comes out and he piledrives Raven as the others fight outside the ring. He then puts Raven in the figure four. Brian Lee, the younger brother of the Harris twins, then attacks Dreamer and leaves him laying.

Raven and the Bruise Brothers pissed off in the locker room as they cut a promo.

Match No. 1: Joel Hartgood vs. Broad Street Bully. This is a nothing match. They cut backstage and Raven and the Bruise Brothers are still pissed. Hot as hell Kimona Wanaleia is massaging Raven’s foot. Back in the ring, Axl Rotten has a barbed wire bat. He hits the bully in the gut. Then he clotheslines Hartgood and beats on him. He hits another huge clothesline and gets the pin. Paul Heyman gets credit for entertaining squashes. Rating: **

Match No. 2: Sandman & Tommy Dreamer & Shane Douglas vs. Raven & the Bruise Brothers. Sandman is in the crowd with Missy Hyatt. So are the other two. Stevie Richards nails Sandman with two chair shots to the head. Blue Meanie and Richards work over Sandman. Others are fighting in the crowd. Back in the ring, Dreamer worked over by the Bruise Brothers. He takes a boot to the face and takes a nice bump from the apron into the guard rail. He then bumps into a table that doesn’t break. But Raven drops an elbow on him and the table collapses. Raven headbutts Dreamer in the balls. Dreamer then dropped on his throat on the top rope. Raven ddt’s Dreamer onto a chair. Dreamer ducks a big boot and one Harris nails the other. Douglas finally tags in. He uses a belly to belly suplex and a cross body block. Raven beating on Douglas outside the ring. Harris brothers doing the same inside the ring. Brian Lee all over Dreamer outside the ring. Raven with a fist drop in Douglas’ nuts. He’s getting beaten by the three of them as Lee and Dreamer fight to the back. Raven gives Douglas a piledriver. He barely kicks out. Raven gives him a ddt on a chair and kicks out again. Sandman comes back to ringside. Raven sets up a chair in the corner. Douglas bumps hard into the chair. A second time. The third time he hits Raven with the chair. Douglas makes the tag and Sandman hits everyone with the cane. Raven destroys Sandman with the cane. Everyone is fighting in the crowd. Douglas bumps hard through the table at the snack bar. Dreamer then bumps hard into a metal door. Sandman into the door. Dreamer gives Raven a nutshot and a chair to the back. Dreamer brings the door into the ring. He piledrives Raven and is about to get the pin but it is broken up. Sandman hits a leg drop from the top rope. Douglas hits belly to belly on Raven on the door for the pin. Douglas takes a chair to the face from a kick. Twice. Damn good old school brawl. Reminds me of Memphis, where Heyman learned the trade. Beulah jumps on Raven’s back. The Harris brothers hold her. Raven hits Kimona as the show goes off the air. Rating: ****

ECW (4/1/96)

Joey Styles interrupted by Damien Kane. He cuts a promo alongside his hot valet and wife, Alexandra, showing off her cleavage.

Match No. 1: Damien Kane vs. El Puerto Ricano (Pablo Marquez). Kane attacks the poor kid before the bell, gives him a huge clothesline and then suplexes him over the top rope onto the concrete. He takes a nasty face first bump onto the concrete. Mikey Whipreck comes to the ring. Mikey with a cross body block on Kane on the floor. He tosses Kane over the guard rail. Kane uses slingshot suplex on Mikey. He hits a frankenmikey for the pin. Entertaining mic work and match. Rating: ***

Match No. 2: The Gangstas (New Jack & Mustafa) vs. Blue Meanie & Chad Austin. New Jack beating the shit out of Austin. Mustafa whipping up on Meanie. New Jack drops chair from the top rope on Austin for the pin. Entertaining squash. Rating: **

New Jack cuts a promo. He calls out the Eliminators.

Match No. 3: The Eliminators (Perry Saturn & John Kronus) vs. The Dark Riders (Billy Black & the Stud). Billy Black with a nice flip dive off the ring apron. Stud with a huge elbow drop. Saturn hits an elbow on Black. Saturn with a brain buster on Black, follwed by a moonsault. Black hits splash on Kronus. They use total elimination for the pin. Highlights only, but it looked like a pretty good match. RIP Kronus. Rating: ***

Saturn cuts a promo and calls out the Gangstas. They brawl in the ring. And outside the ring. Mustafa piledrives Kronus. Saturn and New Jack fighting outside the arena. Mustafa takes total elimination on the stage. Eliminators have New Jack in the ring. They put him between two tables and tape it together. Then they give him the total elimination. Damn good brawl. Rating: ****

New Jack gets stretchered from the ring.

Match No. 4: Bubba Ray Dudley (with Sign Guy, Big Dick and Chubby Dudley) vs. Taz (with Bill Alfonso). Bubba tries to say his name and Taz smacks the shit out of him. Nice standing dropkick by Bubba. Bubba goes to the top rope. Taz sneaks behind him and pulls him to the mat hard. Bubba splashes Taz. Taz hits northern lights suplex. Bubba to the top rope. He misses a splash. Taz hits an exploder suplex. He wins with tazmission. Taz won’t break the move so Big Dick hits him with a steel crutch. Dick goes to press slam Alfonso but Taz chop blocks him in his bad knee. Taz then puts him in a leg lock. Alfonso gives Sign Guy a nasty chair shot to the head. Taz cuts a promo afterwards. Damn good match. Rating: ****

Pulp fiction montage. Taz calls out Pillman. The Pit Bulls call out the Gangstas and the Eliminators and all others. Raven’s doctor tells him not to wrestle anymore. Sandman pounds a beer with Missy Hyatt’s rack in his face. J.T. Smith cuts promo on Hack Meyers. Eliminators call out Gangstas. Shane Douglas rambles like the pussy that he is.

ECW (3/4/96)

Show opens with Brian Pillman wrestling a pencil.

Promo with Shane Douglas. What a cheesy douchebag. He is the perfect face for 1990’s Philadelphia.

Tommy Dreamer promo talking like Raven. Nice ECW jacket.

Highlights from Cyber Slam 1996.

Match No. 1: Sabu vs. 2 Cold Scorpio for ECW TV title. Obvious move call by Scorpio. Then he takes a weak-looking bump from spin kick. Scorpio thrown into the crowd. Sabu does suicide flip dive into front row. Scorpio recovers with a huge power bomb. Then hits a leg drop from the top rope. Sabu does header into a folding chair. Sabu does crazy ass clothesline on Scorpio and they both go over the top rope landing hard on the flooor. Sabu then does flip dive from the apron on to Scorpio on the floor. Scorpio takes two chair shots to the head. Scorpio does running chair shot to Sabu’s head. Sabu gets two with a victory roll. Sabu racks himself after hitting slingshot somersault legdrop. Scorpio hits nice moonsault. He gets two with a sunset flip. Sabu hits top rope victory roll for a near fall. Sabu with a suicide dive through the middle rope. Sabu goes for moonsault to the outside but hits the guardrail. He sets up a table in the crowd. Sabu does flip suicide dive onto Scorpio in the crowd. Scorpio kicks out from moonsault press. Sabu then misses a moonsault. Scorpio hits reverse 360 legdrop but Sabu kicks out. Scorpio hits legdrop onto chair on Sabu. Sabu somehow kicks out. Sabu hits top rope hurricanrana, but Scorpio kicks out. Scorpio hits 450 splash from the top rope. But he doesn’t go for the cover. Sabu goes for some desperation moves, but time expires. A bit sloppy in places, but these guys busted their ass. There were some great high spots and bunch of near falls. Rating: ****

Pulp Fiction montage with the Pitbulls; Sandman and Missy Hyatt; Stevie Richards and Blue Meanie with D.W. Dudley; Blue Meanie and Bubba Ray Dudley; Brian Pillman with his lawyer; J.T. Smith; the Eliminators; Bill Alfonso and Taz. RIP Anthony Durante and John Kronus.

ECW (2/25/96)

The Bruise Brothers (Ron & Don Harris) jump Tommy Dreamer and crotch him. This after Raven is pissed at him for getting his girlfriend, Beulah, pregnant.

Raven cuts a promo with the Bruise Brothers. Beulah takes her top off but she is facing the three and not the camera.

Fan Cam clip of Shane Douglas and Raven match. Brian Pillman with a camera is ringside. Pillman distracts Douglas with the camera flash. Security tries to break up the two.

Match No. 1: J.T. Smith vs. Axl Rotten. J.T. jumps Axl before the bell. They fight outside the ring. J.T. tossed over the guard rail. he takes a huge chair shot. And a beer can to the head. And a piece of wood. And then Axl chokes him with a rope. He goes over the barricade again. J.T. hits Axl with a blind chair shot. J.T. gives him a ddt to the floor. Back in the ring, Axl does huge back body drop on J.T. Then hits monster clothesline. J.T. falls from the top rope and feigns injury. With his back turned, J.T. nails Axl with chair shot for the pin. J.T. beats on him afterwards, including a moonsault with a chair. He then beats on Hack Myers afterwards. They brawl outside the ring. Rating: ***1/2

Match No. 2: Shane Douglas vs. Cactus Jack. Brian Hildebrand and his mullet is the referee. Douglas jumps him before the bell. Outside, Jack hits Shane with a crutch. Jack is wearing a tee shirt that says “Forgive me, Uncle Eric” with a picture of Bischoff on the front. Douglas nails Jack with a crutch. Douglas suplexes Jack onto guard rail. Douglas jumps off top turnbuckle onto Jack behind the guard rail. Douglas puts Jack’s leg through a chair then jumps off top rope onto the chair. Jack slingshots Shane’s throat onto bottom rope. Then drops some elbows. Shane takes nice bump through the ropes and onto timekeeper’s table. Jack puts table on top of him and does running splash onto the table. Jack spits a luger into the air and catches it in his mouth. Jack sets up a chair and hits Douglas with drop toe hold onto the chair. Jack nails Douglas with a piledriver, but he kicks out. Hildebrand gives handcuffs to Douglas. He hits jack and then cuffs him. Jack takes four nasty chair shots to the head. Then three more. Hildebrand asks Jack if he quits. He calls for Vince. And gets two more shots to the head. Jack calls for Mikey Whipwreck. One more chair shot, followed by a figure four leglock. Mikey acts like his going to hit Shane, but hits Jack in the head and knocks him out. If you’re keeping score, that was 11 fucking chair shots to the skull. Great match. Jack took some major punishment. Rating: ****

Match No. 3: Taz vs. Joel Hartgood. Hartgood takes nasty clothesline. Taz gives him a taz plex. Another taz plex on his head. Taz hits taz mission for the submission. Entertaining squash. After the match, a bunch of jobbers come in and all get a tazplex on their head. Mikey Whipwreck comes out and gives Taz a big dropkick. Then a hurricanrana. Taz drops him on his head. An puts him in the taz mission. Rating: **1/2

Shane Douglas gives lessons in life. He tells Jack to tell Vince hello. He says Pillman claims he is the loose cannon. And shows clips of himself doing the same thing. Pulp fiction montage starts. Douglas rambles on about Tommy Dreamer. They show Dreamer and he says something about Dreamer. Joey Styles deciphers things, saying Dreamer will alow Douglas to go for Raven’s belt since he promises to keep Beulah and his future kid safe. What can you say, it was Heyman’s early stuff. A bit raw, but it got a helluva lot better. Rating: **