Larry Bond is an author and designer of military-themed gaming systems. Bond’s first book was Red Storm Rising, which he co-authored with Tom Clancy. (Larry Bond Web site|Larry Bond on Wikipedia)

Books I’ve read by Larry Bond

Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy and Larry Bond1. Red Storm Rising (1986)

Back of the book summary: A chillingly authentic vision of modern war. Red Storm Rising is as powerful as it is ambitious. Using the latest advancements in military technology, the world’s superpowers battle on land, sea and air for ultimate global control. It is a story you will never forget. Hard-hitting. Suspenseful. And frighteningly real.

Red Phoenix by Larry Bond2. Red Phoenix (1989)

Back of the book summary: From the author who collaborated with Tom Clancy on Red Storm Rising, this is the publishing phenomenon of the year, the book that dares to show us the military hardware, global upheavals, and raw combat a second Korean War would unleash. How F-16s would blast across the 38th Parallel. how ultra-modern submarines would vie for the seas. and how two armies would turn the snowfields of Asia red with blood. A thundering geopolitical thriller of vast scope, this is Red Phoenix — and a new standard for military/political suspense fiction today.

Vortex by Larry Bond3. Vortex (1991)

Back of the book summary: In the best-selling Red Phoenix, Larry Bond showed, in a world of explosive uncertainity, what a new Korean War would be like. Now in Vortex, he takes his story-telling powers one astonishig step further in a n epic novel set in one of the most emotionally charged global flashpoints today — South Africa. As the forces of white supremacy make their last ruthless stand, as chaos threatens an entire continent, and as the world is faced with Armageddon itself, America mobilizes Operation Brave Fortune, a full-scale war effort if will wage on land, at sea, in the air….And the one campaign it can’t afford to lose.

Books on the Larry Bond reading list

4. Cauldron (1993)

5. The Enemy Within (1997)

6. Day of Wrath (1999)

7. Larry Bond’s First Team (2004)

8. Dangerous Ground (2005)

9. Larry Bond’s First Team: Angel of Wrath (2006)

10. Larry Bond’s First Team: Fires of War (2006)

11. Larry Bond’s First Team: Soul of the Assassin (2008)

12. Cold Choices (2009)

13. Red Dragon Rising: Shadows of War (2009)

14. Red Dragon Rising: Edge of War (2010)