Show opens with clip Kevin Von Erich pinning Terry Gordy. He gets attacked by Santa Claus, who turns out to be Michael Hayes.

Bill Mercer with a(n) horrible beard and bad suit opens the show. No idea why the show a closeup of his ugly mug.

Match No. 1: The Great Yatsu (Japanese wrestler Yoshiaki Yatsu) vs. The Samoan. No idea who the fuck The Samoan is or later became, if anyone. Mercer points out they are both from the Pacific. Brilliant commentary. Yatsu puts a “sleep hold” on, then pins the Samoan in a squash. Mercer now says he used the deadly cobra hold for the pin. Squash. Rating: *

Ringside interview with David Von Erich. He looks very unimpressive. He can’t speak well either. In fact, his body looks like Will Ferrell. He tries to act pissed, but stumbles over his words. He says he boss is his Dad. No shit.

Match No. 2: Michael Hayes vs. Jose Lothario. Lothario signs autographs before the match. Somehow, this flabby old man is way over in Dallas. Stupid fucking rednecks. Mercer tells us Hayes, Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts comprise the Freebirds. More great commentary. Hayes stalls. Dumbass Mercer says Hayes is 21. Wrong. Almost 25 at the time. Mark Lowrance shown at ring side. He was probably the only one in the promotion who couldn’t get laid. Including Chris Von Erich. Mercer calls Yatsu an Oriental assassin. Good job, redneck. Hayes starting to beat up the old man. Puffs of smoke visible ringside. Yup, rednecks smoking during the match. There is a sign attached to the ring apron that says $25.00. The fine for not smoking? Match is a draw. Roberts and Gordy run in after the match. Gordy has a(n) horrible perm. Pretty boring match. Rating: **

Mercer does sitdown interview with King Kong Bundy. He only looks to be 350 pounds. Bundy makes a phone call to mysterious boss.

Match No. 3: Bugsy McGraw & Al Madril vs. Great Kabuki & King Kong Bundy. Al Madril looks like a 70s porn star. What a shitty main event. And how is it possible none of the Von Erichs are wrestling? Slams and kicks and nothing that exciting. Bundy splashes McGraw for the pin. Less than average match. Thanks for wasting my time, Fritz. Rating: *

Mercer interviews Roberts & Gordy. Gordy rambles about his title match next week. RIP Terry.