Author Robert Andrews is a former Green Besret and CIA operative. In keeping with his clandestine background, little information about him is available on the Web.

Books on the Robert Andrews reading list

1. Center Game (1989)

Back of the book summary: To men like John Freeman, such events are omens. As an analyst for a crack CIA unit, his job is to monitor satellite transmissions from the Far East. When he spots what looks like suspicious troop movements into North Korea, Freeman red flags his superiors. But the president-elect and his new administration are unwilling to make a move unless they have positive proof — only by then it will be too late to do anything but count the losses. Unwilling to take no for an answer, Freeman and beautiful young systems analyst Susan Forbes must cut through the red tape and survive the political in-fighting to deliver the urgent message. But as time runs out and a showdown with the Soviets looms, Freeman realizes there is only one course left open — to go into enemy territory himself to bring back the proof he needs.

2. Last Spy Out (1991)

3. Death in a Promised Land (1993)

4. The Towers (1996)

5. A Murder of Honor (2001)

6. A Murder of Promise (2002)

7. A Murder of Justice (2004)