Show opens with Bob Caudle. I hated him when I was a kid. But I guess he was over in the South since he reminds you of a deacon in your church. Nice TV trick. The TV screen is right next to the ring, but Caudle looks at the screen, which shows Paul Jones and Jack Brisco in the ring. After the commercial, Jack and Jerry Brisco are being interviewed by Caudle before the match. Jerry doesn’t want Jack to wrestle. Jack wants to wrestle. Neither can explain what they are thinking. Wahoo chips in. No idea why the hell he is even out there. 

Match No. 1: Paul Jones vs. Jack Brisco for the Mid-Atlantic title. Brisco goes to work on Jones’ legs. Classic. Sir Oliver Humperdink is smoking a cigar at ringside. Brisco still working on the legs. Ditto. Brisco goes for the Figure Four. Humperdink distracts him. He chases Hump but hurts his leg jumping to the floor. Jones goes to work on his leg. Jones hits Brisco in the throat, rolls him up and holds the tights for the pin and the belt. Decent old school match. Nice booking. Rating: ***1/2
Interview with a young Kelly Kiniski. Pretty bad promo. 
Match No. 2: Jos LeDuc vs. Kelly Kiniski. LeDuc drops Kiniski on his head, but picks him up. He then gives him a back breaker for the pin. Sqush. RIP Jos. Rating: **
Interview with Paul Jones. Jones is wearing a terrible cowboy hat. LeDuc cuts a promo. He has a nasty gash on the top of his head.
Interview with Sir Oliver Humperdink. They show footage of Abdullah The Butcher, who is also a member of the House of Humperdink stable. Valentine cuts a pormo. 
Match No. 3: Mike Rotundo vs. Greg Valentine. Rotundo has a terrible perm. Humperdink does color during the match. Valentine working on Rotundo’s leg. He hits two elbow drops for the pin. A bit longer than one would expect. Rotundo looked good in squash. Rating: **1/2
Humperdink gets even more mic time. He cuts a pretty good promo. 
Match No. 4: Roddy Piper & Wahoo McDaniel vs. The Medic & The Gladiator. Piper has some horrible checker tights. Gotta love the jobbers wearing masks. Piper gives Medic a neckbreaker and Wahoo follows with a hard chop for the pin. Semi-entertaining squash. Rating: **
Bob Caudle interviews Jerry Brisco. He is crying over his brother’s loss. Wahoo cuts a rambling promo. Piper cuts great short promo.