One of the most highly-regarded mystery writers in the business, Lawrence Block has written over 50 novels during his career. He was named a Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America and was awarded the Gumshoe Lifetime Achievement Award by Mystery Ink.

Evan Tanner books by Lawrence Block that I have read

The Thief Who Couldn't Sleep by Lawrence Block
1. The Thief Who Couldn’t Sleep (1966)

Back of the book summary: A wake-up call is the last thing that Evan Tanner needs. Champion of lost causes and beautiful women, Tanner hasn’t slept a wink since the sleep center of his brain was destroyed. And with the FBI keeping tabs on him, the CIA tapping his phone, and a super-secret intelligence agency wanting to recruit him, keeping wide awake is definitely a smart choice. An alarming cause is the last thing Evan Tanner needs. But when a ravishing blonde comes calling with cries of help and claims of riches. Tanner finds he can’t resist. Smuggling her across the border of her native country, though, proves to be a difficult chore, especially when there’s all that loot to carry as well. Not to mention the law, which is one step behind him and quickly catching up. A welcome return is just the thing Evan Tanner needs. Here is his very first adventure, a rare treat from his creator, Edgar Award-winning author Lawrence Block.

The Canceled Czech by Lawrence Block
2. The Canceled Czech (1966)

Back of the book summary: Edgar Award-winning author Lawrence Block delivers the second suspenseful romp featuring one of his most popular characters: Evan Tanner. With a shocking array of talents and no need to sleep, Tanner poses as the perfect secret agent — to treat a Nazi war criminal to an early withdrawal. Janos Kotacek has been imprisoned by the Czech government and will no doubt be tried and hanged for his crimes. But to the super-secret intelligence agency that Tanner occasionally works for, Kotacek is worth more alive than dead. Tanner’s orders are simple: go to Prague…storm a castle…free a criminal. That, of course, is the easy part. Keeping himself and his captive alive will take all of Tanner’s waking hours. Good thing he’s got some to spare.

Tanner's Twelve Swingers by Lawrence Block
3. Tanner’s Twelve Swingers (1967)

Back of the book summary: Globe-trotting spy Evan Tanner has just accepted a daunting assignment: He’s agreed to find a heartsick friend’s long-lost love — and smuggle her out of Russia. Everyone Evan meets on his trek across Eastern Europe is desperate for a one-way ticket to America — and for many of those young people, he’s the only hope. There’s a subversive Yugoslavian author, a six-year-old future queen of Lithuania, and the beautiful woman Evan’s been sent to rescue — a sexy Latvian gymnast who wants to bring her eleven swinging teammates along for the ride. Now Evan has to find a way to get his unruly brood of political refugees safely onto U.S. soil. Some might say it’s an impossible task, but Evan always finishes what he’s started — even when his own life is on the line.

Evan Tanner books by Lawrence Block on my reading list

The Scoreless Thai
4. The Scoreless Thai (1968)

Tanner's Tiger by Lawrence Block
5. Tanner’s Tiger (1968)

Tanner's Virgin by Lawrence Block
6. Tanner’s Virgin (1968)

Me Tanner, You Jane by Lawrence Block
7. Me Tanner, You Jane (1970)

Tanner On Ice by Lawrence Block
8. Tanner On Ice (1998)