I don’t know what it was, but Department Thirty by David Kent took me a very long time to finish. Longer than any other book I’ve ever read. Some books you pick up and can’t put down. This book, on the other hand, took an incredible amount of small readings to complete. It wasn’t a bad book, in fact, for a first novel, it was pretty decent. But the main character, Ryan Elder, and his female companion, Cass Chambers, just didn’t do it for me. By day, Author David Kent is actually Kent Anderson, a music director at a classical music station in Oklahoma City. And it just so happens that Elder is a broadcast journalist and Chambers is an ex-concert pianist and they both are fans of classical music. But enough about that. Department Thirty focuses on Elder’s search for the true identity of his parents and is a classic espionage novel filled with several twists and turns that even a veteran like myself didn’t see coming. Assassination, corruption and psychopathic zealots all play a role in this book, which I liked once I forced myself to finish it.