I will start my week-long trip on Thursday, Feb. 2, taking Capitol Limited 25 from Washington, D.C. to Chicago. After a short layover on Friday, Feb. 3, I will take Southwest Chief 3 from Chicago to Los Angeles. Depending upon my arrival time in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 5, I will take Pacfic Surfliner (train number TBA) from L.A. to San Diego. After four days in San Diego, I will fly from San Diego to Washington Dulles International Airport on Thursday, Feb. 9 aboard JetBlue Flight 314.

During this trip, I will attempt to update this blog (both words and pictures) remotely using my Verizon wireless internet connection. In addition to my Sony Vaio laptop computer, which has Microsoft Streets & Trips and a GPS receiver to plot the train route, I will use a Sony Cyber-shot digital camera and a Radio Shack handheld programmable scanner to help document the trip.