On Saturday afternoon/evening, we go through southwest Texas. There is no wireless Internet access, nor do I even have cell phone access. I have Verizon for both; I can’t rip on them since the service has been great throughout the trip and we are in the middle of nowhere. There is not much to report during this time. About 50 miles Southeast of El Paso, Texas, we pass the Westbound Sunset Limited Train No. 1. They seem to be making a lot better time than our train. At Sanderson, Texas ā€“ the last stop before I go to bed ā€“ we are 5:38 behind.

I wake up this morning while we are in San Antonio and the Texas Eagle cars are being removed. We pull out of the station before I have a chance to walk outside, get some fresh air and update the consist. We are now 6:07 behind.

Our lounge car attendant, George, gets my early vote as MVP. He just made an announcement that he was up early today in San Antonio, helping the maintenance crew fix our refrigeration unit. They were successful and we now have cold food all the time in the lounge, as well as beer, Iā€™m sure.