Show opens with Ace Steel and Colt Cabana backstage. They are talking about the Field of Honor. They go over to Homicide and Julius Smokes, appear to be rolling dice in the corner. Classic line as Steel asks if they are playing jacks. They ask Smokes about the Field of Honor and he rambles on about something. Next is A.J. Styles and Amazing Red who cut a quick promo.

Match No. 1: Texas Wrestling Academy (Fast Eddie & Don Juan) vs. Carnage Crew (Loc & Masada) vs. Special K (Hydro & Deranged) vs. Spanish Announce Team (Jose & Joel Maximo) in a scramble match. Deranged hits a couple of arm drags on Loc before Loc hits a massive clothesline on Deranged. Loc then drops him on his head with a saito suplex. Hydro hits a hurricanrana on Joel. Fast Eddie hits a weak hurricanrana on Joel. Joel holds him on his shoulders and Hydro hits a huge ddt from the top rope. Deranged hits a leg trap sunset flip powerbomb (Code Red) on Fast Eddie. Loc does a reverse facebreaker knee smash followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Special K working over Loc. Deranged botches a springboard something attempt. SAT pick him up and do a pendulum into a facebuster (Washing Machine). TWA gets Jose on the top rope and Fast Eddie does a fallaway slam while Don Juan does a neckbreaker. Masato drops Eddite on his head and then gives Don a hangman’s neckbreaker. SAT with a doubleteam hurricanrana on Masada. Hydro with a nice bridging german suplex on Loc. SAT hit the Spanish Fly on Hydro but can’t make the pin. Fast Eddie nearly kills himself with a moonsault to the floor that miss Joel and he winds up in the front row. Well, the kid is legally blind. Don Juan with a cross body block to the floor. Deranged does a springboard into a hurricanrana on Loc and gets the pin as Dixie grabs his hands. Typical crazy scramble match with tons of high spots. After the match, we get another rave. Yawn. Rating: ***

Jim Cornette comes to the ring. Wireless mic doesn’t work. Cornette cuts a promo on Special K. Cornette then introduces the tag team he brought to ROH. Midnight Express music plays and Dunn and Marcos come out. The Prophecy then jumps Dunn and Marcos. It looks like Cornette turned heel. Christopher Daniels and Dan Maff give Marcos a double flapjack. Maff slams Dunn then throws Daniels into the Rocket Launcher, where he splashes Dunn. Cornette then hits Dunn with the racket, then the Marcos. Daniels then introduces Cornette as the newest member of The Prophecy.

B.J. Whitmer shown backstage. He cuts a boring, average promo.

Match No. 2: Chet “The Jet” Jablonski vs. Nigel McGuiness. Our first look at Nigel in ROH. Before the match, Chet’s manager, Brock Guffman cuts a promo. Chet works the arm early. He then hits a huge shoulder block. Chet hits a t-bone suplex on Nigel. Huge lariat by Chet. Nigel turns him into a stepover toehold facelock (STF). Jablonski hits a fisherman’s northern lights suplex. He then hits a crazy side suplex. Jablonski misses a senton and then Nigel does a quick roll into a bridge for the pin. Short match but a bunch of nice moves. Rating: ***1/2

Match No. 3: Chris Sabin vs. Homicide. They trade moves and block moves early. Sabin with a nice fireman’s carry into a sitout powerbomb. Homicide hits  a running arched boot (Yakuza Kick). Sabin hits a shining wizard as Homicide is on his knees. Nice brainbuster by Sabin. Sabin hits a cross  body block, but Homicide rolls through. Homicide applies the stepover toehold facelock (STF). Sabin hits a nice snap neckbreaker. He goes to the top but Homicide catches him. Homicide wi a hurricanrana. Sabin hits a side slam backbreaker (Sabalizer). Homicide barely kicks out. Homicide goes for his back to back double underhook piledriver, but Sabin blocks it. Homicide gives him a nut shot, then hits Da Cop Killa on his second attempt for the pin. These guys put on a great show, Sabin in particular. Rating: ****

Match No. 4: Alex Shelley & Jimmy Jacobs vs. Second City Saints (Colt Cabana & Ace Steel). Jacobs with a nice swinging headscissors. Jacobs and Shelley do double facebuster on Cabana. Cabana works over Shelley outside the ring. Steel hits a nice slingshot suplex on Shelley. Cabana holds Shelley and Steel with a huge dropkick to the face. Double knee to the chest by Cabana. Steel then hits a backbreaker on Shelley. Shelley with a nice swinging double neckbreaker on the heels. Jacobs with a double dropkick. Double arched big boots by the faces. Cabana on the top rope and Shelley goes up to meet him. Steel throws him down and then Cabana catches him with a ridiculous release german suplex onto his head. Steel then catches Jacobs with a gory neckbreaker (Spinal Shock) from the middle rope. Shelley breaks up the pin attempt. Shelley then hits a crossed-arm scoop brainbuster (It Came From Japan) on Cabana. Cabana and Steel then do a vicious doubleteam as Cabana gives Shelley a double underhook canadian backbreaker drop as Steel hits a hangman’s neckbreaker (Colt .46) for the pin. Another damn good match with a bunch of nasty moves. Rating: ****

Match No. 5: Matt Stryker vs. Justin Credible. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like either of these guys. Stryker is jacked, he’s gotta be on the juice. Stryker gets on the mic and says he’s leaving. Stryker brings him back to the ring. Credible takes a big bump into the ring barricade. And a second. They are now in the front row. They continue to brawl in the crowd. Stryker takes a bump into the barricade. Credible gets posted. He’s busted open. Credible blocks a death valley driver attempt. He slams Stryker on the floor. Crowd is behind Stryker. He hits a springboard moonsault and then goes to the top. Stryker catches him with a boot as he dives to the mat. Credible with a cross body but Stryker rolls through. Credible blocks the death valley driver again and then catches Stryker with a kneeling belly to belly piledriver (That’s Incredible) but he kicks out. On his fourth attempt, Stryker hits a death valley driver (Stryker Driver) for the pin. Decent match but a bit sloppy in spots. Rating: ***

Les Thatcher outside the building with Christopher Daniels and Jim Cornette. Great promos by both. Maff chases away Thatcher. The Prophecy acts like they have a plan. Colt Cabana and Ace Steel backstage as Lucy films them making jokes, talking to Chris Sabin. Sabin says he was invited to the Field of Honor and Cabana is upset and goes looking for Rob Feinstein. Daniels and Maff are shown running down the hall. They attack Amazing Red and the SAT. Daniels gives Red several chairshots to his bad knee. A.J. Styles comes out as they help Red back to the lockerroom.

Match No. 6: Slyk Wagner Brown vs. Hotstuff Hernandez vs. Scoot Andrews vs. Michael Shane in a four corner survival match. Nice leg lariat by Hernandez. He then hits an overhead choke suplex (Crackerjack) on Bentley. Shane gives him a kick to the balls and then a forearm. Andrews now in against Brown. They mess up an armdrag spot. Slyk and Hernandez trade huge chops. Hernandez does a slingshot splash from the apron. Shane with a nice side suplex on Brown. Nice shot of Hunter and her humongous rack. Scoot hits a nice old school suplex. He then gives Shane a spinning inverted powerbomb. Scoot goes for a cross body block but Hernandez catches him and gives him a spinning sitout powerbomb. He follows with another sitout powerbomb. Hernandez takes a shot in the balls again. Brown then goes to the top and hits a neckbreaker on Hernandez. Brown puts Hernandez in a headscissors and then does a handstand on the apron. Andrews puts him in a facelock and then Shane puts Andrews in a boston crab. Nice four-way tandem spot. Hernandez then gives Brown and inverted side powerbomb. Another four-way move as Slyk hits a legdrop on the three from the top rope. Brown misses a moonsault. Brown nearly kills himself as he hits a moonsault from the second rope to the floor and lands on the barricade torso first. Hernandez then does a plancha to the floor. Hernandez gives Brown a nasty throwing crucifix powerbomb (Mega Bomb). Shane hits Hernandez with a dropkick and then Hernandez goes to spear Shane but he moves and Andrews takes the full force of it. Shane catches Hernandez with a superkick. As Scoot gives Shane a double underhook sitout powerbomb, Brown does a shooting star press on Hernandez but lands on his head. Andrews then catches Brown in a pumphandle reverse piledriver (Force of Nature) but Shane breaks it up. Shane blocks a Force of Nature and then gives Andrews a fisherman’s ddt for the pin. Match started slow and there were a couple of sloppy spots, but damn did these guys put on a great show. Rating: ****

Match No. 7: Slim J vs. Jimmy Rave in a Field of Honor qualifying match. No idea why these guys are so high on the card. J with a northern lights suplex early. Huge clothesline by Rave. J with a nutshot on Rave outside. Nice release german suplex by Rave. J blows a spot but comes back and drops Rave on his head with a spinning cradle ddt. J then hits a standing somersault neckbreaker. Nice inverted ddt by Rave. J follows with a swinging neckbreaker. Huge shining wizard by Rave. He somehow kicks out. Rave with a back suplex into a bridge. From the second rope, J hits a tornado double underhook suplex. J follows up with a wheelbarrow half nelson suplex. Damn this kid has some original highspots. Rave answers with a release german suplex. Power bomb by Rave, but J kicks out. Rave then hits a spinning headscissors into a crossface (From Dusk Till Dawn) for the pin. Another really good match with some innovated moves and highspots. Rating: ****

Match No. 8: B.J. Whitmer vs. Samoa Joe for ROH title. Joe with a nasty single boston crab. They trade some huge kicks. Then some huge slaps. Nice backdrop driver by Whitmer. Whitmer gets caught in a one-armed sides slam (STJoe). Joe with a big knee to the throat. More chops by Joe. Joe catches Whitmer with a nasty suplex. Joe working over Whitmer outside the ring. Whitmer puts Joe into the ring barricade. And a second time. And then a third time. Joe throws Whitmer headfirst into the barricade. He then gives him a running arched big boot to the barricade (Ole Kick). Joe follows with a second Ole Kick. Whitmer hits a diving forearm. Suplex by Whitmer, followed by a northern lights suplex. Joe with some nasty knees to the face. Joe choking out Whitmer, but he makes it to the ropes. Joe with a sunset flip and then a rolling cradle. Whitmer catches Joe with an exploder suplex and then a backdrop driver. Joe kicks out. Joe hits a german suplex, followed by a dragon suplex, followed by a crossed-arm german suplex (X-Plex). This was reminiscent of a Japanese match as these guys beat the hell out of each of other. Damn good match. Rating: ****1/2

Colt and Ace are still looking for Feinstein. Comedy segment with Ring Crew Express.

Match No. 9: Christopher Daniels & Dan Maff vs. A.J. Styles & ??? for ROH tag team titles. Christopher Daniels has one of the best ring entrances in the business. Too bad TNA ruined it. Styles has a mystery partner since Red was jumped earlier and had to be taken to the hospital. Styles picks Homicide to be his partner. Mayhem early. Heels get thrown into the front row. Damn, Styles and Homicide both just did double suicide dives into the crowd. Even Cornette is impressed. Faces do a rowboat on Cornette and Allison Danger. Sweet dropkick by Styles on Daniels. Faces with a double backdrop on Daniels. Nice snap suplex by Styles on Daniels. Homicide catches Daniels with a suplex. Maff then catches him with a suplex. Maff nails Homicide with a cannonball, followed by a headbutt to the groin. Heels hit a double flapjack. Daniels has abdominal stretch on Homicide and Cornette gives him racket for leverage. Heels working over Homicide. Maff does Rocket Launcher on Daniels but Homicide moves. Styles gets the hot tag. He gives Maff a hurricanrana, but Maff botches it. Daniels is on the apron and Styles gives him a headscissors into a hotshot. He then clotheslines Maff. Styles misses his moonsault press and Maff gives him a release german suplex. Styles misses another moonsault press but then recovers and gives him an inverted ddt (Phenomenon). Daniels tags in and catches A.J. with a spinning sitout powerbomb (Blue Thunder Driver). Daniels hits a double jump moonsault (Best Moonsault Ever) but Styles kicks out. Styles goes for a backflip kick (Pele) but it barely grazes Daniels and he sells it anyway. Maff hits a sitout facebuster on Styles and then heels do another Rocker Launcher. Homicide gives Daniels a cutter from the top rope but he barely kicks out. Maff with a half nelson suplex on Homicide. Homicide with a suicide dive (tope) but he hits Smokes. Homicide throws Maff head first into the barricade. Homicide goes for his back to back double underhook piledriver (Da Cop Killa), Daniels blocks it and then hits a 90 degrees spinning lifting sitout double underhook facebuster (Angel’s Wings) but Styles barely makes the save. Daniels throws A.J. in the referee. Cornette throws the racket to Daniels who swings at A.J. and misses. A.J. then gives him belly to back inverted mat slam facebuster (Styles Clash) for the pin. Pretty damn good match. Sadly, a couple of missed moves hurt the rating. After the match, Cornette and Daniels argue. Heels then beat on Cornette. Red then makes the save with the tennis racket. Joe then clears the ring. Cornette then lifts the arms of Red and Joe. Cornette then cuts a promo after the match and puts over ROH and the crowd. Great post match action. Rating: ****1/2

Homicide cuts a promo on Steve Corino. Enough already, we haven’t seen that f’ing guy in like six months. Joe puts over B.J. Whitmer. He asks who’s next, Stryker, Cabana or Punk? Or maybe Low Ki or Daniels? Corino cuts a promo from who the hell knows where. Blah, blah, blah. Enough already. He puts over Japan and shits on ROH. Actually kind of funny, yet too long and rambling.

Steel and Cabana continue their backstage hijinx. They finally find Feinstein and he still can’t act. Except when he gets caught on an undercover sting tape. Feinstein says the Cabana is invited to the tournament and leaves. Thankfully. Cabana is happy and he and Steel go to celebrate. As the show goes off the air, we see “Rust Never Sleeps” on a hand-written note.