Match No. 1: Gran Akuma beat Eddie Kingston.

Match No. 2: American Gigolo beat Jolly Roger.

Match No. 3 : Ultra/ZERO (UltraMantis & Mister ZERO) vs. The Night Shift (Hallowicked & Blind Rage) in the Tag World Grand Prix final. Hallowicked and Mantis start things. They trade moves before tagging in ZERO and Rage. ZERO uses a straight jacket camel clutch on Rage. Rage then takes a nasty back drop to the floor. Rage catches Mantis with a back suplex. Rage with a huge suplex on Mantis. Heels then give him a double suplex. Mantis finally makes the hot tag. ZERO cleans house. Hallowicked catches him with a swinging neckbreaker followed by a sitout powerslam. Rage uses a reverse suplex on Mantis. Mantis then applies a ground octopus hold on Rage. Rage puts Mantis in a stepover toehold facelock (STF) but ZERO breaks it up. Mantis and ZERO give Rage a last shaven unicorn cutter but he kicks out. Hallowicked then hits a super fisherman’s buster on ZERO for the pin. Heels continue the beating after the match. Icarus and Grand Akuma make the save. Match started out slow, but good action leading up to the finish. Rating: ***

Match No. 4: Icarus vs. Jack Marciano. Camera focuses on one of Icarus’ terrible tattoos. They do a test of strength and Marciano pulls the hair. Referee Bryce Remsburg then pulls Marciano’s hair. Nice chain wrestling before Marciano takes a nice bump through the ropes. Marciano snaps Icarus’ throat over the top rope. Marciano hits inverted ddt on Icarus. Nice move by Marciano as he steps on the hair of Icarus and then pulls his arms. Pretty good dropkick by Icarus. Icarus hits a samurai ddt. Marciano with a wheelbarrow dropkick but Icarus kicks out. Marciano to the top. He misses a moonsault. Icarus then hits a springboard backflip three-quarter facelock falling reverse DDT (Shiranui). Kingston distracts the Remsburg. Icraus then takes out Kingston and Icarus hits a hurricanrana for the pin. This was on of the matches of the year in 2003 in CHIKARA and while it wasn’t spectacular it was pretty damn good for a couple of guys early in their career. Rating: ***1/2

Match No. 5: Mike Quackenbush, Sumie Sakai & DJ Skittlez beat The Conundrum (Jigsaw & Rorschach) & Mercedes Martinez two falls to one.