Show opens with CM Punk backstage cutting a promo on Raven. He says this is the most important match of his career. Colt Cabana interrupts Punk and he gets pissed and storms away. Cabana then cuts a comedy promo that turns somewhat serious.

They then show a montage of clips from the show. This is my big ROH pet peeve. Hey Gabe, I don’t want to see highlights of matches I haven’t seen yet. Save that shit for after the show.

Special K inside and outside the ring dancing to their rave music, just like the ending of the last show.

Gary Michael Capetta backstage with Samoa Joe. Joe cuts a promo on Paul London, who is in his last match for ROH. Capetta is terrible as always, he just tries too hard and his acting sucks.

We cut back to the stupid rave.

Idiot Capetta backstage again. This time with Homicide. He asks what happened after the last show. They keep talking about Steve Corino for some unknown reason. Julius Smokes cuts a promo on Corino. Homicide challenges Corino to a strong style match.

Back in the ring, the rave continues. Special K keeps fucking with ring announcer Stephen DeAngelis. Christopher Street Connection breaks things up as they play their disco music. Crowd chants “You suck dick” at CSC. Buff E. asks if anyone knows if they suck or swallow. That shuts up the crowd. CSC says they will turn everyone on to disco. Special K then jumps CSC as the rave music starts again. Low Ki then comes out and grabs the mic. He says he came for a fight and most of Special K bails.

Match No. 1: Low Ki vs. Special K. Low Ki slaps the shit out of Cloudy. Hijinx laughs and Low Ki quickly puts him in a dragon sleeper. Deranged then gives Low Ki a nut shot. Slugga carries those two to the back and Deranged is left. Deranged goes for a springboard moonsault, Low Ki catches him but Deranged gives him an arm drag. Deranged then hits a hurricanrana and a spin kick. Deranged working on Low Ki’s injured shoulder. He then hits a nice moonsault from the top rope to the floor. Deranged comes back into the ring with a springboard missile dropkick. They fuck up a move and then Low Ki gets pissed and gives him numerous Kawada kicks to the face. He then hits a rolling wheel kick. Ki follows with a cartwheel jumping high kick (Tidal Krush). Slugga grabs Ki from behind. Ki grabs Slugga in the balls to escape. Ki then puts Deranged into a lifting leg hook front facelook and rams him into the top turnbuckle twice before dropping him with a fisherman driver (Ki Krusher). He then immediately locks on a dragon sleeper (Dragon Clutch) as the bell rings. Interesting match. Ki got his ass beat early and after a botched spot, he just destroyed Deranged. After the match, Ki steps on Deranged right in the nuts. Rating: ***

They cut to a shot of Christopher Daniels talking on his cell phone in front of a paneled wall. The graphic says it is from Japan and we see Daniels wearing a cool New Japan Pro Wrestling t-shirt. He is talking to Allison Danger and tells her to offer the spot to him, whoever that is. Daniels then cuts a promo. He then says he will ask for a title shot when he gets back to Japan.

Match No. 2: Jimmy Rave vs. Matt Stryker. Rave in control early, working over Stryker’s arm. These guys are trading a bunch of tehncial moves and crowd is into it. Rave hits a belly-to-belly suplex from the top rope, then Stryker throws Rave from the top rope. Big knee by Rave followed by a shining wizard. Stryker hits a leg lariat and then a power slam. Rave gets a sleeper hold but Stryker breaks it with a jawbreaker. Rave does a spinning headscissors into a crossface
(From Dusk Till Dawn). Stryker reaches the ropes. Stryker then hits a death valley driver (Stryker Driver) for the pin. Decent opener, but a bit short. Rating: ***

Match No. 3: Carnage Crew (Loc & DeVito & Justin Credible & Masada) vs. Texas Wrestling Academy (Fast Eddie, Don Juan & Hotstuff Hernandez & Rudy Boy Gonzalez) in a weapons tag team match. All eight guys brawl before the match officially starts. DeVito beating the shit out off Eddie outside. Hernandez and Eddie go for simultaneous drop kicks on Masada straddling the top rope, but Eddie is late and he nearly breaks his neck. Justin now working over Don Juan, giving him a nasty power bomb. Rudy and Justin brawl in the crowd. Fast Eddie does a crazy moonsault to the floor. Don Juan then does a cross body block to the floor. Fast Eddie gives Masada a wicked german suplex onto a folded chair. Loc gives Don Juan a suplex onto a section of fence. Masada sits on the top rope and then throws Fast Eddie over his head and he lands headfirst on a chair set up in the ring. Rudy gives DeVito a suplex into a ladder in the corner. Loc destroys Don Juan with a chair thrown into the back of his head. He then gives him a neckbreaker on a chair. DeVito gives Hernandez a ladder shot to the head. Don Juan gives Masada a ddt onto a chair from the second rope. Don Juan gives a Masada a swinging neckbreaker from the apron onto a chair on the floor. Loc gives Fast Eddie a huge superplex from the top of a 10-foot ladder. Loc and DeVito then give Don Juan a ridiculously crazy spike piledriver from the apron through a table. Hernandez with a tope to the floor on Masada. He then sets up several chairs in the ring. He gives Masada a throwing crucifix powerbomb (Mega Bomb) through the chairs for the pin. Damn, this match was a train wreck but great if you like this kind of violence in a match. Rating: ***

Match No. 4: Outcast Killaz (Oman Tortuga & Diablo Santiago) vs. The Purists (Tony Mamaluke & John Walters). No idea why there is a squash match this high on the card. Boring shit early, nothing worth writing about. Purists with a double hangman’s neckbreaker on Santiago. Nice dropkick by Walters. Diablo hits a blockbuster on Walters. Oman holds Mamaluke and Diablo hits him with a nice dropkick. Mamaluke plants Oman with a powerbomb. He then does a crazy leglock. Meanwhile, Walters puts his leg behind Oman’s head and pulls his arm. Oman submits to both moves. Match was decent but nothing special. Rating: **1/2

After the match, the Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos) come to the ring. Then Xavier comes to the ring and gives RCE a double clothesline. No idea what’s going on here. Xavier gives Dunn a cobra clutch suplex and then Marcos a pumphandle sitout facebuster (Kiss Your X Goodbye). Gary Michael Capetta interviews Xavier in the ring. Fans do the A.C. Slater chant. Xavier says he wants to be in the Field of Honor tournament.

Match No. 5: Tom Carter vs. Doug Williams. They trade technical moves early. Williams all over Carter. Nice hangman’s neckbreaker by Williams. Carter recovers and works on the arm. Williams withe a nice old school suplex. He then hits a nice tornado ddt. Carter barely hits a dropkick on Williams and then hits a somewhat sloppy moonsault press. Williams hits a huge knee off the top rope but Carter kicks out. He follows with a big knee lift. Carter replies with a facebuster. Carter with a wicked swing ddt from the top rope followed by a frog splash. Williams rolls Carter and then goes for a bridging german suplex (Chaos Theory) but he can’t hit it and holds his arm. Carter grabs the arm and rolls Williams over for the pin. Not sure about this one, nobody gives a shit about Carter, except Gabe I guess. Rating: ***

After the match, Carter is walking back to locker room. Allison Danger offers him a spot in The Prophecy but he turns her down. Weak.

Match No. 6: Colt Cabana vs. B.J. Whitmer vs. Dan Maff vs. Homicide. Winner gets a title shot at the next show. Maff opens with Homicide. Maff quicly tags to Whitmer. Cabana now in with Maff and Cabana hits a huge clothesline. Homicide nearly kills himself with a tope con hilo to the floor. Whitmer hits a nice northern lights suplex on Homicide. Homicide and Cabana trade chops. Homicide and Whitmer trade kicks to the back. Maff does a crazy dive and ends up in the front row. Cabana hits a moonsault to the floor. Two huge spots by the big men in this match. Whitmer and Maff trade some brutal chops. Maff gives Whitmer a half nelson suplex and he  lands on his head. Homicide hits a cutter on Maff. Huge boot the face by Maff on Homicide. Cabana goes for a fisherman’s suplex on Homicide and Maff gives him a german suplex. Nice three-way spot. Whitmer catches Maff with a huge knee. Cabana goes for a double underhook canadian backbreaker drop (Colt .45) but Whitmer blocks it and gives him a falling reverse ddt (inverted ddt). Homicide breaks up the pin attempt. Homicide goes for his back-to-back inverted piledriver (Da Cop Killa) but Whitmer escapes, tries to hit him with a superkick but Homicide hits a huge lariat. Maff misses a cannonball on Homicide. Cabana goes for an airplane spin on Homicide but then drapes his legs over the top rope and gives him a nasty bulldog. Maff with a nut shot on Cabana. He then gives Cabana an inverted death valley driver (Burning Hammer) but Whitmer breaks it up. Whitmer hits a T-bone suplex (wrist clutch exploder suplex) on Maff but Homicide breaks it up. Whitmer gives Homicide a german suplex from the top rope. Whitmer then gives Cabana the wrist clutch exploder from the top rope for the pin. Damn good match with tons of high risk moves. Rating: ****

Daniels shown on the phone in Japan. He acts upset about Xavier coming back and not telling him. He then cuts a promo acting like Xavier came back as planned.

Capetta backstage with Low Ki. Same monotone promo by Ki. Fittingly the audio doesn’t match the video.

They show a clip from the previous show where Special K destroyed the Backseat Boyz through a table.

Match No. 7: Backseat Boyz (Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere) & Spanish Announce Team (Jose & Joel Maximo) vs. Special K (Mikey Whipwreck, Brian XL, Angel Dust & Hydro) in a scramble match. Hydro opens with Joel. Huge lariat by Joel. Angel Dust hits a springboard dropkick. He offers some pills to Kashmere. Kashmere puts them in his mouth and gives  him a chop. Followed by a spear. Brian XL with some nice moves on Jose. Mikey blows mist into Acid’s eyes. All  four faces do a tandem suplex on the heels. Next is a crazy multi-man move as Hydro is on his stomach. SAT hold Angel Dust and Acid clotheslines him from the top rope. SAT then powerbomb him onto Hydro’s back. Jose then puts Hydro in a camel clutch while Joel has Angel Dust in a boston crab. Boyz and Joel then do a triple dropkick on Hydro. SAT all do jumps onto Jose, held by Mikey who did a stepover toehold facelock and then turned it over. Crazy moves now. Kashmere drops Lit from a cradle suplex into a neckbreaker (Cradle Breaker). Mikey then hits a shining wizard on Kashmere. Acid then nails Whipwreck with a running boot (Mafia Kick). SAT hits the Spanish Fly on Hydro. Trent holds Mikey and Joel goes for kick put Mikey moves and he hits Acid. Mikey then gives Acid a three-quarter facelock jawbreaker (Whipper Snapper) for the pin. Entertaining match with a bunch of spots. After the match, the Boyz give Joel a doubleteam crucifix powerbomb (T-Gimmick) and then they do the Dream Sequence on Jose. Rating: ***

Match No. 8: Krazy K vs. Joey Matthews vs. Jeff Hardy. Fans don’t like Hardy. After he slips on the ropes, they quickly start a “You fucked up” chant. Then they start a “You got fired” chant, followed by a “We want Matt” chant. Matthews attacks K and then Hardy. He then goes after Hardy’s mask. Girls scream as Hardy takes off his mask. Fans booing the hell out of Hardy as he works over K. They botch a move. K does a corkscrew plancha to the floor and nearly kills himself. Hardy nails K with a powerbomb. Matthews knocks Hardy off the top rope and the fans go crazy. He then gives K an inverted ddt. Hardy hits a swanton on Matthews. He then does a double legdrop on K for the pin. Interesting match on many levels. Hardy got booed and deservedly so as he wasn’t all there. Fans give it to him on the way back through the curtain. Rating: **1/2

Clips of Punk and Raven building up to the match. Great package.

Match No. 9: CM Punk vs. Raven in  a dog collar match. Punk cuts a great promo, asking how the crowd feels in a building that doesn’t sell alcohol. Crowd starts a “Shut the fuck up” chant. Crowd starts an “alcohol” chant. Punk calls out Danny Doring in the crowd. Crowd starts a “CM Pussy” chant. Punk tries to run away but Raven pulls him back into the ring. He then works him over with the chain. Punk gets posted, then crotched by the chain. Raven gives him a russian leg sweep into the barricade. Punk is busted open. Punk takes another leg sweep into the barricade. Raven crowns him with the ring bell. Punk is a bloody mess. Raven sets up a table in the corner, but Punk gives him a nutshot. Raven replies with a kneelift. Raven goes to whip Punk into the table but Punk reverses it. Punk now working him over. Raven thrown into the barricade. He’s busted open but it’s only a trickle. They are fighting in the crowd. A fan holds a chair and Raven runs Punk face first into it. Another fan participation spot. They are now in the bleachers. Raven goes to the top, but Punk drags him all the way down with the chain. Punk now beating him with the chain. They finally go back into the ring. Punk gives Raven a snap suplex. Punk grabs the mic and taunts Raven. Raven with multiple clotheslines. Raven sets up a chair in the ring. He gives Punk a drop toehold onto the chair. Punk kicks out. Raven goes for a chairshot on Punk but he moves and Raven crowns referee Paul Turner. Raven hits a flowing snap ddt (Raven Effect) but there is no referee. Colt Cabana to the ring and he gives Raven a nutshot followed by a ddt onto a chair. Doring then clotheslines Cabana to the floor. Punk then covers Raven for the pin. After the match, Punk ties Raven to the ropes with tape. Punk grabs the mic and then douses Raven with several beers. Tommy Dreamer then comes to the ring and lays out Punk with a vicious chairshot to the head. Punk then gets up but Dreamer gives him a ddt. He then ties Punk to ropes and unties Raven. They hug and then Dreamer hands Raven a beer. Raven then pours the beer on Punk. Pretty good old school match, but great angle afterward lifts it to four stars. Rating: ****

Paul London cuts a promo about his last match before leaving for WWE.

Match No. 10: Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. A.J. Styles & Amazing Red for ROH tag team titles. A.J. and Jay trade heavy shots and then fall to the floor. Back in the ring, Red hits a leg trap sunset flip powerbomb (Code Red) on Jay. Huge dropkick by A.J. on Mark. Briscoes going after Red’s bad knee. Mark gives Red a dragon screw. Red is in trouble. Nice spot in the corner as Jay powerbombs A.J. and he superplexes Mark. Jay nails double underhook piledriver (Jay Driller) on Red. Mark hits springboard clothesline on A.J. Red hits a shining wizard on Jay and then Styles uses belly to back inverted mat slam (Styles Clash) for the pin. Awesome match. Rating: ****

Jim Cornette cuts promo putting over ROH, previewing upcoming show in Dayton.

Match No. 11: Paul London vs. Samoa Joe for ROH world title. Baseball slide by London. He then does a moonsault off the ringside barricade. Joe drops London with a side suplex slam (sidewalk slam). Joe drops London throat first over the top rope. He then gives him a couple of facewashes. London goes for a slingshot crossbody block to the floor but Joe catches him and drops him to the floor. Joe does running arched big boot (Ole Kick) on the floor as London is seated. Joe hits a second kick. Joe with a nice german suplex on London. They trade pinning attempts. London hits a ddt and then goes to the top rope. He hits a shooting star press (London Star Press) but Joe kicks out. Joe with a huge dragon suplex but London kicks out. Nasty lariat by Joe but London kicks out. Joe catches London in the choke, then he takes him to the ground. London fighting but he finally goes out. Another damn good match, although it seemed a bit short and a bit of a letdown. Still nothing to complain about when it comes to the show these two put on. Rating: ****1/2

After the match, the entire locker room comes to the ring to congratulate London. Fans start a “Thank You Paul” chant. Wrestlers take a knee as London cuts a farewell promo. He puts over Joe. He also puts over his trainer Rudy Boy Gonzalez. London hugs all of the boys and then kisses the ROH logo.

Raven cuts a promo talking about his losing ways. Talk about a buzz killer after the London segment. Raven now wants to lose in a cage against Punk. Same cliche ending.

Carnage crew cut promo. Same old shit from them too. Fat wife, blah, blah, blah.

Christopher Daniels with another promo from in front of the wood paneling in his basement, er, in the locker room in Japan.

Rob Feinstein asks Punk to cut a promo. Punk gets pissed and shoves him to the ground. Feinstein still can’t act, but Punk is great.