Match No. 1: The Night Shift (Hallowicked & Blind Rage) vs. Brad Bradley & Jimmy Jacobs. Jacobs is over doing his Bruiser Brody gimmick yelling Huss. Bradley gorilla presses Jacobs and tosses him to the floor, where he hits a plancha on The Night Shift. Bradley then follows with a dive over the top rope (Tope Suicido). Blind Rage with a nice reverse suplex on Jacobs. Shoddy camera work and poor lighting make this one hard to follow. Heels working over Jacobs. Bradley gets the hot tag and cleans house. Bradley does rocket launcher with Jacobs splashing Rage. Bradley does a jacknife powerbomb on Hallowicked followed by a side slam (Air Raid Crash) on Rage. Rage then hits a rolling reverse prawn hold on Jacobs for the pin. Decent match, hard to see, Jacobs was over for a guy likely not seen before in this territory. Rating: **1/2

Match No. 2: The Superfriends (Mike Quackenbush & Chris Hero) vs. Skayda & Arakencito. Since Arakencito is a mini, he only needs to pin Quack or Hero with a two count; they must pin him with a four count. Quack and Arakencito open and trade holds and reversals on the mat. Quack catches the mini with a cerebro lock. Hero working over the Skyda’s legs. Skyda reverses it and grabs a single leg grapevine. Skyda putting on a clinic with several holds. Nice chain wrestling by Quack and the mini, who hits a flip dive over the top rope (Tope con Hilo). Hero with a big elbow on Skayda. Skayda does several arm drags and then a drop kick that sends him outside the ring. Nice suplex by Quack on the mini, followed by an elbow. Quack gets him in a standing scorpion deathlock. Hero tags in and punishes the mini’s legs. Quack misses a senton dive from the top rope. Mini to the top. He does a 450 splash but Quack kicks out at one. Quack hits a tiger driver but the Mini kicks out at three. Skayda working over Quack, hitting a twisting face slam. Skayda uses an abdominal stretch but hero breaks it up. Quack hits a black tornado driver. He goes for a move outside, but the mini cuts him off. Hero tags in and the mini headbutts him in the arm. Hero then clotehslines the hell out of the little guy, who then gives him a jawbreaker. He then gives Hero a super jawbreaker from the top rope. Hero gives him a brainbuster, followed by a hangman’s clutch for the tap. Real good technical action, crowd not into it much unfortunately. Rating: ***

Match No. 3: Team F.I.S.T. (Gran Akuma & Icarus) vs. The Conundrum (Jigsaw & Rorschach). Akuma and Rohrschach open. Jigsaw then tags in as does Icarus. They goof around with a mirror spot before Icarus clotheslines him over the top rope. Akuma hits a tope to the floor. Heels now working over Icarus. He nearly gets the hot tag. More working over Icarus. Jigsaw misses a corkscrew senton. Icarus finally makes the hot tag. Akuma cleans house. The Conundrum with a crazy double team belly-to-back piledriver on Akuma. Rohrschach uses a swining frankensteiner on Icarus followed by a victory roll, but Akuma breaks it up. After a blown spot, Akuma backdrops Rohrschach to the floor. Akuma then hits a high cross body block on Jigsaw for the pin. Pretty decent match for guys very early in their career. Rating: **1/2

Match No. 4: Jolly Roger & American Gigolo vs. Ultra/ZERO (UltraMantis & Mister ZERO). Looks like match is joined in progress. ZERO working over Roger early. These two are working well together. Gigolo now working Mantis. Apparently Gigolo worked for AAA in Mexico although I’ve never heard of him before. Roger with a nice hip toss into a sitout power bomb (hip toss driver). Things getting a bit sloppy. ZERO gets the hot tag. But he gets caught in an overhead abdominal stretch by Gigolo. ZERO and Mantis then catch Roger with a double cutter (Last Shaven Unicorn) for the pin. Decent match, but a bit sloppy, open must have sucked if they cut it and finish came out of nowhere. Rating: **

Match No. 5: Swiss Money Holding (Claudio Castagnoli & Ares) vs. Senior Assault Team (Melvin Snodgrass & Lester Crabtree). This may be Castagnoli’s first U.S. appearance. Very quick squash as Ares holds Lester and Castagnoli hits a neckbreaker (Cash Flow) for the pin. Rating: **

Match No. 6: The Wild Cards (Eddie Kingston & Jack Marciano) vs. Mercedes Martinez & Sumie Sakai. Marciano gets a slap to the face by Martinez. Marciano then gives her a snap mare by the hair (Hair Mare). She gives him a huge hip toss and then a slam. She then works him over. Sakai does a cross body block to the outside (Plancha Suicida). Girls doubleteam the heels. Sakai puts Marciano in the camel clutch. Heels all over Sakai. Nice snap suplex by Marciano. Sakai recovers and gives Marciano a drop toe hold into the corner and then two drop kicks from up top. He then catches her in a backbreaker. Marciano misses a frog splash and Sukai makes the hot tag. Mercedes with a nice swinging ddt on Kingston. Sakai hits a moonsault press but the ref is distracted. Sakai witha nice satellite headscissors on Marciano. She also does the same to Kingston. She then gives him a hurricanrana. But she accidentally dropkicks Martinez and then Kingston schoolboys her for the pin. Pretty good match, Wild Cards work the crowd very well. After the match, Martinez takes out Sakai. Rating: **1/2

Match No. 7: The Night Shift (Hallowicked & Blind Rage) vs. Team F.I.S.T. (Gran Akuma & Icarus). Icarus and Blind Rage open. Both are sporting new looks from the first year. Icarus lost the mask and that was actually a bad thing as the long red hair is not a good look. Hallowicked hits a nice ddt on Akuma. Icarus and Rage trade some nice moves. Rage hits a sto. Icarus with some loud lariats on Rage and then a swinging ddt. Rage hits a crucifix sitout powerbomb (Niagara Driver) on Icarus. Hallowicked hits a frankensteiner on Akuma. Action starts to pick up. Hallowicked then hits a sitout powerbomb (Michinoku Driver) for the pin as Rage holds his legs down from outside the ring. Pretty good match with some real good moves. Rating: ***

Match No. 8: Swiss Money Holding (Claudio Castagnoli & Ares) vs. The Superfriends (Mike Quackenbush & Chris Hero). Claudio and Quack open things. Quack gets Claudio in a stretch muffler. Hero and Ares in. They do a nice sequence led by Hero. Quack back in. He wraps the arms and legs of Ares in a la nieblina. Claudio gets Hero in a body scissor. They do a crazy move where they are tied up upside down and the slap each other in the face several times. Quack catches Claudio in a pendulum and he rams his head into the bottom turnbuckle. Quack and Claudio get on their partners’ shoulders and trade some spots. Claudio with a pair of nice european uppercuts on Hero. Quack with a nice flip dive (Tope con Hilo) followed by a dive (Tope Suicido) by Claudio. Hero then hits a corkscrew tope to the floor. Heels hit a combo sto and russian leg sweep on Quack. Ares picks up Claudio and he spears Quack in the corner (tandem spear). Match dragging and things starting to get sloppy. Ares chokes Hero with his tie. Hero avoids the tandem spear and counters with a double power bomb. Ares hits a swinging neckbreaker on Hero. Heels working over Hero. Hero catches Ares with a cradle back suplex. Hero makes the hot tag. Quack with a tornado ddt on Claudio followed by a senton. Ares breaks it up. Ares hits a gorrilla press sitout powerbomb (Michinoku Driver) on Quack. Ares does an airplane spin drop (Pyramid Drop) on Hero. Heels hit the Cash Flow on Quack but he kicks out. Hero hits an inverted swinging neckbreaker (Hero’s Welcome) but Ares kicks out. Quack and Hero do a double Hero’s Welcome but Claudio makes the save. Hero applies stepover toehold inverted crevatte (Hangman’s Clutch) while Claudio puts Quack in a bridging cobra clutch (Swiss Sleeper Hold) and the bell rings. Turns out it is a time limit draw. Both team are eliminated from the tournament. For booking reasons, match had to go 30 minutes, but damn did it drag and lose the crowd. Guys did some great moves but lacking several things to make it outstanding match. Rating: ***

Match No. 9: The Wild Cards (Eddie Kingston & Jack Marciano) vs. Ultra/ZERO (UltraMantis & Mister ZERO). Heels attack at the bell. Marciano with a double axe handle to the back of Mantis. Mantis with a nice flip dive (Tope con Hilo) on Marciano. Kingston with a nice lariat on Zero. Heels working over Zero in the corner. Wild Cards using great heel tactics keeping Zero from tagging. Marciano with a side indian deathlock on Zero. Zero finally makes the hot tag and Mantis cleans house. Heels then work him over hitting a double sto. Mantis with a nice double underhook sitout facebuster (Reverse Tiger Driver). Marciano with a huge yakuza kick on Zero. Marciano with a knee from the top as Kingston holds Mantis but Zero makes the save. Kingston with a nice uranage suplex. Match skips forward. With Kingston on the top rope, Mantis goes for some kind of double underhook toss. Kingston lands awkwardly and grabs his balls in pain. Zero covers him for the pin. No idea what happened nor why they skipped right to the finish, which lowers the match rating. Rating: ***