ROH Showcase Match A: Lit vs. Jimmy “Jac’t” Cash. Cash is one big SOB. He’s about twice the size of Lit. Jump cut. Cash with a huge power slam. Jump cut. Lit with a nice swinging neckbreaker on the big guy. Lit puts him down with a discus punch. He goes for a moonsault without the flip and misses. Cash drops him hard for the pin. Rating: None.

ROH Showcase Match B: Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos) & Slyk Wagner Brown vs. Special K (Slugga & Angel Dust & Deranged). The prelim feud continues from the last show. Marcos and Deranged traded near falls. Marcos hits a swinging neckbreaker and tags Dunn. Deranged hits a sitout side slam from the top rope on Dunn. Angel Dust and Dunn trade chops. Angel Dust goes for a backslide and Dunn falls back and drops him on his face. Brown comes in. He press slams Angel Dust and drops him before hitting a standing shooting star press. RCE and Brown do a spot where all three guys leapfrog Angel Dust, Dunn kicks him in the midsection and Brown does a leg drop on him from the top rope. Dunn picks up Marcos and does an electric chair drop into a senton. Shelton Benjamin looks a lot like Brown did six years earlier. Slugga tags in. Marcos tries to clothesline him several times before getting hit with a huge side slam (body bag). Slugga gives him a vicious pump handle slam. Dunn takes a sitout slam of some sort from Slugga. Slugga then gives him a release german suplex. Slugga has Dunn and is about to slam him and Marcos jumps from the top rope and lands on his shoulders. Slugga plants both men to the canvas. Damn, RCE is taking a lot of abuse. Angel Dust tags in and destroys Dunn with kicks to the front and back. Brown tags in and does his springboard into the ring. He then hits a swinging side slam (Haterbreaker) on Angel Dust for a near fall. April Hunter trips Angel Dust and he swings at her but she ducks. She then slaps him and Brown gives him a lifting sitout spinebuster (Appreciation Bomb) for another near fall. Hunter and Becky Bayless roll around outside the ring in the catfight spot. Angel Dust distracts the ref, Slugga drops Brown on his face and Angel Dust gets the pin. Decent prelim opener that went longer than I thought it would. Angel Dust advances to four corner match, which I guess is later in the show. Rating: **1/2

Show opens with promo by Paul London. He recaps some of his great ROH matches. He talks about his match tonight with A.J. Styles.

A.J. Styles cuts a promo holding his new NWA title belt. He’s still got the thick redneck accent. Pretty weak promo.

Match No. 1: Christoper Street Connection (Buff E. & Mase) with Ariel vs. the Carnage Crew (Loc & DeVito). This is the first appearance of CSC in a while. CSC does the obligatory gay spot on the bullies where Buff E. kisses Loc instead of doing a move while Mase has him over his knee. Mase grabs DeVito’s ass then spanks him. No idea why the Carnage Crew is booked to look like pussies so far. Finally, DeVito gives Mase a huge clothesline. Carnage Crew then follow up with a double team swinging neckbreaker (Carnage-Plex). Several clubbing blows to the head on Mase by DeVito. Mase getting his ass kicked but he responds with a swinging ddt on Loc. Buff E. is a house of fire. Mase gives both guys a bronco buster. CSC then makes out. Carnage Crew go for their tradmark spike piledriver (Carnage Driver) on Buff E., but Mase makes the save. Loc gives Buff E. a swinging neckbreaker and DeVito does a moonsault for the pin. Not a fan of this match as Carnage Crew looked weak before finally winning. After the match, they give a Ariel a nasty Carnage Driver. Rating: **

Match No. 2: Chance Beckett vs. Matt Stryker. Never heard of Beckett. Stryker working the arm. Beckett finally breaks it with a mule kick type move. Beckett with a single boston crab. Stryker makes the ropes. Not much so far. Back and forth which is surprising since Beckett is a nobody and Stryker is being pushed as a rising technical star. Stryker goes for a texas cloverleaf but Beckett reverses it into a leg lock. Stryker reverses it into a reverse figure four leg lock (Stryker Lock) for the tap. Wasn’t into this match either. Rating: **1/2

Match No. 3: John Walters vs. Justin Credible vs. Chris Sabin vs. Homicide in a four corners match. Damn, crowd is really into Credible. Well, New England fans were always marks. Gary Michael Capetta comes into the ring to interview Credible. Capetta grabs the mic and cuts a promo. Wow, an early look at Sabin. Angel Dust was supposed to be in the match, but Credible jumped him and took his spot. Homicide opens with Walters. Homicide gives him an overhead double underhook suplex into the corner and onto his head. Walters stretches Homicide with a facelock. Sabin tags in. They then do a nice spot where Homicide goes to roll up Walters and Sabin does a sunset flip over both guys. Sabin then does a nice hurricanrana. He flips out of a backdrop onto his feet and responds with a dropkick. Credible tags in and gives Sabin a lifting ddt (187) . Credible with a sitout powerbomb. Sabin tags in Homicide who gives Credible an overhead suplex. Homicide gives Sabin a nasty sitout powerbomb from the top rope. Sabin with a nice swinging sideslam backbreaker (Sabalizer). Homicide gives Sabin and overhead release belly-to-belly suplex. Walters tags in. He works on Sabin’s shoulder before Sabin gives him an enzuigiri. Sabin tags in Credible. Credible tags out pretty quickly. He’s wearing a shirt so he must be gassed already. Walters puts Sabin in a bow and arrow type move. Homicide comes in and Credible superkicks him to the floor. Credible with a springboard cross body block (Pescado) to the floor. Walters with a suicide dive (plancha) to the floor followed by Sabin’s somersault suicide dive (plancha). Homicide’s turn for a crazy bump as he hits a somersault dive (tope con hilo) to the floor. Credible then catches Homicide with a kneeling belly-to-belly piledriver (That’s Incredible!). Sabin breaks it up. Walters gives Sabin an overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack into an implant ddt (Hurricane DDT). Homicide breaks it up. Walters does a slingshot sunset flip on Homicide. Homicide replies with a dragon screw. He then hits a nasty looking scoop piledriver on Walters. Homicide applies the stepover toehold and instead of a facelock he grabs the hair. Walters taps. Pretty good scramble match with a bunch of good moves. Rating: ***1/2

After the match, Homicide and Low Ki meet backstage. Ki, wearing a Jason Kidd jersey and looking a lot like him, walks away as he doesn’t like the Julius Smokes influence.

Match No. 4: Second City Saints (CM Punk vs. Colt Cabana) vs. B.J. Whitmer & Raven. Before the match, Punk cuts a great promo, reminiscent of his current WWE promos. Shut the fuck up, Gabe. Raven cuts a promo before the match as well. Same old shit. Here’s a question: If Raven is so smart, if his IQ puts him in MENSA, why the fuck did he destroy his body with drugs? Punk stomps the shit out Raven early. Superkick by Raven on Punk. Whitmer hits a nice suplex on Cabana. Punk cracks Whitmer in the head with a chair shot. Raven returns the favor on Cabana. Raven gets a trash can lid and nails Punk in the head. He’s busted open pretty good. Whitmer clotheslines Cabana over the top rope as Punk and Raven brawl in the crowd. Whitmer is also busted open. Cabana and Punk both get leg tripped into chairs. Things are finally back in the ring. Cabana beating the shit out of Whitmer. Punk gives him a hard side suplex. Then a facewash and big boot. Punk goes for a hurricanrana on Whitmer, but he moves and Cabana takes the move. Whitmer makes the hot tag and Raven cleans house. Raven gives Punk an faceplant ddt (Raven Effect). Cabana breaks it up. Whitmer hits a flying headbutt. He then drops Cabana with a wrist clutch exploder suplex. No referee. Punk then runs into the ring and gives Whitmer a shining wizard using a chair. Punk makes the cover but still no ref. Finally, the ref starts the count but Whitmer kicked out. Cabana then gives Whitmer a double underhook backbreaker rack drop (Colt .45) for the pin. Punk destroys Raven afterwards. He also gives Whitmer and Punk blows with the chair. Cabana sets up Raven on the table outside the ring. Punk then does a legdrop through the table on Raven. Pretty good match and brawl. And beating afterwards was also great. Rating: ****

Capetta interviews Matt Stryker. Yawn. Prince Nana then saves things. Barely.

Match No. 5: Diablo Santiago vs. Prince Nana. Diablo with a back suplex. Followed by a neckbreaker. Nana getting beaten down early. He rebounds and hits a running hip strike. Nana goes for a suplex, but drops Diablo on his face with a ddt for the pin. Fairly quick squash. Rating: **

Match No. 6: Mikey Whipwreck & Dixie vs. Spanish Announce Team (Jose & Joel Maximo). Mikey goes for a head scissors but Joel is a bit heavy and it doesn’t look good. Mikey doesn’t skip a beat and he gives the fat fucker a(n) hurricanrana. Joel replies with a hurricanrana and they do a WWE jump cut so you can’t tell if it hits or not. Mikey rolls out. Dixie and SAT both a move before Jose drops Dixie back first onto Joel’s knees. SAT then give heels a boston crab/camel clutch combo. SAT with another doubleteam move on Dixie, some kind of double flapjack on Dixie. Mikey hits a couple of slingshot leg drops on the SAT. Dixie gets destroyed with a shoulder mount into a ddt (Maximo Explosion) on the ring apron. Mikey with a crazy suicide swanton from the top rope. Mikey hits double underhook suplex. Jose hits tornado ddt on Mikey. Joel with three power bombs followed by a sitout powerbomb for a near fall. Joel goes to the top. Mikey catches him with a hurricanrana from the top rope and then gives him a three-quarter facelock jawbreaker (Whipper-Snapper) but Jose breaks it up. Joel puts Dixie on his shoulders and Jose goes to the top rope and gives him a swinging ddt for the pin. Decent action but several missed spots lowered things a notch. Rating: **1/2

After the match, Special K jump SAT. Carnage Crew then beat the shit out of Mikey. Mikey recovers, but Justin Credible then gives Mikey a superkick. He is the new member of the Carnage Crew. Gabe is marking out for the ECW in this segment.

Match No. 7: Paul London vs. A.J. Styles. They trade holds on the mat early. Styles with a huge kick to London’s back. They are playing some head games now. They trade slaps and then shake hands. Good back-and-forth action as they trade arm drags and then drop kick each other. A.J. hits a nice springboard missile dropkick. A.J. misses a pescado to the floor and London nails him with a baseball slide. A.J. puts London into the barricade but London replies with a drop toe hold into the guard rail. London rams A.J.’s legs into the barricade. They trade chops before A.J. hits a kick. Styles with a snap suplex and then hits a one-handed swinging suplex. A.J. goes for an enzuigiri but London turns it into a dragon screw. Great move. Styles catches London with a brainbuster. London goes back to work on A.J.’s leg. They trade blows before A.J. catches a huge clotheslines that flips over London. Styles catches London with a pump handle power bomb. London hits a leg lariat from the second rope. London then does a springboard moonsault but lands on his feet. Styles then catches him with his own springboard moonsault into an inverted ddt (Phenomenon). London does a shooting star press (London Star Press) onto the leg of Styles. Styles catches him with a small package. London hits the figure four leglock. A.J. reaches the ropes. Styles hits a power bomb from the top rope and then gives London a belly-to-back inverted mat slam (Styles Clash) but he cannot make the cover. Styles hits a german suplex but he is unable to bridge. Gary Moyer looks to count pin on both men and bell rings. The match is ruled a draw as both men’s shoulders were down for the three count. Fans want five more minutes. Not sure about the finish, although A.J. had just won the NWA title and there was no way he was losing to London. Gabe says it was a match of the year candidate, although I’m not sure. Match was pretty damn good as expected, but not the best of the year. Rating: ****1/2

Match No. 8: Michael Shane & CW Anderson & Samoa Joe vs. Donovan Morgan & Dan Maff & Christopher Daniels. Shane & Daniels open things. They punch each other in the face and then tag out. Anderson and Maff square off. They trade chops. Joe tags in as does Morgan. Daniels and Morgan doubleteam Joe. Now Shane tags in and takes it to Daniels. Maff tags in and beats on Shane, giving him a boot to the face. Maff and Morgan give him a double elbow. Joe comes in. He catches Morgan with a space tornado ogawa (STO) in the corner. Anderson tags in and works on Morgan’s arm. Shane in now. He continues to work on Morgan’s arm. This match is dragging and crowd is nearly dead. Maff cleans house. He gives Shane a senton for a near fall. Huge superkick by Shane on Maff. Shane up top but Allison Danger distracts him. He gives Maff a tornado ddt. Maff goes for a burning hammer on Shane but Anderson gives him a superkick. Maff outside and Joe gives him a running arched big boot (Ole Kick). Maff hits a huge release german suplex on Shane. He finally tags in Daniels. Nice move by Daniels as he gives Joe a ddt and CW a facebuster. Daniels hits a double jump moonsault (Best Moonsault Ever) but Anderson barely kicks out. Morgan gives Joe a side suplex (Saito Suplex). He follows with a swinging cradle suplex (Golden Gate Swing). Anderson catches Morgan with a superplex. Shane follows with an elbow from the top rope and Maff hits Anderson with a diving headbutt. Daniels and Morgan give Shane a neckbreaker/powerbomb (Revolutions) but Anderson makes the save. Anderson gives Morgan a spinebuster but Daniels breaks it up. Tons of near falls. Maff goes for a burning hammer on Maff but can’t keep him up. Joe now beating on Maff who does a leg trip and bridge to pin Joe. Finish was a huge surprise. Pretty good match that really picked up at the end. Group must disband as a result of losing. Rating: ***1/2

Daniels cuts a promo backstage after the match. He puts over Maff. Afterward, Raven asks Daniels to be his partner at the next show. Daniels accepts.

Joe cuts a promo on Maff. Damn, does he have a big fucking nose.

Special K tries to get the sound guy to cut the lights. Finally, he listens to Slugga. They do some dancing before getting jumped by Carnage Crew. Loc and DeVito then cut a promo, as does a pissed off Justin Incredible.