ROH Showcase Match A: Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos) vs. Special K (Slugga & Hydro). First look at ROH’s venture into TV. Well, highlights, at least. Hydro hits a lariat on Marcos. Jump cut. Hydro goes for what looks like a suplex but Marcos flips and lands on his feet. He makes a hot tag to Dunn. Hydro hits an elbow. Jump cut. Slugga holds Dunn and Hydro hits a drop kick from the top rope. Jump cut. RCE working over Hydro. Jump cut. Slugga gives Dunn a huge suplex. Jump cut. Dunn hits elbow from top rope on Hydro. Jump cut. Slugga gives Dunn pumphandle slam. Hydro to the top and does a diving head butt for the pin. Almost a squash match. Rating: None

ROH Showcase Match B: Persephone vs. Alexis Laree. This on the card where it should be. At the beginning, optional and short and sweet. Wow, Persephone gets the pin with a facefirst ddt. Laree won the last match so they are even. Again, only highlights. Rating: None

Show opens with Homicide cutting a promo about his rough upbringing. He talks about selling dope and giving up a chance to play football at the University of Miami. Julius Smokes is doing his crazy shtick in the background. Homicide cuts a promo on Samoa Joe. Pretty good promo.

Special K is backstage doing what else but a little rave action. Hydro gets the idea of taking over the ring and turning it into a rave. The light guy won’t go for it.

Match No. 1: B.J. Whitmer vs. Dan Maff. Gabe, er, Chris Lovey on play-by-play. CM Punk joins him on color. Whitmer wants to shake and Maff slaps him. Whitmer gives him several forearms and Maff slaps him some more. Punk rags on Whitmer. Maff with some big chops but Whitmer responds with an exploder suplex. Whitmer misses a high knee and Maff bails. Whitmer whips Maff into the new sheet metal guard rail. Damn, they’re still using those today. Maff again into the rail. And a third time. Maff reverses it and Whitmer hits the guardrail. Not sure if I like the new lighting. Too many dark spots. Reminds me of old NWA TV tapings from Bumfuck, SC. Maff hits a back senton. Shot of Allison Danger with her new green hair. Yuck. Her bangability quotient just went down. Earlier, Punk said it was seaweed in her hair. Huge lariat by Maff. Facewash by Maff. Ass to the face by Maff. Whitmer finally hits the big knee. High knee by Whitmer. Maff with a nasty half nelson suplex. Whitmer is coming off a concussion and that can’t be good. Whitmer Hulks up. Maff hits a release german suplex again on Whitmer’s head. Maff goes for a death valley driver but Whitmer blocks it and then hits a german suplex of his own on Maff. Danger interferes now Maff hits a burning hammer on Whitmer for the pin. Pretty good opening match. Whitmer took too many moves on his head coming off a concussion though. Maff has a catchy tune as his ring music. Rating: ***

Julius Smokes comes down to the ring. He’s got the mic. He wants to know what’s up with Maff, apparantely, as I can barely understand him and Gabe and Punk aren’t faring much better. Smokes drops the n-bomb and Maff gets pissed. Low Ki comes to the ring with his arm in a sling. Couldn’t tell from watching, but he got hurt at the last show in England. Maff bails as Ki gets in the ring. He cuts a promo on Maff. Same monotone as always from Ki. He now cuts a promo on Smokes. He says the ring is not for thugs. Smokes takes off his shirt. Homicide comes out to try and mediate things. Ki tells Homicide he doesn’t need distraction by Smokes. Trent Acid comes out and gives Homicide a yakuza kick to the face.

Match No. 2: Tony Mamaluke vs. Jason Cross. Have to admit, haven’t heard of Cross. Mamaluke is in his first ROH match in six months. Annoying graphic of future events. Cross hits a nice corkscrew plancha. Mamaluke then throws him into the guardrail. Cross hits a somersault plancha. Mamaluke hits a side suplex (saito suplex). With Cross’ legs on the top rope, Mamaluke hits a ddt. High knee by Mamaluke. Nice snap suplex and then a northern lights suplex by Mamaluke. Cross with a crazy move that looks like a sunset flip but we then does double underhook ddt type of move. Punk compares it to the signature finishing move of Tommy Rogers of the Fantastics, an inverted double underhook facebuster (Tomikaze). Cross hits a neckbreaker from the top. Mamaluke applies the dragon sleeper (Sicilian Stretch) but Cross backdrops him into the corner on his head. Cross with two brainbusters put Mamaluke kicks out. He hits a third and goes up top. He goes for a shotting star leg drop (Crossfire) but Mamaluke moves. Cross hits a release dragon suplex. Cross up top again. Mamaluke pushes the ref into the ropes and Cross falls to the top turnbuckle. Mamaluke hits a suplerplex and then applies the grounded dragon sleeper (Sicilian Stretch) for the submission. Pretty good match with some good high spots. Rating: ***

Backstage with Rob Feinstein. No comment. Iceberg thanks Rob for his shot and he turns around and has thumbtacks in his head spelling ROH. Outcast Killaz ask for a shot and Rob tells them they are wrestling iceberg. Feinstein sucks. As an actor.

Match No. 3: Oman Tortuga vs. Iceberg. Iceberg all over Oman. He gives him a ddt. Then Homicide’s move, a back to back double underhook piledriver (Cop Killa) followed by a senton for the pin. Squash match. Rating: *

After the match, he gives Diablo Santiago a side suplex. Dunn & Marcos come in for the save.

Match No. 4: Matt Stryker vs. Tom Carter. Gabe talks about Punk getting his skull broken while wrestling against Carter. Punk no-sells it. Matwork early. Stryker with a bow and arrow type move. Did I mention the lighting sucks? This match is putting me to sleep so far. Carter gets a stepover toehold facelock (STF) but Stryker makes the ropes. Stryker hits a plancha to the floor. Carter does a ddt type move on the apron on Stryker. Carter to the top rope. Styker catches him with a release german suplex from up top. Leg lariat by Stryker. Carter with a brain buster followed by a frog splash. Stryker barely kicks out. Styker tries a death valley driver but it is blocked. He catches Carter with his second attempt. Stryker goes for a dvd from the top rope but Carter reverses it and drops Stryker hard on his back. Stryker kicks out at last possible second. Crowd into things now. Carter with double dragon screw. He then gets the texas cloverleaf on Stryker but he makes the ropes. Carter tries texas cloverleaf again, but Stryker rolls him over for the pin. Match was decent, although it picked up in the end. Rating: ***

After the match, Carter refuses to shake Stryker’s hand. Gary Michael Capetta comes to the ring for some reason. He asks Carter why he wouldn’t shake. As Carter grabs the mic, a fan says “Quackenbush would have shaken his hand.” Carter whines about the pin. He says he pioneered the junior style. And will re-invent pure wrestling in ROH. Carter challenges Stryker to a tap-out match. Stryker cuts a promo on Carter. He accepts the challenge. Allison Danger comes to the ring. She offers Carter a spot in the Prophecy if he doesn’t shake hands. He thinks about it, then shakes hands.

Match No. 5: Special K (Izzy & Dixie) vs. Carnage Crew (Loc & DeVito & Masada) vs. Second City Saints (CM Punk vs. Colt Cabana) vs. Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark Briscoe) in tag team scramble match. This should be crazy. Cabana starts against Jay.

They “cut” to Capetta in the back. Samoa Joe has a scoop. He offers to show Capetta. Capetta’s acting is horrible as he tries to act excited. Joe goes into the locker room and gives Dan Maff a vicious knee to the face. Capetta tries to act disgusted.

Match No. 5 (continued): Nice hurricanrana by Cabana. He then hits a big knee. Briscoe then hits a plancha to the floor. DeVito in against Dixie. Dixie hits a swinging ddt. DeVito then hits an overhead suplex. Mark and Loc. Loc hits a swinging neckbreaker. Izzy gives both Loc and DeVito a moonsault dropkick as Gabe calls it. Izzy gives Mark a sitout backflip three quarter facelock diving reverse ddt (Shirunai). Mark then gives him a nasty saito suplex on his head. Punk in. Loc jumped him. Crazy move where Punk and Izzy backdrop Dixie and Mark over the top rope. Dixie lands on Loc pretty hard. Izzy makes a sign of smoking weed to Punk, who clotheslines him hard to the floor. Jay and Punk trade forearms. Punk goes for a tiltawhirl but misses. He then holds one of Jay’s arms in a chicken wing and gives him a hard clothesline. Loc dropkicks Punk. Cabana in. He holds Loc over his knee for a pendulum backbreaker and Punk does a slingshot somersault senton onto him. Dixie and Izzy fuck up a move from the top. Gabe covers saying they are high. Crazy spot where Izzy is on Cabana’s shoulders. Punk gives him a missile dropkick (Doomsday Dropkick), but Izzy gives Cabana a hurricanrana and he lands on his head. DeVito gives Izzy a belly-to-back suplex and Loc catches him with a swinging neckbreaker (Carnage-Plex). Mark gives DeVito a saito suplex onto his head. Loc clotheslines him hard and Jay gives him a mafia kick to the face. Loc gives Jay a saito suplex of his own. Carnage crew go for spike piledriver on Dixie but Izzy makes the save. Dixie then gives Loc a hurricanrana off the top rope. Dixie dives to the floor on Jay. Mark does a crazy backwards dive to the floor. DeVito then does an insane moonsault to the floor hitting the guardrail hard. Cabana gives Dixie a double underhook overhead backbreaker rack drop (Colt .45) and then Punk drops Izzy from the top rope with a diving double underhook facebuster (Pepsi Plunge) ontop of Izzy for the pin. Great action with a bunch of highspots. Rating: ***1/2

After the match, Punk cuts a promo on Special K and Christopher Daniels calls out Samoa Joe.

Match No. 6: John Walters vs. Andy Anderson. They trade nasty slaps. Punk back on commentary. Anderson goes for a snap mare and Walters lands on his. Kind of. Anderson with a suplex into a sitout powerbomb. Walters hits a nice slingshot into a sunset flip powerbomb. Anderson with a crucifix powerbomb. Walters then hits a overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack into a impant ddt (Hurricane DDT) for a near fall. Anderson with a spinning crucifix powerbomb for the pin. Wow, that came out of nowhere. And I don’t think the better wrestler won either. Decent, but short and questionable outcome. Rating: **1/2

Match No. 7: Jimmy Rave vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. CM Punk vs. Christopher Daniels. Supid question, but why isn’t Rave a part of Special K? My first look at Rave and Kazarian. In ROH, that is. Rave with a huge chop on Punk who hightails it over the top turnbuckle and to the floor. Kazarian in. Rave hits a release overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Daniels in and hits Kaz with a nice dropkick. Kazarian hits neckbreaker on Daniels, who tags in Rave. Kaz unloading on Rave and he hits sweet dropkick. Who knew two of these guys would later become Suicide? Daniels vs. Punk. Good heel psychology. Punk working arm of Daniels. Nice spot by Punk as he is sitting in the corner and he grabs the top rope with each hand. Daniels goes to pull his legs and Punk flips to his feet (Jackie Chan) and gives him a jawbreaker. Rave tags himself in. Daniels backdrops Punk to the floor, then Rave clotheslines Daniels to the floor. Rave with a plancha to the floor and Kazarian hits a springboard plancha (Pescado) to the floor. Punk rocks Rave with a brainbuster. Then hits a power slam. Rave backdrops Kaz. Daniels with lariat in the corner on Kaz. Punk in vs. Daniels. Elbow by Daniels. Daniels with a gutwrench suplex. Rave in. He gives Daniels a leg lariat. Kaz in. Rave gives him an enzuigiri. Rave gives Punk a shining wizard. Rave then hits a double underhook inverted ddt on Daniels. Rave on fire. He gives Punk a spinning head scissors into a crossface (From Dusk to Dawn). Kaz breaks it up. Rave gives Kaz a back suplex into a bridge. Punk hits superplex on Daniels. Then a double underhook backbreaker (Welcome to Chicago, Motherfucker). Allison Danger trips Punk. Then Lucy trips Daniels. Tit for Tat. Or is it Tit for Tit? Daniels goes for a 90 degrees spinning lifting double underhook facebuster (Angel’s Wings) but Punk backdrops him. Punk attempts a shining wizard but Daniels blocks it. Kaz hits superkick on Punk. Then a springboard legdrop. Punk responds with a hamerlock legsweep ddt (Devil Lock DDT). Rave in and Kaz gives him a swinging reverse sto (Wave of the Future). Nice move by Kaz as he gives Daniels a bridging wristlock electric chair drop (Back to the Future). Kaz hits a lariat on Daniels followed by a springboard revolving legdrop. Daniels gives Kaz a space tornado ogawa (STO). Daniels then hits a rolling cutter (Last Rites) for the pin. Damn good match with a bunch of great moves. Rating: ****

After the match, Daniels takes the mic. He cuts a promo on Steve Corino. Enough already. The guy hasn’t wrestled in ROH in over three months. And before that it was another three months. Daniels says Kaz is a candidate for the Prophecy. He also puts over Rave. He then cuts a promo on Punk. He gets interrupted by a fan and then puts him in his place by saying, “Hey look, Asshole, if I want shit from you, I’ll scrape your tongue.” Daniels asks Punk what he would say if he asked him to join the Prophecy. Punk says he’ll join under one condition, if Daniels shakes his hand. Daniels goes to shake his but won’t. Great mic work by these two.

Match No. 8: Special K (Jody Fleisch & Slim J) vs. Backseat Boyz (Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere). Fleisch and Acid open things. Fleisch does a springboard moonsault and lands on his feet. Acid responds with a springboard crossbody block. They trade leg sweeps before Acid lands a nasty dropkick as Fleisch is on his knees. Acid and Fleisch are great together. They do the choreographed Kung Fu spots perfectly. Fleisch goes for the twisting springboard tornado ddt (Phoenix DDT) but Acid catches him. Fleisch narrowly ducks a yakuza kick. Slim J and Kashmere tag in. Instead of shaking hands, Slim J grabs his package. J with a nice handstand into a headscissors. Kashmere responds with a punch. Fleisch and J make numerous tags while working Kashmere’s arm. Nice spot by the Boyz as Kashmere catches Fleisch in a full nelson right as Acid superkicks him and then Kashmere throws him to the mat. J does a dive from the top rope and the Boyz catch him. They then give him a sky lift and Kashmere gives him a neckbreaker while Acid power bombs him (Backseat Driver). Boyz then do a tandem somersault plancha on the all of Special K on the floor. Great doubleteam action by the Boyz. J and Fleisch working over Acid. Fleisch hits a nice cross bodyblock from the top rope. And then two standing shooting star presses. Acid still getting worked over. Fleisch goes for the Phoenix DDT again, but Acid drops him. Acid gives Fleisch a crazy hurricanrana from the top rope. Another nice move by the Boyz as Acid leapfrogs Fleisch and then Kashmere hits a nasty missile dropkick. Kashmere grabs J’s leg and flips him over into a hard powerbomb. Dream Sequence time as Acid hits a clothesline, then a legdrop and as he’s about to give the dropkick finisher, Fleisch gives Acid a tornado ddt. Kashmere can’t believe it. Slim J gives Acid a hurricanrana to the floor. They battle in the crowd and Fleisch and Slim J climb to the top of a scaffold. They do tandem moonsaults off the moonsault. Fleisch is holding is knee. This is probably when his knee problems started. Back in the ring, J covers Acid but he somehow kicks out. Fleisch covers Kashmere and both Boyz kick out at two. Fleisch tries to climb to the top rope but he can’t. Slim J to the top rope. Boyz catch him with a vicious doubleteam crucifix (T-Gimmick) for the pin. Damn good match with some insane highspots. Rating: ****

Match No. 9: Homicide vs. Samoa Joe. Joe works on Homicide’s arm early. Big knee to the face by Joe. Big forearm by Homicide but Joe no-sells it. Homicide kicks him in the corner hard. Joe then replies with a vicious space tornado ogawa (STO) from the corner. Homicide nearly kills Joe with an overhead suplex. Homicide slides to the floor and Joe throws him into the guardrail. Joe gives Homicide a release belly-to-belly suplex on the floor. He puts him in the chair and here comes the running arched big boot (Ole Kick). He then hits a second and nearly destroys both Homicide and the sheet metal on the guardrail. Homicide is busted open. Joe with a german suplex, followed by dragon suplex and then a cross arm suplex. Homicie barely kicks out. Homicide hits a swinging ddt. They are now on the floor. Homicide grabs a table and sets up on the guardrail. He goes for a tope con hilo but Joe puts him through the table. These guys are beating the shit out of each other. Huge powerbomb by Joe and he then puts Homicide into a stepover toehold facelock (STF). Low Ki comes to ringside. Homicide reverse the STF. Ki is now coaching Homicide. Huge knee by Joe after Homicide’s lariats don’t phase him. Another big knee by Joe. Ki slaps Homicide and he snaps out of it. Huge suplex by Homicide. Followed by a cutter. He goes to the top and hits a double stomp but Joe barely kicks out. Homicide then gives Joe a suplex on his head, kind of a brainbuster but he couldn’t get him all the way up. Joe is out on the floor. Homicide drags Joe into the ring. Joe kicks out again. Two huge kicks to the head by Homicide. And a third. Ki and Smokes argue outside the ring as Homicide has Joe on the top rope. Homicide is distracted and Joe gives him a nasty double legtrap brainbuster (Muscle Buster) from the top rope for the pin. Incredible strong style match. These guys busted their ass, the match told a story and you can’t fault anything in this one. Rating: *****

After the match, Joe cuts a promo in the lockerroom. His left eye is swollen. He calls out Daniels. Pretty good promo. Christopher Daniels is in the ring and calls out Joe. They fight in the ring before it is broken up by 15 guys. Backstage, Daniels cuts a raging promo. He is still pissed after the promo is over. He yells “Get the fuck out of here” and slams the lockerroom door as the show ends. Awesome finish that immediately builds up the next show.