Match No. 1: Double Jeopardy Battle Royal. First two are Ninja and Lester Crabtree. Clowning early. Ninja with a huge chop on Lester. Love Bug next in the ring. Love Bug throws out Ninja. Lester starts beating on Bug. Brock Singleton next in the ring. He throws out Bug who takes a nasty bump on his head. Dragonfly next in the ring. Lester pokes Brock in the eyes. Brock drops Lester with a clothesline. Marshal Law next in the ring. Marshal throws Lester out. Melvin Snodgrass next in the ring. Brock and Law doubleteaming Dragonfly. Mike Kruel is in next. Dragonfly jumps on Brock who throws him over the top rope. Jolly Roger is next in the ring. Brock throws out Melvin. Reckless Youth next in the ring. Law and Brock throw Jolly Roger out of the ring. Brock turns on Marshal and clotheslines him out of the ring. Then Reckless Youth and Mike Kruel eliminate Brock to win the Battle Royal and will wrestle later. Semi-entertaining opener. Rating: **

Match No. 2: Private Eye vs. Phantasmo. This is a grudge match as the two have split their matches on the previous two cards. Phantasmo cuts a promo in Spanish. Nobody understands him. Phantasmo jumps Eye at the bell. He gives him a clothesline for a near fall. Phantasmo to the top rope. He misses a senton. Phantasmo back up top. He hits a cross body block for a two count. Phantasmo goes for an hurricanrana but Eye catches him with a power bomb. Eye throws powder at Phantasmo. Then hits a ddt for the pin. Another match that was semi-entertaining. Rating: **

Match No. 3: DJ Skittlez vs. Blind Rage. Match stipulation is the winner picks the loser’s entrance music. Rage with a dive on Skittlez as he comes through the curtain. They trade punches. Skittlez the face is getting booed. Decent dropkick by Rage. Brainbuster by Rage who has a new look since the last televised CHIKARA card. Skittlez misses a senton after nearly falling off the top rope twice. Rage puts him in a camel clutch. Skittlez hits an atomic drop, then a clothesline followed by a backdrop. Skittlez back to the top where he hits a flying clothesline. Rage with a stepover toehold facelock (STF) but Skittlez makes the ropes. Skittlez then puts Rage in the STF. Rage with a running powerbomb into an STF. Big headbutt by Rage. From the top rope, Skittlez hits a spinning powerbomb for the pin. Not bad. Rating: **1/2

Match No. 4: Mike Kruel vs. Reckless Youth in Double Jeopardy match. They trade arm bars and escape early. Release german suplex by Kruel. Kruel then hits a decent suplex. And a huge knee to the midsection. Double clothesline puts both guys down. Knee from the top rope by Youth. Kruel hits a neckbreaker on Youth. Leg sweep by Youth followed by a nice flog splash. Kruel kicks out. Huge forearm by Kruel. He goes to the top rope but Youth catches him with a ddt. Kruel gets his leg on the rope. Youth charges him in the corner, Kruel drops on him and puts his feet on the ropes for the pin. Slow early, picked up and turned into decent match. Rating: ***

Match No. 5: Team F.I.S.T. (Gran Akuma & Icarus), Ultra/ZERO (UltraMantis & Mister ZERO) & Mike Quackenbush vs. The Wild Cards (Eddie Kingston & Jack Marciano), The Conundrum (Jigsaw & Rorschach) & Hallowicked. UltraMantis and Hallowicked open things. Audio is terrible on the camera from the balcony. Mantis works the arm. Quack tagged in. Jigsaw now in. He works Quack’s arm. Quack escapes with a break dance move. It looks like he goes for one of his Lightning Lock’s, but Rorschach breaks it up. Quack gives both members of the Conundrum an atomic drop and then a double single leg boston crab. Quack tags in Zero. He works on Rorschach who then tags in Kingston. Zero works the arm. Zero tags in Akuma who works the arm. Kingston tags in Marciano and Akuma tags in Icarus. What’s up with the hair. No wonder he was under the hood the first year. Marciano has Icarus in a dragon sleeper type move but Icarus flips over and then catches Jack in the same move. Jack breaks it up with a pair of knees. They do the comedy spot where Kingston has his back turned and Jack gives him the arm of Icarus and he works it up and down. Next is Mantis. They try the move on Quack but he reverses it and gives Kingston his partner’s arm. Kingston works the arm and Marciano gets pissed. Great spot. Heels argue and Quack eggs them on. Heels make up. Quack then nails Marciano with a loud palm strike and a couple of chops. Quack with some nice moves. He does a headscissors into a roll that puts Marciano over the top rope. More comedy as Quack smacks Marciano in the back and he makes it look like Rorschach did it. Heels fight some more. Rorschach blames some kid at ringside and they mess with him. Kingston takes his hat and throws it. Back in the ring, Zero and Jigsaw go at it. Another comedy spot where they run the ropes until they get tired before Zero superkicks Jigsaw in the ass and out the ring. Icarus in against Kingston. Eddie hits some big chops but gets caught in an arm drag, satellite headscissors, monkey flip and senton by Icarus. He did all his moves in one sequence. Rorschach slams Icarus but he recovers and tags in Mantis. They trade arm rags. Huge atomic drop by Mantis. Hallowicked tags in against Akuma. They do some crazy spot where all 10 guys spin around like they are doing a leg sweep and then jump in tandem. Akuma with a nice spinning headscissors. Kingston tags in and drops Akuma on his head with a release german suplex. That had to hurt. Jigsaw in. Now Hallowicked. Heels do a bunch of doubleteams on Akuma. Jigsaw leapfrogs Rorschach and then leg drops Akuma in a nice spot. Kingston back in. He continues the beating on Akuma. Missed spot as Marciano goes for a cross body block and takes out Akuma’s knees. Marciano with an elbow from the top rope. Kind of weak. Akuma goes for the hot tag. Mantis takes out several heels before tagging Quack who nails Jigsaw with a huge dropkick. Icarus goes for springboad backflip ddt type move but he lands on Kingston’s shoulder. Marciano hits a knee from the top rope and then Kingston plants him with a slam. Crazy move where the heels hold arms and then toss Rorschach high in the air before he comes down hard on Icarus. Nice dropkick on Marciano by Icarus and then he makes the tag. Zero cleans house. He then hits a tope on Kingston which doesn’t look that impressive in the small ring. Mantis and Rorschach with some nice dives to the floor. Marciano also does a dive and Akuma nearly kills himself with a corkscrew dive. Hallowicked’s turn with a dive. Quack does a nice springboard spining dive to the floor. Time for the chain wrestling. The kind where all 10 guys put each other in submissions one after the other. The last guy in the chain then breaks the hold and puts one on the last guy at the other end. They finally break it. Another cool spot. Marciano fucks up another move. Quack has some problems as well as his mule kick nearly misses. He then gives Marciano a palm strike and a double foot stomp. Zero hits a sitout powerbomb on Rorschach. Jigsaw with a long distance dropkick on Zero and then he does a flip dive to the floor. Kingston hits Icarus with a capture suplex. Icarus then hits a ddt. Rorschach hits a nice northern lights suplex followed by a second. Mantis then gives him a sitout double under backbreaker. Hallowicked with a sitout power bomb on Akuma. Akuma then hits a suplex into a sitout powerbomb. Now comes another group spot as there are five simultaneous pin attempts. Quack has Marciano in an abdominal stretch but Kingston gives Akuma a leg sweep and his legs hit Quack and he breaks the hold. Wildcards give Akuma a double russian leg sweep but Quack breaks it up. Marciano and Kingston are back-to-back and they go to give Quack and Akuma power bombs but they grab hands. Then both hit hurricanranas. Another group pin attempt as the Conundrum roll up the faces and the Wild Cards get on top. The Wild Cards hold the faces and the Conondrum go for superkicks but Quack and Akuma duck. Great double surfboard by Quack and Akuma. Great double team roll up by the Conundrum. Suicide dives by Quack and Akuma. Sitout powerbomb by Hallowicked on Icarus. Icarus then hits a springboard backflip three-quarter facelock inverted ddt but Rorschach makes the save. Nice doubelteam work by Conundrum on Ultra/ZERO. Zero and Mantis then give Jigsaw and Rorschach back to back double underhook piledrivers. Somehow, they kick out. Wildcards and Ultra/ZERO square off. Kingston with a suplex that looks like a capture into a side slam. He then gives Zero a huge boot to the face. Kingston gives Zero a windmill ddt. Mantis then gives Kingston side suplex. Zero with a sitout reverse power bomb on Marciano. Another group submission spot. Things starting to get crazy. Hallowicked with a nasty superplex on Icarus. Jigsaw with a corkscrew dive on Icarus. Finally, Quack puts Jigsaw in what looks to be the crossface over the shoulder cloverleaf (Lightning Lock) for the submission. These guys put on one hell of a show. Sure they botched a couple of spots but the choreographing and the moves used for a bunch of very young wrestlers was nothing short of damn impressive. Rating: ***1/2

After the match, Quack cuts a promo. He talks about being an alternative and he then thanks the fans for their support.