Show opens with a shot of dreary York Hall in London. Actually, it’s not any more dreary than those outside shots of Philly in the early ROH shows.

Match No. 1: James Tighe vs. Paul London. Female ring announcer has a voice that reminds me of fingernails on the chalkboard. I guess this is a ringside fancam with no commentary. London hits a nice standing shooting star press. He then does his flip dropkick. Crowd totally into the match. London with nice springboard hurricanrana. He hits a leg lariat and then another dropkick. London to the top rope and he gets launched into the guardrail. Tighe goes to work on London’s arm. London hits a superkick outside the ring. He then follows with a running shooting star press from the ring apron. He hits a rolling oklahoma stampede from the outside. His enzuigiri gets a two count. London then follows with a springboard senton for a near fall. Tighe hits a nice overhead horizontal suplex into a bridge. Tighe then hits a german suplex with a bridge. Followed by a sitout sideslam. Tighe works on London’s arm. He then follows with a springboard moonsault to the floor. London misses a shooting star press. Tighe hits some kind of cradle brainbuster followed by a standing shooting star press for the pin. Very good opener. London was great and so was Tighe. Bunch of good moves, including some variations by Tighe I hadn’t seen before. FWA 1-0. Rating: ****

Match No. 2: Jack Xavier vs. Mikey Whipwreck. Mike clowns early. They finally lock up. They botch a spot early. Mike is looking old and slow. Xavier goes for a plancha and Mikey moves. Mikey puts bell on Xavier’s groin and rings it. Mikey does a flip in the crowd and Xavier moves. Superkick by Mikey but Xavier kicks out. Mikey drops Xavier on a chair face first. Mike with a russian leg sweep. Xavier kips up and then gives Mikey an enzuigiri. Mikey hits a three-quarter facelook jawbreaker (Whipper-Snapper) for the pin. Scratch that. Xavier kicked out. Xavier rolls up Mikey for the pin. Hometown booking for sure as this guy sucked and a beat an ECW guy. Weak match. FWA 2-0. Rating: **

Match No. 3: Paul Burchill vs. Double Dragon (Raj Ghosh & Ross Jordan). The Duke of Danger is in the ring with his butler, Simmons, and his maid, Buttercup. He can’t wrestle because of the cast on his hand and he brings out a pair of cruiserweights as his replacment. Dean Ayass comes out and introduces Burchill, who destroys the two. Burchill hits a sitout powerbomb but the butler stops the count and the little guys take advantage of him. Burchill does a release german suplex on both guys at once and the fans go crazy. Burchill then does an insane flip dive over the turnbuckle and ringpost onto both Dragons on the floor. Crowd goes nuts. Burchill hits a pair of standing shooting star presses. Impressive for a big guy. He finally walks out of the ring and the Dragon win by countout. But they are motionless in the ring. Squash match but Burchill looked great. He beats up a security guy afterwards. Rating: **

Match No. 4: Jonny Storm vs. AJ Styles. Styles is over with the Brits. Storm is cocky little bastard who looks like Bret Hart. He slaps AJ in the back of the head. AJ does some moves and gives him a slap of his own. Looks like the fuck up a spot as both attempt dropkicks. Great move as AJ does a russian leg sweep, he and Storm kip up at the same time and Styles drops him with a lariat. Styles goes for a dive to the floor but Storm gives him a nasty superkick. Followed by a second. Styles goes for a springboard moonsault into an inverted ddt (Phenomenon) but Storm blocks it. Styles then hits a release german suplex but Storm lands on his feet. Styles then hits a somewhat sloppy Phenomenon. Followed by a nice snap suplex. Storm with a corkscrew leg lariat. He then hits a sitout powerbomb on Styles followed by a moonsault. Crowd is dead all of a sudden. Storm then hits a springboard, Styles catches his legs and Storm responds with a ddt. Styles hits a nice old school brainbuster. They miss what looks like a satellite headscissors attempt by Storm. Outside the ring, Styles gets backdropped on the ramp. They fight on the stage but the ref is in the way. Storm takes a slam on the ramp. I guess there are no countouts in Britian. Back in the ring, Styles hits a high end belly-to-back suplex (Starmaker). Match is starting to drag. Stom nearly botches a springboard hurricanrana (Rewind Hurricanrana). Styles barely kick out. Storm goes for a dive but Styles catches him with a belly to back inverted mat slam (Styles Clash) but Storm kicks out. Homer booking as that scrub should been pinned. Storm does some kind of powerbomb where he flips Styles. Storm then goes for a hurricanrana from the top rope but Styles catches him and goes for a Styles Clash. Storm falls back and then goes back up and gives Styles an hurricanrana. There’s a jump cut so who knows what happened. Styles hits a lariat followed by a springboard 450 splash (Superman Splash) for the pin. FWA 2, ROH 1. This match went too long, dragged a bit and was sloppy. Styles was pretty good though. Rating: **1/2

After the match, Storm won’t shake hands but finally does. When Styles turns his back he jumps him and gives him a beatdown. He goes to hit him with a chair but Jody Fleisch makes the save. I guess those two are feuding.

Match No. 5: Zebra Kid vs. Samoa Joe. Before the match, Joe grabs the mic. He says the match will be for the ROH title. Joe opens with some kicks and then gets Zebra in a leg lock. Zebra replies with a pair of enzuigiris. Joe outside the ring and Zebra hits a high cross body block. Zebra puts Joe in a chair and hits an elbow from the ring apron. Joe is in the corner and Zebra goes for a clothesline, but Joe catches him with a nasty one-arm side slam (STJoe). He then gives him several facewashes followed by a running boat to the face. Joe sits Zebra in a chair next to the guard rail and gives him a running arched big boot (Ole Kick). Joe celebrates like he scored a goal in soccer and British fans go crazy. Zebra beats down Joe and gives him a leg drop in nuts. Zebra with a ddt off the top rope. He then hits a missle drop kick on Joe. Zebra goes for a move from the top rope and Joe catches him in an arm bar. He then gives him several knees to the head. Joe takes his elbow pad off and gives Zebra a huge lariat. Zebra is a tough bastard. He is hanging with Joe and pounds him several times. Joe responds with a german suplex, followed by a dragon suplex and then another german suplex for the pin. Pretty good match. Zebra was able to hang without a problem. Crowd into Joe. FWA 2, ROH 2. Rating: ***

Match No. 6: The Family vs. Alex Shane & Ulf Herman & Nikita. The Family comes to the ring carry burning crosses. Their manager cuts a promo. Shane & Herman get jumped but then clean house. Shane and Herman are some big bastards. Shane does a flip dive onto the heels on the floor. Heels head back to the lockerroom. I have no idea what the hell is going on. Now the match starts as a six man or five man and one woman. Bunch of high spots. Nikita blows a move. Ulf with a dive off the turnbuckle onto the heels. His knees must be shot. Ulf brings weapons into the ring. Ulf destroys Solid Gold Scott Parker with weapons. Alex Shane uses a staple gun on some boor bastard. Nikita does a crazy dive from the balcony onto the guys. Shane gives some unlucky bastard a powerbomb off the stage and through a table. One of the heels tries a springboard and busts his ass. Another follows with a dropkick into a chair on Herman’s face. This shit is dragging and getting sloppy. Weak ref bump spot. Nikita takes several bumps and finally gets pinned. These guys tried but this was low level indy stuff. Rating: *1/2

Match No. 7: Flash Barker vs. Low Ki. Barker is a big son of a bitch. He’s wearing MMA gloves. They trade leglocks early. Then kicks to the leg. More kicks. Ki hits a vicious dragon screw on Barker. Then some hard chops. Huge clothesline by Barker. And a big leg drop. Ki with several kicks to the chest followed by a nasty kick to the head (Krush Kombo). Damn these guys are going strong style. Ki with a kick to the back. Ki nails a springboard roundhouse kick (Tidal Wave). They trade huge uppercuts. Wow, Barker hits a hurricanrana. Barker ducks a shining wizard but Ki gives him a back kick. Barker hits a spinning spinebuster on Ki. Ki responds with a cartwell jumping high kick (Tidal Krush). Barker with several punches to the head. Ki gets him in an arm bar but he breaks it. The bell rings as they reach the 20-mintue time limit. Crowd chants, “Five more minutes!” Ki grabs the mic and says he didn’t come all the you to London for a fucking draw. Samoa Joe and AJ Styles come to the ring to support Ki. Barker takes the mic and asks for five more minutes. Bald ref is adamant that it is a draw. Fans start the bullshit chant. This was a great match ruined by stupid fucking booking. FWA 2, ROH 2, Draw 1. Rating: **1/2

Match No. 8: Christopher Daniels vs. Jody Fleisch. Fans into Daniels. He grabs the mic and insults the crowd and the annoying ring announcer. He says he doesn’t represent ROH but rather the Prophecy. He starts to turn the crowd masterfully. I’m looking forward to this match, which will determine the winner of the challenge. Unless the FWA booker blows it, which is entirely possible. Daniels is awesome working the crowd. Groundwork early. Good stuff as Fleisch gets Daniels in several pinning postions. Daniels works the crowd again. Fleisch uses a headlock on Daniels several times. Fleisch does a springboard moonsault off the top rope, Daniels moves and Fleisch lands on his feet. He then hits a satellite headscissors on Daniels. Fleisch hits another moonsault, this time landing it on Daniels outside the ring. They fight on the ring entrance. Daniels goes for a suplex but Fleisch lands on his feet. He then gives Daniels a hard suplex on the stage. Fleisch gets a chair and then jumps off the chair and does a hurricanrana. Back in the ring, Fleisch hits a corkscrew cross bodyblock. Daniels responds with a clothesline that flips over Fleisch. Daniels hits a nice exploder suplex. Another jump cut. Bastards. Daniels with a pair of backbreakers. He then hits the double jump moonsault (Best Moonsault Ever). Nice dropkick by Fleisch. Then a leg lariat. He hits a pair of standing shooting star presses. Followed by a springboard hurricanrana. Daniels responds with a space tornado ogawa (STO). Daniels with another BME but he misses. Daniels gets a near fall with an enzuigiri. They trade several rolling pin attempts. Daniels nails a palm thrust. Fleisch with a sweet springboard shooting star press. Fleisch goes for a springboard move of some kind and gets nailed with a chair. Jonny Storm maybe? Daniels hits a 90 degree spinning lifting sitout double underhook facebuster (Angel’s Wings) for the pin. ROH wins the challenge 3-2-1. Damn good match. Rating: ****

After the match, Storm beats on Fleisch. Daniels is about to hit the Angel’s Wings from the top rope, but the faces run in for the save. Storm cuts a promo afterwards and nails some guy with a chair. He does a terrible blade job. All the wrestlers come to the ring after the match. Decent show, although the British wrestling was a bit odd at times.