Stephen DeAngelis is everywhere. Show opens with a 10-bell salute. Of course, you can’t hear who it is for and there is no graphic. Thanks, MLW, nice minor league touch. A local Orlando DJ comes out to plug the promotion. Another minor league touch.

Match No. 1: Paul London vs. Jerry Lynn. Fans have no idea who London is. Of course, London is only in ROH at this point so it’s somewhat understandable. London thinks he’s in ROH and extends his hand. Lynn refuses to shake. Good technical matwork early. London hits hurricanrana and Lynn doesn’t take it well. London with his trademark flip dropkick. Daniels is in Lynn’s corner. Lynn is vicious as a heel. Terrible camera work early. Daniels interferes and Lynn gives him a guillotine leg drop. Daniels interferes again. Idiot fans in Orlando are dead. These are probably the same fans that love TNA. Lighting is horrible. Lynn with a form of the bow-and-arrow. He thin hits a backbreaker for a near fall. Styles makes a reference to Sabu’s uncle, The Sheik, and that was who the 10-bell salute was for. I’m sure the fans had no idea who he was. Lynn with a spinning ddt for another near fall. London with a big enzuigiri. Great flip dropkick by London. Lynn with a sunset flip powerbomb. London barely kicks out. Lynn hits a fireman’s carry cutter (F5) but London kicks out. London hits a shooting star press in the dark but Daniels pull the referee outside. He thin hits a springboard cross body block (Pescado) on Daniels. London goes for a sunset flip but Lynn holds Daniels arms and the ref makes the count. They then do the old NWA finish where the referee breaks it apart with a kick and London gets the pin. Crowd warmed up as did the match. Unoriginal finish and weak production values hurt the match. Rating: ***

After the match, Daniels gives London a space tornado ogawa (STO) and lays the boots to him. Lynn then gives him a cradle piledriver. Crowd hot for London after the match.

Match No. 2: Fast Eddie vs. Don Juan vs. Masada in a Texas Wrestling Academy challenge match. Like London, all three are ROH regulars at the time. Crowd not into these guys early. Masada with a nice northern lights suplex. Don Juan tries for a springboard moonsault and botches the spot. Crowd chants, “You fucked up” at him. Fast Eddie hits the move on both. With the MLW camera work, these guys look in slow motion. Fast Eddie hits a springboard moonsault to the floor, nearly killing himself. Masada with a flip dive on both on the floor. Masada is wearing glitter, what the hell is that all about? Now it’s Fast Eddie’s turn to fuck up a move. Masada picks up Don Juan for a power bomb and Eddie tries to do a slingshot but falls on his head. He hits Masada’s leg and he drops Don Juan. Masada is in the corner and Don Juan hits a dragon sleep type move onto his knee. Don Juan goes to the top. Hope he doesn’t kill himself. Fast Eddie catches him. He hits a corkscrew powerslam on Juan. Masada to the top rope. He gets Eddie on his shoulders and hits a death valley driver for the pin. These guys tried but failed. Rating: **

Match No. 3: Homicide vs. Christopher Daniels. Another match taken from ROH. Nice work early. They blow a spot but it’s invisible to the crowd since they play it off perfectly. Homicide hits a suicide flip dive to the floor. Crowed into this match now. Homicide nails Daniels with a running kick to the face. Lynn distracts Homicide and Daniels catches him with an space tornado ogawa (sto). Homicide with a hurricanrana from the top rope. Homicide misses a diving headbutt. Daniels with a double jump moonsault (Best Moonsault Ever) for a near fall. Both men go for their finishers but they are blocked. Out of nowhere, Homicide hits a mafia kick for the pin. Leave it to MLW to make this match not as good as it would have been in ROH. Rating: ***

After the match, Lynn attacks Homicide and then Daniels gives him a rolling cutter (Last Rites). Styles obviously hasn’t been watching ROH or studying his moves as he calls it a Twist of Fate, which is a front facelock and not an inverted facelock like the Last Rites.

Redundant booking as once again the face wins and the heel gets his heat back with a post-match beatdown. Also, no promos at all just matches. Nothing major league about this promotion, except maybe their debt.

Match No. 4: The SAT (Joel & Jose Maximo) vs. The Samoan Island Tribe (Mana & Samu). M. Before the match, Joel and Jose try to speak. Bad idea. Jose hits a crazy dive as the Samoans come through the curtain. Styles tries to put over the Samoans, who are journeymen. Samu with a belly-to-back suplex from the top rope. Mana runs Joel into the ringpost back first. Joel with a senton on Mana. Mana catches Joel with a samoan drop. Joel with a moonsault on Samu. Mana puts Joel on the top rope. Then gives him the samoan drop from the top rope for the pin. This match was a disaster, akin to this promotion. Rating: **1/2

Samoans continue the beating after the match. Yawn.

Match No. 5: Michael Shane vs. Norman Smiley. Before the match, Shane cuts a cocky heel promo. He puts over Norman Smiley and the wiggle, mockingly I guess. He then introduces Francine. She looks totally slutty, per usual. Smiley cuts a promo and calls Francine the nastiest bitch he’s seen in his travels across the world. He says he has a woman of his own. He brings out a woman with humongous breasts. It’s Taylor Vaughn, who played Barbara Bush in WWF. Smiley is over with the Orlando crowd. Smiley all over Shane. Francine interferes and Shane hits a leg lariat. Francine chokes Smiley in the corner. Smiley takes a Flair bump in the corner and to the floor. Francine gives him a nut shot. Smiley with a backslide and small package. Bentley hits a backslide and an enzuigiri. Shane misses a Shawn Michaels elbow from the top rope. Smiley with a double underhook into a slam. The woman go at it. Norman does the big wiggle on Francine. They first go to the wrong side of the ring. Smiley goes for his crossface chickenwing but Shane escapes and hits a superkick for the pin. Not as good as it should have been. Rating: **1/2

Match No. 6: CM Punk vs. Raven. This feud is straight out of ROH, like most of the undercard. Only difference is booking and production values are worse. Styles buries Vampiro, who apparently was supposed to wrestle Raven. Styles says the wrestled before and that Punk upset Raven. He asks if it can happen again. Answer is likely not with the piss poor booking we’ve seen so far. Actually, I’m disappointed Vampiro is not wrestling Raven. I would have gotten the chance to seen the two most overrated wrestlers in the world going at it. Speaking of overrated, Joey Styles is also in that class. He says Raven is in the best shape of his life as the camera shows his gut. And this was around the time Raven was having his health issues after years of who-knows-what kind of abuse. Oh yeah, the match. Pretty boring early, thanks to Raven. Punk gives him drop toe hold to the floor. They fight outside. Things pick up as Punk goes on the attack. The only thing missing is Styles lifting Raven’s skirt and servicing him. Punk hits a shining wizard. Styles calls it a knee. Raven nails Punk with a superkick. Raven hits a pair of knee lifts and then a clothesline. Crowd is dead for this match. Raven hits a ddt for the pin. Typical. Worst Punk match I’ve ever seen and it wasn’t his fault. Rating: **1/2

Match No. 7: Fuego Guerrero (Amazing Red) vs. Ikuto Hidaka. Nice hurricanrana by Red. The fight outside the ring. Hidaka hits a slingshot senton. They totally fuck up a spot in the corner. Red does a handstand and Hidaka tries to dropkick him but misses badly. Red hits the leg trap sunset flip powerbomb (Code Red). Hidaka hits a sitout powerbomb. Red hits a hurricanrana followed by a standing shooting star press (Red Star Press) for the pin. Another match that should have been better. And why the fuck is Red wearing the hood? Rating: **1/2

Match No. 8: Simon Diamond & CW Anderson vs. Steve “Dr. Death” Williams & P.J. Friedman. Heels nail Friedman with a chair as he walks through the curtain. Williams on his own but he nails both with lariats. Heels double team Williams and drop him on his face. Friedman comes to the ring bleeding from the head. It looked like he got hit in the knee and the back but who the hell knows with this promotion. Williams tags Friedman in for some reason. He’s holding a chair and the chair gets kicked in his head twice. The heels give him a superkick for the pin. That could be the worst finish of all time. Anderson and Diamond win the tag team titles? What a joke. Williams beats up his partner afterwards. Terrible match with worse booking. Fans call for a Doctor Bomb but the kid leaves. Rating: *

Match No. 9: Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka in Number One contender’s match. This is the main event? No title match? Didn’t Awesome confront the champion after the last show? Nice cock tease by Court Bauer, the “booker” of this mess. They trade chops. Awesome with a release german suplex. They fuck up a simple clothesline spot over the top rope. Nice spot as the fans hold a chair and Tanaka rams Awesome’s head into it. Missile dropkick by Tanaka. Awesome hits Tanaka with three massive chair shots to the head. He gets up. Awesome gives him a ridiculous chair shot to the head. Awesome then gives him a running chair shot to the head, followed by a sitout power bomb (Awesome Bomb). Tanaka kicks out somehow. Fans are chanting for tables. Another chair shot to the head by Awesome. Awesome to the top rope and he hits a huge splash. Awesome up aBlogger: Random Wrestling Mark – Edit Post “MLW 4: Revolutions (5/9/03)”gain but Tanaka catches him. Tanaka gives him a superplex. Followed by a tornado ddt on some chairs. Tanaka with a chair. He nails the referee in the head. Awesome drops Tanaka over the top rope and through a table. The bell rings. Awesome is the winner and No. 1 contender and he will face Satoshi Kojima at the next show. Decent match if you like carnage. Rating: ***

Match No. 10: Sabu vs. La Parka in a Mexican Massacre match, whatever the hell that is. Bill Alfonso not in Sabu’s corner, but the Cuban Assassin is instead. Sabu throws a chair and nails Parka in the face. He throws him into the crowd. Sabu sets up a chair. He does a triple jump botched move overshooting Parka in the crowd. Parka nails Sabu with a chairshot. Parka misses a senton. Sabu with a springboard dropkick followed by the camel clutch. Styles puts over The Sheik. In tribute, Court Bauer is killing the territory. Parka into the ring post. Sabu off the chair with a hell kick (Air Sabu). Parka sets up a chair. He drops Sabu face first onto the chair. Parka with a crazy suicide dive. Parka into a table in the corner. Parka slams Sabu and then dances. Sabu does his legdrop on the chair (Arabian Facebuster) on Parka. Parka gives Sabu a sitout powerbomb. Sabu holds Parka and Cuban Assasin goes for a chair shot, Parka moves and Sabu gets nailed. Sabu on the table and Parka to the top rope and he hits a cross body block. Clusterfuck. Sabu with a sloppy triple jump moonsault. Crowd is dead. Park with a corkscrew moonsault for the pin. Another average match on a bad card. Sabu jumps Parka after the match. Rating: **1/2

Match No. 11: Steve Corino vs. Terry Funk. Funk cuts a promo and calls Corino a piece of shit. Funk and Corino beat on each other early. Funk tosses him to the floor. Corino slams Funk into the steel support holding up the curtain and the lights. It nearly falls down. Funk is bleeding already. He’s a mess. Corino gives him a ddt. Funk replies with a nut shot. He drops him with a left. Outside, Funk gives Corino a neckbreaker. Followed by a chairshot to the head. And a second one. Corino is now bloody. He hit a gusher. And he is a complete mess. Corino with a nasty piledriver. But Funk kicks out. He gives Funk a second piledriver. They go outside the ring and Corino gives Funk a piledriver on the floor. Funk kicks out again. Corino sets up a piece of the table in the corner. Funk responds with a stunner. Corino then gives Funk a piledriver on the table shard but Funk kicks out again. Corino gets another table from beneath the ring. He sets it up and puts a chair on top. From the top rope, Funk tries to superplex Corino through the table. Corino blocks it and applies a sleeper. Funk then snap mares him and he hits the table but it doesn’t break. Anderson and Diamond interfere but Funk gives them chairshots. Corino gives Funk a superkick. Corino goes for a piledriver but Funk reverses it into a backdrop on the table. Again, the table doesn’t break. Funk goes for a piledriver but Corino reverses. Corino goes for a rollup and Funk rolls through for the pin. Anderson and Diamond attack him after the bell. All three then put him into the table in the corner. Doctor Death makes the save. Average match, sad to see Funk still wrestling, even sadder to see him bleed and take a bunch of abuse. Rating: ***

Corino cuts a promo after the match on Funk. Now it’s Funk’s turn. We can’t hear the old bastard or understand him. Now they turn the mic up. Funk challenges Corino to a barb wire match. He says the people in Florida don’t give a shit if you die or not. DeAngelis says the barb wire match next month will be an exploding barb wire match. His promo was one of the best things on the show. And that ain’t saying much.