Show opens with a promo by Christopher Daniels. Same quality stuff as always. Donovan Morgan talks about his full-time job with Pro Wrestling NOAH. Daniels then cuts a promo on Samoa Joe. Steve Corino is also mentioned even though we haven’t seen him in several shows. Allison Danger cuts a promo on her brother, Corino. Daniels then welcomes Dan Maff to the Prophecy. He finishes by cutting a promo on Amazing Red and Paul London.

Before the first match, the ROH champions and rankings are shown. Pretty interesting six years later. ROH Champion: Samoa Joe (TNA). ROH Tag Team Champions: A.J. Styles (TNA) & Amazing Red (TNA). No. 1 Contender: Doug Williams (TNA). No. 2: Homicide (TNA). No. 3: Low Ki (WWE Developmental). No. 4: CM Punk (WWE). No. 5: Paul London (ex-WWE).

Match No. 1: Amazing Red vs. Christopher Daniels. Paul London is the third participant in the round robin tournament. Daniels manhandling Red early. Red hits a nice satellite head scissors. Red then hits a springboard hurricanrana on the floor. Daniels destroys Red with a clothesline. He then hits an inverted ddt on Red. Great back-and-forth action, finally Red hits a springboard ddt. He misses an hurricanrana attempt. Sloppy action. Red hits a springboard hurricanrana that is also a bit sloppy. Daniels with a sweet Space Tornado Ogawa (STO). Daniels follows with his double jump moonsault (Best Moonsault Ever). Red kicks out. Red gives Daniels a hurricanrana from the top rope. Red then hits his leg trap suset flip powerbomb (Code Red) but Daniels kicks out. Both guys have kicked out of each other’s finishing moves. Red goes to the top rope but Daniels kicks the referee into the ropes and makes him fall. First time I’ve ever seen that brilliant move. Daniels then hits rolling cutter (Last Rites) on Red for the pin. Very good match hurt by a couple of missed spots. Daniels 1-0. Rating: ***1/2

Scott Chong is the guest timekeeper. I have no idea who he is.

Match No. 2: Da Hit Squad (Mafia & Monsta Mack) vs. Second City Saints (Ace Steel & Colt Cabana). This is the final DHS match as Mafia is now Dan Maff of the Prophecy. Cabana clowning early. Maff drops Steel on his head with a full nelson back suplex. Steel and Maff trade slaps, chops and then forearms Japanese style. Damn impressive exchange. Maff stuck in the corner and the Saints go to town on him. Mack hits a powerslam on Cabana followed by a nasty vertical suplex powerbomb (Orange Crush). Steel breaks it up. Mack hits a huge lariat on Steel. Steel follows with a swinging ddt on Maff. Steel and Cabana then give Mack a double underhook overhead backbreaker rack drop (Colt .45) for the pin. Great physical tag team match. Rating: ****

Before the show, Dunn & Marcos cut a promo as they are setting up the ring. Diablo Santiago & Oman Tortuga cut a promo. Dunn & Marcos laugh at them.

Match No. 3: Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos) vs. Special K (Brian XL & Hydro) vs. EZ Money & Sterling James Keenan vs. Spanish Announce Team (Jose & Joel Maximo) in tag team scramble match. RCE tries to do a high five with Chong. Slugga is out with Special K and the guy even bigger than him is at ringside. Hydro, a young Jay Lethal, hits a nice tope on Money on the floor. Crazy action in the ring. Dunn and Marcos blow the stage dive to the floor. XL hits a nice somersault tope and ends up in the front row. Nice doubleteam work by SAT. Way too many moves to keep up with. EZ Money makes crazy dive to the floor. SAT hits Spanish Fly for the pin. Slugga takes out Joel after the match. The big guy then comes in the ring. He faces off with Slugga. Slugga takes him out with a power bomb. Good match, tons of high spots as expected. Rating: ***

Match No. 4: C.M. Punk vs. Homicide for No. 1 Contender’s Trophy. Before the match some guy is in the ring in flannel, similar to Raven. Lucy takes him out. Punk cuts promo on the crowd. These guys trade moves back and forth early. Bunch of arm drags. Homicide hits t-bone suplex on Punk. Followed by mafia kick and knee to the head in the corner. Punk nails Homicide with a shining wizard. Homicide rolls to the floor and Punk hits tope to the floor. Punk then uses a jumping hammerlock followed by a twisting short-range lariat. Nice move. Punk puts Homicide in the tree of woe and then gives him several facewashes with his boot. Punk puts Homicide in a hammerlock and then drops him on his knees. Punk goes for a springboard senton but Homicide moves. Homicide grabs Punks hair and kicks him several times in the back. Homicide gets Punk in the bow-and-arrow. Punk recovers and puts Homicide in a stepover toehold facelock (STF). Punk nails a northern lights suplex. Punk gives Homicide a belly-to-belly suplex on the floor. Homicide does huricanrana off the top rope for a near fall. Punk goes to the top rope and hits a vicious diving double underhook facebuster (Pepsi Plunge). Somehow, Homicide kicks out at 2 9/10. Punk can’t fucking believe it. Homicide hits a cutter on Punk. Followed by a huge lariat. Punk somehow kicks out. Punk then replies with a hammerlock legsweep ddt (Devil Lock DDT). Again, Homicide somehow kicks out. Homicide hits a nasty looking scoop lift piledriver on Punk. Punk gets his foot on the rope. Homicide attempts his back-to-back underhook piledriver (Da Cop Killa), but Punk escapes. They botch a move before Punk hits a death valley driver. Homicide grapevines Punk’s legs, then rolls him into a stepover toehold facelock (STF). Punk taps. Damn good match with one slight miscue. These guys put on a helluva show. Rating: ****1/2

Match No. 5: Carnage Crew (Loc & DeVito & Masada) vs. Texas Wrestling Academy (Fast Eddie, Don Juan & Hotstuff Hernandez) with Rudy Boy Gonzalez in a No DQ match. DeVito cuts a promo on Gonzalez and Loc cheap shots him as the bell rings. I feel bad for Hernandez. He was in the semi-main event in the last show vs. Joe. Two weeks later, he’s teaming with a pair of pussies in a no DQ match. Hernandez takes a hubcap shot to the head outside while the whitemeat babyfaces dropkick a screen and knock down the heels. Don Juan takes Masada and drapes him over the top rope and sets up a chair. He then drops him on the chair hard. Fast Eddie then does a springboard somersault corner-to-corner missle dropkick (Van Terminator) on Masada. Ok, looks are deceiving but these guys are not wrestling like pussies. Masada is busted open. Loc nails Fast Eddie with a swinging neckbreaker on a chair. Masada gives Eddie a vicious chair shot to the head. Hernandez gives DeVito an inverted sitout reverse powerbomb. Loc is a bloody mess. Hernandez picks up Masada and gives him a throwing crucifix powerbomb (Border Toss) of at least 10 feet. Loc hits a nice Saito suplex on Hernandez. DeVito takes massive chairshot. Loc then throws a chair and nails Hernandez. Masada hits a death valley driver from the top rope on Don Juan. Fast Eddie is a bloody mess. Eddie goes to the top rope and gives Masda an hurricanrana to the hard wooden floor. Damn crazy bump. Hotstuff then puts Eddie on his shoulders and does the throwing crucifix powerbomb to the floor on Loc and DeVito. Another crazy ass bump. Hernandez nearly kills himself as he does a somersault tope to the floor and everyone moves. Actually DeVito nailed him with a chair on the way down. Carnage Crew then give Fast Eddie a triple spike piledriver (Carnage Driver) from the middle rope. Another ridiculous move and this one is finally over. If you like bloody matches with crazy spots, this match delivers. Rating: ****

After the match, the Carnage Crew beat the shit out of Chong. Turns out he was on the third season of the WWE reality show Tough Enough.

Match No. 6: Paul London vs. Amazing Red. This is a grudge match as sorts as Red replaced London as AJ Styles’ partner and the two won the ROH tag team titles. Red nearly misses a springboard moonsault but London catches him. He then hits a satellite headscissors. London with a nice knee to the face from the top rope. London does a hiptoss and kicks Red in mid-air. He then hits that nice flipping dropkick. London drops Red on the guardrail. He then hits a nice springboard senton. London hits a pair of nice double underhook german suplexes. Red reverses a London suplex into a small package. Red with a german suplex for a near fall. Red goes for a sunset flip but London turns it into a northern lights suplex. Followed by a second. London mocks AJ Styles as he goes for the pin. Red hits a leg trap sunset flip powerbomb (Code Red) from the top rope but somehow London kicks out. Red then hits standing shooting star press (Red Star Press) but London kicks out again. London hits a belly-to-back inverted mat slam (Styles Clash) for the pin. Red was a bit shaky in places, but in all fairness this was his second match of the night. These guys did some innovative moves and the finish was original. London 1-0. Daniels 1-0. Red 0-2. Rating: ****

Gary Michael Capetta interviews Matt Stryker backstage. Chad Collyer interrupts him. Michael Shane is backstage with Simply Luscious. He manhandles Capetta who is overly dramatic. Shane cuts a promo on Daniels.

Match No. 7: Persephone vs. Alexis Laree. Presephone is the greek goddess of growth. No comment. As usual, Gabe obsesses over Laree. Wonder what his wife thinks of that. Oh yeah, the dvd commentary is a work. Laree hits an inverted ddt for the win. Rating: **

After the match, Luscious gives Laree a death valley driver. Shane holds Persephone, who is bigger than he is. Luscious has problems picking her up before finally giving her a dvd. Shane gets a chair and sits in the ring. Capetta comes to the ring.

Great backstage promo by CM Punk. Cabana and Steel look at each other as he goes on a rant. He introduces Lucy, formerly Daffney and now Daffney again who will counteract Trinity. Steel and Cabana then do the comedy routing as Punk shakes. Awesome segment.

Match No. 8: Matt Styker vs. Chad Collyer vs. Donovan Morgan vs. B.J. Whitmer vs. Michael Shane. Shane has put himself in this match making a four-way match into a five-way match. Shane starts with Morgan but quickly tags out. Whitmer opens against Morgan. Shane gets beat down by Morgan and quickly tags out again. Stryker and Collyer square off again. Collyer has made Stryker submit to the texas cloverleaf in their last two ROH matches. Whitmer hits a couple of loud chops on Collyer. Collyer responds with a beautiful dropkick on Whitmer. Morgan hits a pair of snap suplexes and then a swinging fisherman suplex on Whitmer. Shane with the beatdown on Collyer. He then gives him a cheapshot to the knee. Shane is a great chickenshit heel. Shane works on Collyer’s leg. Whitmer does the same. Stryker also works on the leg of rival Collyer. All four guys work on Collyer’s leg. Collyer finally tags to Morgan who pounds on Shane. Shane slows Morgan with an enzuigiri. Whitmer in and he gets nailed by Morgan’s sitout double underhook facebuster (Sayonara). Shane in and gives Morgan a superkick. Stryker in and he gives Shane a death valley driver. Collyer with a cross body block on Stryker. Stryker kicks out. Collyer with a dragon screw on Stryker and then a texas cloverleaf. Shane breaks it up with a superkick on Collyer. Morgan hits a swinging crade suplex (Golden Gate Swing) on Shane. Morgan goes to hit Luscious on the ring apron but he moves and Whitmer takes our out with a forearm. Whitmer hits a wrist clutch exploder suplex (Exploder 98) on Morgan. Collyer holds Whitmer and Stryker gives him a leg lariat and Collyer gives him a german suplex. Stryker puts Collyer in the reverse figure four (Stryker Lock) for the pin. Great old-school technical match. Rating: ****

Match No. 9: Christopher Daniels vs. Paul London in round robin challenge final. Gabe points out Japanese female stalker fan who flew from Tokyo to see London. Matwork early. Daniels pissed. Both take turns talking smack on the house mic. Daniels puts out his hand and then suckers London. London with a springboard cross body block to the floor (Pescado). London then hits a springboard oklahoma roll from the ring apron followed by a nice flip dropkick. Daniels responds with a knee to the midsection. Daniels with an abdominal stretch. London recovers but Daniels nails him with a huge lariat. He then follows with the 90 degrees spinning lifing sitout double underhook facebuster (Angel’s Wings). London kicks out. London hits a springboard forearm on Daniels. London makes the comeback but holds his ribs. From the ring apron London does a springboard into a moonsault but Daniels moves. Daniels with a nasty palm strike as London is sitting on the top rope. He follows with a big snap mare. Daniels goes for a double jump moonsault (Best Moonsault Ever) but London moves. Daniels blocks a sunset flip attempt. London to the top rope. Daniels catches him and tries a superplex. But London drops Daniels and hits the shooting star press. He is unable to make the cover. As he does so, Allison Danger distracts the ref. London blocks a slap attempt and kisses her. Wonder what the stalker fan thought of that? London backdrops Daniels onto Danger on the floor. London hits tope on Daniels. Both slow to get up from the floor. London hits a legsweep ddt but Daniels barely kicks out. London back to the top rope. He goes for a shooting star press but Daniels gets the knees up. Daniels hits a facebuster (Flatline) followed by a double jump moonsault (Best Moonsault Ever) for the pin. Damn good match by two incredible wrestlers. Rating: *****

Match No. 10: Doug Williams vs. Samoa Joe for ROH title. These two have a tough act to follow. Williams goes to work on Joe’s arm. They trade moves and then Joe hits some hard chops on Williams followed by some big elbows. Joe with some facewashes followed by a running boot to the face. Joe with a brainbuster. Williams hits a big uppercut but Joe responds with a slap to the face. Williams hits a big knee lift. Williams goes back to the arm. Joe nails Williams with a form of the space tornado ogawa (STO). Joe puts Williams in the stepover toehold facelock (STF). He breaks it and Williams grabs the arm again. Williams uses a knee to the arm and goes up top with another knee to the arm. Huge lariat by Joe. Williams goes for his backwards roll into a german suplex with a bridge (Chaos Theory) but Joe blocks it. Joe with several vicious knees to the face followed by a rear naked choke. Williams taps. Real good title match between two technical heavyweights. Rating: ****

After the match, Maff and Morgan attackd Joe. Shane comes in for the save and he battles Morgan. Daniels comes in to give his group the advantage and he and Morgan drop Shane. Daniels hits a rolling cutter (Last Rites) on Joe.

Fast forward in time as Carnage Crew tape promo prior to May 31 show. As the chant goes, same old shit, talking about their wives and kids. Actually it was probably taped before this show but since Loc’s head was busted open and he went to the hospital they had to explain something.

Daniels and Morgan and Maff backstage. Great promo by Daniels. Joe cuts a promo after the show. He points at his nose which is big and in this case, bruised or broken.