Show opens with the huge black guy from the last show who is bigger than Slugga entering the arena. Next we go backstage as Alexis Laree cuts a promo with A.J. Styles and Amazing Red. After she’s done, Paul London confronts A.J. and asks why they are no longer partners. Weird promo by London and A.J.’s redneck accent makes him nearly incomprehensible.

Match No. 1: Backseat Boyz (Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere) vs. Da Hit Squad (Mafia and Monsta Mack). Boyz clown around early. DHS gets in some licks and Boyz head back to the locker room. DHS goes to the back and drag them back to the ring. Mafia does suicide dive to the floor. Monsta Mack powerbombs Kashmere hard into the turnbuckle. Mafia goes for burning hammer on Kashmere but he escapes. He then goes to clothesline Kashmere but he ducks and Mafia hits Monsta Mack. Boyz then hit double team crucifix powerbomb (T-Gimmick) on Mafia for the pin. Mafia is pissed after the match and walks out on Monsta Mack. Decent opener but a bit short. Rating: **1/2

The lights go out, the rave music begins and Special K hits the ring with Mikey Whipwreck. The Backseat Boyz are still in the ring and Mikey cuts a promo on them. Dunn & Marcos hit the ring. Followed by the Loc & Devito. The Backseat Boyz challenge the winner of the scramble match to meet them next month.

Match No. 2: Special K (Dixie & Hydro) vs. Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos) vs. the Carnage Crew (Loc & Devito). Loc hits huge german suplex on Marcos. Devito suplexes Dixie on his head. Dunn & Marcos hit stereo slingshot crossbody blocks (Stage Dive) to the floor. Carnage Crew hits stuff piledriver on Dunn, but referee is distracted as Mikey comes into the ring and gives them both a three-quarter facelock jawbreaker (Whipper-Snapper). Hydro then covers Dunn for the pin. Another short match, but a lot of action and a bunch of high spots. Rating: ***

After the match, Slugga gives Marco a body bag. Then the big guy from the opening segment comes to the ring. Special K holds Slugga back.

Match No. 3: Briscoe Brothers vs. A.J. Styles & Amazing Red for ROH tag team titles. Briscoes attack champs at the bell. A.J. and Red do crazy criss-cross dives to the floor. Red hits leg trap sunset flip powerbomb (Code Red) on Mark. Jay hits a nice snap suplex on Red. Mark follows with a basic suplex and then a northern lights suplex on Red. Red can’t make it to the corner for the tag. Red hits huge ddt on Mark. He finally makes the hot tag to A.J. Styles cleans house. Red climbs A.J.’s back and hits a Shining Wizard on Mark. Nice doubleteam moves by the champs. Briscoes hit huge powerbomb on Red. Mark goes for hurricanrana outside the ring on A.J., who catches him and then gives him belly-to-back inverted mat slam (Styles Clash) on the floor. Jay goes for a double underhook piledriver (Jay Driller) but Red blocks it. He then hits a shoulder mount ddt (Maximo Expolsion) followed by a standing shooting star press (Red Star Press) for the pin. Damn good match by four excellent wrestlers. Rating: ****

Match No. 4: B.J. Whitmer vs. C.M. Punk. Before the match, Trinity comes to the ring and sits in the corner similar to Raven. She’s looking smoking hot. She nearly busts her ass as she dives to the floor but Colt Cabana catches her and takes her to the back. Matwork early. Punk takes bump to the floor. Whitmer goes for a flip dive but he doesn’t rotate all the way and cracks his head on the floor. Whitmer misses a move. Punk looks pissed and snaps his neck over the top rope and hits a big missile dropkick. Punk gets a table from beneath the ring. He tries to throw Whitmer onto it but he blocks it. Punk nails him with a Shining Wizard. (This is the second straight match with the move.) Whitmer hits high knee followed by a chop to the throat and a northern lights suplex. They trade huge forearms. Whitmer hits several Kawada kicks on Punk. More huge forearms. Punk hits german suplex on Whitmer through the table on the floor. Bell rings as both guys are motionless on the floor. Both are then helped to the locker room. Pretty good match that dragged in the middle. Couple of missed spots, including finish. Rating: ***

Match No. 5: Homicide vs. Christopher Daniels. Allison Danger is looking smoking hot, in a trampy sort of way. No idea why they joined this in progress. Back and forth early, Daniels nice ddt on Homicide. Homicide with capo kick and knee to the face, followed by a flip dive to the floor. Daniels hits double jump moonsault (Best Moonsault Ever) and Homicide barely kicks out. Homicide hits a pair of back suplexes. Daniels replies with one of is own. They block each other’s finishing moves and then Homicide hits huge lariat. Daniels hits spinning lifting sitout double underhook facebuster (Angel’s Wings) for a near fall. Out of nowhere, Homocide does some kind of grapevine for the three count. Decent match, but nothing special. Wasn’t as good as I expected. Rating: ***

After the match, Homicide was trying to get Daniels to shake when Samoa Joe, CW Anderson and Jack Victory attack both of them. Joe chokes out Homicide and Mafia makes the save. Mafia and Daniels are about to go at it. Daniels rips off his shirt and he has a Prophecy shirt underneath. I guess he’s a heel now. He drops his shirt on Homicide and walks out.

Gary Michael Capetta interviews B.J. Whitmer. Poor bastard is hurting. CM Punk gives him props, then totally shits on him for quitting. They cut to the hallway outside where Julius Smokes and his thug friend are beating down nobodys, then run away with their wallets.

Match No. 6: Alexis Laree vs. Ariel. Match must have sucked since they are only showing highlights and the match went less than two minutes. Wonder if this was before or after Alexis did the porn shoot. Alexis wins, Ariel needs to lose some weight. Rating: *

Match No. 7: Hotstuff Hernandez vs. Samoa Joe in a non-title match. Joe’s first match as ROH champion. Of course, the belt’s not on the line. Joe controlling the action early. Huge clothesline by Hernandez. He dives over the top rope and crashes into the guard rail pretty hard but gets right up. Damn impressive. Hernandez with an impressive release german suplex. He then hits a some kind of choke into a sitout powerbomb. Joe puts him in a leg scissors with an arm bar and Hernandez taps. Finish came out of nowhere. Decent match between the big guys, but a little short. Rating: ***

Gary Michael Capetta interviews Joe after the match. Best line comes from the crowd about Capetta being on his knees. Joe cuts a promo. He says Hernandez busted his ass for the title. Crowd tells him it was a non-title match. He says Philly deserves a title match and to hit the music.

Match No. 8: Samoa Joe vs. Matt Stryker vs. Colt Cabana vs. Tom Carter. Joe says that if anyone pins him, they will get the belt. Cabana and Carter trade some nice moves. Cabana hits a nice swinging snap suplex. Not sure what happened, but there was a jump cut as Stryker and Carter were going at it. Stryker does some kind of hammerlock/leglock submission on Carter. Huge dragonscrew by Stryker on Cabana and he turns it into a leglock. Stryker backdrops Cabana onto the floor and he takes a big bump on the apron. Stryker then does a slingshot cross bodyblock to the floor. Joe goes for a dive to the floor but Carter nails him in the face with a boot. He hits a sunset flip followed by some kind of spinning facebuster. Carter goes for a lariat but Joe catches him with a Space Tornado Ogawa (STO or in this case, STJoe). Stryker makes the save. He hits a death valley driver on Joe but Cabana makes a save. Cabana then hits an over the shoulder belly to back piledriver onto his knee. Cabana goes for a power bomb from the top rope but Carter reverses it into a huge ddt. Joe with Kawada kicks on Cabana. Joe blocks Cabana’s double underhook overhead overhead backbreaker rack drop (Colt .45). Joe puts Cabana in a rear naked choke and as he is about to tap out, Carter does frog splash on both of them. Joe holds onto the choke and Cabana taps. Pretty good match between four really good wrestlers. Rating: ***1/2

They cut to David Young and Iceberg fighting outside the arena. No idea what that’s about. This must have been before Young’s TNA run.

Match No. 9: Bryan Danielson vs. Paul London. This should be a damn good match, let’s see if it delivers. It’s two out of three falls. They trade holds early. Danielson with a vicous kick to the face of London. London hits nice belly-to-belly suplex. Danielson hits a nasty forearm uppercut on London. These guys are beating the hell out of each other Japanese style. Danielson nails a back suplex for a near fall. Danielson uses an old-school abdominal stretch. Fifteen minutes in and no falls yet. Huge lariat by London. Londen then follows with a beautiful springboard sunset flip from at least 10 feet away. Danielson slingshots London who puts himself over the top rope and then uses headscissors to take Danielson to the floor. Danielson does a risky tope to the floor. Nice snap suplex by Danielson. He goes to the top rope and hits a diving headbutt for a near fall. Several quick near falls. Danielson nails a german suplex but London barely kicks out. Danielson goes for a back suplex from the top rope but in mid-air, London turns it into a crossbody block for the pin. London 1-0. London gets hung up in the ropes and Danielson goes after his knee. He then runs his knee hard into the corner turnbuckle. Twenty-five minutes into the match. Nasty dragon screw by Danielson. Danileson puts on a half boston crab. London taps. Tied 1-1. London nails Danielson with several boots to the face. London hits a legsweep ddt for a near fall. Massive roaring forearm by Danielson, followed by a bridging grounded double chickenwing (Cattle Mutilation). London escapes using the ropes. Danielson nails London with an enzuigiri. Followed by a second. Danielson gets a near fall with a dragon suplex. He then puts London back in the half crab. He again gets to the ropes. London with a nasty powerbomb on Danielson. London goes to the top rope slowly favoring his knee. Thirty-five minutes in. Danielson puts London on the top rope and he nails him in the back several times. Danielson with a massive back suplex. London kicks out. Danielson again with the half boston crab. It’s in deep. Somehow he makes the ropes for the break. Danielson puts him on the top rope again. London him knocks him to the canvas. Danielson back up to the top rope with London. London hits a huge spinning ddt on Danielson. London slowly climbs to the top rope as we hit forty minutes. London hits a shooting star press (London Star Press) onto Daniels for the pin. Damn good match, it doesn’t get much better than this. Danielson shaken up afterwards. Rating: ****1/2

Match No. 10: Bunkhouse Brawl starts with David Young and Iceberg. Young does senton off the stage onto Iceberg. Homicide and CW Anderson brawl in the ring. Jack Victory and David Young gang up on Homicide. The Midnight Rider comes to the ring. Dusty Rhodes comes from behind and drops Young, Victory and Anderson. Homicide with nasty cowbell shot on Anderson. Homicide busts open Victory with a fork. Anderson is also bloody. Iceberg is bloody and he splashes Young. Rhodes is busted open. Homicide is bloody after a cowbell to the forehead by Anderson. Victory puts Homicide hard through a table. Homicide puts Victory hard int the table. Dusty gives Anderson a nut shot. Bionic elbow by Rhodes on Young. Young gives Dusty a nutshot. Things break down as Julius Smokes fights a guy from the crowd. He then dropkicks him from the apron. Dusty kisses Simply Luscious. Victory getting destroyed with a trash can. He quits after Homicide forks him several times. If you like bloody carnage, this was a good match. Rating: ***

Dusty cuts a rambling promo backstage. Homicide then cuts a promo on Steve Corino. Julius Smokes then chips in with his gibberish. Colt Cabana and CM Punk backstage. Punk cuts promo on Raven. Thought that feud was over. I guess not. After the promo, Cabana asks Punk about his new catch phrases. Loc and DeVito beat up some more ring crew guys. Christoper Daniels cuts a promo on Michael Shane. Daniels and Simply Luscious welcome Dan Maff to the Prophecy. Monsta Mack interrupts and asks Maff why he joined the Prophecy. Maff cuts a promo on Mack. He then cuts a promo on Ace Steel and Colt Cabana. Mack says he is now the Brooklyn Bull Steve Mack and gets fired up as the show ends.