Match No. 1: Blind Rage beat DJ Skittlez.

Match No. 2: Private Eye beat Phantasmo.

Match No. 3: Hallowicked beat Icarus to retain Young Lions Cup.

Match No. 4: Gran Akuma beat Jolly Roger.

Match No. 5: Ultra/ZERO (UltraMantis & Mister ZERO) & Mike Quackenbush vs. The Wild Cards (Eddie Kingston & Jack Marciano) & Rorschach. Quack and Marciano start things. Quack grapevines the legs and gets a cross face right away. Jump cut. Quack now unloading on Marciano. He gets a sleeper but Marciano breaks it up by ramming him into the turnbuckle. Another jump cut as now Zero is laying the boots to Kingston sitting in the corner. He then gives Kingston some facewashes and a running big boot to the face. Zero is one of my favorite CHIKARA wrestlers. Hilarious gimmick and he’s pretty sound technically for his time in the business. Kingston is also great early. Zero gets an armbar but Kingston reaches the ropes. Mantis tags in against Rorschach. Hugh hip toss by Mantis followed by a clothesline to the floor. He goes to the top and does a flip suicide dive to the floor. Another jump cut. Zero and Kingston in the ring. Marcino distracts Zero and Kingston gives him a lariat. Wild Cards give Zero a double russian leg sweep. Rorschach tags in. He gives Zero a leg lariat. Followed by a suplex. Heels all over Zero in the corner. Zero gives both Wild Cards a clothesline but he gets superkicked by Rorschach. Another jump cut. Marciano on top of Zero. He goes for a moonsault but misses. Fans into it as Zero makes the hot tag to Quack. He cleans house and there is another fucking jump cut. Enough already. Marciano gives Mantis a spinning bulldog. Mantis recovers and then gives Kingston a death valley driver. Rorschach makes the save. Quack all over him. They are now the legal men, I guess. Quack gets nailed with a hurricanrana from the middle rope. And a second. Quack does a crazy handstand springboard onto the apron. He then does a springboard swinging ddt (Tail of the Dragon) for a near fall. Kingston holds Quack on his shoulders, Marciano gives him a knee from the top rope and Kingston slams him. I’m sure they have a name for that move. Rorschach hits a splash and count gets broken up. Quack with a suplex on Marciano, then Quack and Mantis give him another. Quack and Mantis give him a third suplex but it knocks down Zero. Weak looking spot as Marciano gives Zero a leg trip onto Marciano’s knee. Rorschach nearly rolls up Zero. Crazy spot in the corner as Kingston goes to power bomb Zero in the corner. Quack gets on Zero’s back as Rorschach climbs to the top. Quack then gives him a superplex. Marciano and Zero are in the same position and Marciano then gives Mantis a sunset flip powerbomb. Zero finally backdrops Kingston and Quack hits a senton. Kingston kicks out. Quack with a suicide dive onto Rorschach in the third row. Kingston then unmasks Zero and the heels get disqualified. Decent match but not shown in its entirety. Standard Lucha finish that isn’t seen in the U.S. so we’ll say it was a creative finish. Rating: **1/2