Show opens with tape of Steve Corino promo sent from Japan. Next we see Special K backstage raving. Mikey changes the music from rave to rock and the guys freak out. Christopher Daniels cuts his typical good promo. He shows off his FWA belt. Xavier calls out Samoa Joe. He stumbles over his words and looks down, kind of like he may be losing the belt tonight?

Match No. 1: Matt Stryker vs. B.J. Whitmer vs. Alex Arion vs. Dixie in four-way match. Stryker opens with Whitmer. Good moves early by the two. Arion does monkey flip on Whitmer who (almost) lands on his feet. Stryker hits an overhead release suplex on Dixie. Arion and Stryker look good together. Of course, they both are the same size, barely taller than the top rope. Dixie and Arion rack each other with cross body blocks. Whitmer and Stryker trade huge chops and then forearms. Stryker hits a death valley driver (Stryker Driver) on Whitmer for a near fall. Dixie then hits an inverted neckbreaker on Stryker. Arion breaks it up. Arion hits a sitdown power bomb on Dixie. Whitmer breaks it up. Stryker uses ankle lock on Arion. Dixie hits weak hurricanrana on Stryker. Whitmer follows with wrist clutch exploder suplex (Exploder ’98) on Dixie for the pin. Pretty good opener. Rating: ***

Mikey Whipwreck in the ring with the mic. He’s talking to Quiet Storm and the SAT. Special K attacks the faces.

Match No. 2: Special K (Deranged, Izzy and Angel Dust) vs. Spanish Announce Team and Quiet Storm in a scramble match. SAT all do highspots onto the floor. Quiet Storm hits a spinal shock on Deranged. Nice triple team by the faces on Izzy. SAT mess up cutter (Ace Crusher) from the top rope on Angel Dust, whose head hits the canvas. Jose hits two brainbusters and a sitdown powerbomb on Deranged. Storm hits storm cradle driver on Angel Dust. Ref Hanson is distracted and Whipwreck hits a stunner (Whiper-Snapper) on all three faces and Special K pins them simultaneously. Another pretty good match. Rating: ***

After the match, Slugga gives Quiet Storm a body bag. A big brother then comes into the ring from the crowd. He’s actually bigger than Slugga. They have a stare down and Slugga backs down and walk away.

They show Julius Smokes and friend arguing with Gabe Sapolsky in the crowd. I guess that’s supposed to be a carryover from the “riot” in New York.

Match No. 3: Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos) vs. Backseat Boyz (Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere). Boyz do their trademark double team moves. Say what you will, but the fuckers are fun to watch. Dunn suplexes Kashmere on the floor. A lot of offene for RCE. Boyz hit Dream Sequence on Marcos. Boyz go for double team crucifix powerbomb (T-Gimmick) on Dunn, but Marcos blocks it and they do a double roll up on the Boyz. Boyz then use T-Gimmick on Marcos for the pin. Another good match, even though it was a squash. Rating: ***

Trent Acid on the mic after the match. He calls out the ROH tag teams. As the Boyz go through the curtain, Da Hit Squad blocks their path.

Match No. 4: Doug Williams vs. Christopher Daniels for FWA title. All Williams early and Daniels is pissed as he bails from the ring. Daniels now on the offensive. Williams drops Daniels hard with a back suplex. Crowd is dead. Daniels hits nice slingshot elbow drop. All Daniels at this point. He puts Williams in an abdominal stretch. Williams uses high knee on Daniels. Followed by a huge lariat. Things are picking up now. Williams hits overhead release belly-to-belly suplex followed by a fisherman’s buster suplex. Williams jumps off middle rope and nails Daniels with a tornado ddt. Williams puts Daniels in a crossface. Daniels hits moonsault for a near fall. Williams goes for bridging german suplex (Chaos Theory), but Daniels blocks it. Daniels goes for a rolling cutter (Last Rites) but Williams blocks with a snap mare. Williams uses swinging cobra clutch. He goes to the top and hits a knee to the back of the head. Daniels goes for spinning lifting sitout double underhook facebuster (Angel’s Wings) but Williams counters. Williams then hits Chaos Theory for the pin and the belt. Damn good match between two studs. Crowd got into it as it picked up late. Rating: ****

Samoa Joe, C.W. Anderson and that tramp Simply Luscious in the ring. They jaw with Julius Smokes. Security comes over and then Jack Victory throws Smokes over the guardrail and Joe and Anderson beat on him. Homicide and Da Hit Squad come out and attack the heels. Homicide hits huge tope on Anderson.

Match No. 5: Da Hit Squad & Homicide vs. Samoa Joe & C.W. Anderson & Jack Victory. Monsta Mack with a huge clothesline on Joe. Homicide all over C.W. DHS doubleteams Joe. C.W. hits spinebuster on Mafia. Joe does tope on Mafia. Homicide uses cutter (Ace Crusher) on C.W. C.W. hits belly-to-back suplex on Homicide. Simply Luscious fights with Becky Bayless. Homicide gives Luscious back-to-back double underhook piledrive (Cop Killa). Anderson puts Homicide in scissored armbar (Anderson Tradition). Anderson gives Homicide spinebuster on a trash can. Bell rings as this one is thrown out. Julius Smokes comes running down to the ring with a bat. The other thugs are with him. Entertaining brawl. Rating: ***

Gary Michael Capetta backstage with Doug Williams. Capetta is wearing a 10-year old jacket and tie. That was a one-minute waste of time.

Match No. 6: Mace & Hotstuff Hernandez vs. Carnage Crew (Loc & DeVito). Mace says Buff E. can’t wrestle because his ass is hurting. Hernandez opens with his power spots. Mace hits a bronco buster on DeVito. Loc drops Mace on his head with a release suplex. CC jump Hernandez in the corner. He then gives them a double ddt. Hernandez catches Loc and gives him a sitdown powerbomb. Hernandez hits the amazing vault over the top rope clothesline on the floor. DeVito drops Hernandez on guardrail and then nails him with a chairshot. CC give Mace ridiculous spike piledriver from the middle rope. Buff E. kisses Loc and clotheslines DeVito afterwards. Ok match. Rating: **

Match No. 7: Briscoe Brothers vs. A.J. Styles & Amazing Red with Alexis Laree for ROH tag team title. Red and Jay open with some great spots. Red and Mark also trade nice moves. A.J. hits nice release german suplex on Mark. A.J. holds Jay and Red superkicks him and then A.J. gives him a release german suplex. A.J. and Red do stereo dives onto Briscoes on the floor. Briscoes doubleteam Styles giving him a double boot to the face. Jay gives A.J. a nice snap suplex, shades of Dynamite Kid. A.J. hits a huge brainbuster on Mark. Red hits standing shooting star press (Red Star Press) on Mark. Jay hits huge clothesline on Red. Red hits a crazy hip toss into a sitout powerbomb on Mark. Red goes for Code Red but Briscoes drop him on his head. Styles does springboard moonsault and catches Mark before he can give him a ddt (Phenomenon), he kicks Jay and then ddt’s both of them. A.J. blocks double-underhook piledriver (J-Driller), then Jay blocks belly-to-back inverted mat slam (Styles Clash) and hits a sitout suplex slam (Falcon Arrow) on Styles. With Jay on the top rope, Red hits leg trap sunset flip powerbomb (Code Red) for a near fall. Mark is on the top rope and Red does huricanrana and Styles catches him and hits Styles Clash for the pin. Outstanding match, one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Rating: ****1/2

Match No. 8: Jody Fleisch vs. Low Ki. Mat work early. Fleisch goes for a twisting springboard tornado ddt (Phoenix DDT) but Ki blocks it. Fleisch does some kind of backwards hurricanrana and drops Ki on his head. Fleisch hits a crazy springboard flip to the floor. Fleisch does a springboard back flip and Ki then hits a springboard roundhouse kick (Tidal Wave) and destroys Fleisch. Ki hits a clothesline followed by a german suplex with a nice bridge. Fleisch hits nice corkscrew cross body block from the top rope. Ki does running fireman’s carry into the turnbuckle (Krush Rush). He follows it with a rolling wheel kick and then some Kawada kicks to the face. Ki does a crazy power bomb into a bridge. Ki goes for a Fisherman’s Driver (Ki Krusher) but Fleisch rolls him into a small package. Ki then does a cartwheel and hits a jumping high kick (Tidal Krush). Fleisch hits a springboard shooting star press and nearly kills Ki. Ki gives Fleisch some Kawada kicks from the top rope. The two nearly lose their balance and fall before Ki gives him another Ki Krusher. Crazy move and fans go nuts. Ki then rolls over and gets the pin. Very good match with a bunch of high spots. Rating: ****

Special K is in the dressing room having a rave. Fleisch comes back holding his head. He gets a dropper full of drugs and gets to his feet and stars dancing.

C.M. Punk comes to the ring with Ace Steel and cuts a promo on the crowd.

Match No. 9: C.M. Punk & Ace Steel vs. Raven & Colt Cabana. Raven cuts his standard promo and Cabana says something meaningless. Punk gets back on the mic. Now we finally get some wrestling. Punk and Raven start things. They take turns tagging before Steel and Raven tie up. Raven nails Steel with garbage can lid. Ace Steel is tremendous as a cowardly heel. Punk is also a great heel, which explains why WWE now uses him as a face. Punk takes a drop toe hold on a chair from Raven. Cabana uses double underhook overhead backbreaker rack drop (Colt .45) on Punk but Steel breaks it up. Punk follows with a double underhook backbreaker on Cabana. Raven goes crazy with a trash can. He then hits a huge bulldog on Steel. Wow, old ass Raven does suicide dive onto the floor on Punk and Steel. Cabana does moonsault to the floor on Punk and Steel and grabs his ankle and screams in pain. Steel and Punk double team Raven and put him on a table. Punk goes for an elbow drop, but Raven moves. Steel breaks up the count. Raven hits flowing snap ddt (Raven Effect) on Steel for the pin. Finish comes out of nowhere. Decent match, but strange finish. Rating: ***

Raven gets on the mic after the match and tells Punk to shake his hand. Punk gives him the finger. He goes for Raven Effect on Punk, but he bails. Raven then gives Steel another Raven Effect. Raven tries to lure Punk back into the ring and Punk sneaks in and drops him. Cabana tries to get Punk to step laying the boots to him. Cabana then turns on Raven and Punk and Cabana beat him down.

Homicide cuts promo on Jack Victory. He says Dusty Rhodes will join him in bunkhouse match. Julius Smokes cuts a crazy, rambling promo.

Match No. 10: Samoa Joe vs. Xavier for ROH title. Michael Shane and CW Anderson attack Christopher Daniels and Alison Danger at ringside. Then Joe attacks Xavier in the ring. Xavier is taking a beating early. Joe hits huge ole kick on Xavier outside the ring. Joe follows up with several Kawada kicks. Xavier hits double knee backbreaker on Joe, followed by several european forearms. Xavier hits release overhead suplex on Joe. He follows with a nice dropkick. Xavier hits a tope on Joe outside the ring, but Joe catches him with a swining ddt onto the floor. Xavier hits a 450 legdrop on Joe, followed by a suplex. They trade chops and Joe gets the better of things. Joe with a ridiculous clothesline on Xavier. Joe hits a german suplex, followed by a dragon suplex, finished up with an x-plex (Chimera-Plex sequence). Xavier somehow rolls over and gets a two count on Xavier. Xavier goes for a straight jacket hangman’s neckbreaker (X Breaker), but Joe blocks it. Joe goes for a suplex but Xavier knees him in the head. Xavier then hits the X Breaker. Xavier goes to the top rope. He goes for a 450 splash but Joe gets his knees up. Joe hits several knees to the head, then he puts Xavier in a rear naked choke. Xavier’s hand goes down one, twice and then a third time and Joe gets the win. Pretty good match, but not as much heat as expected, although the crowd popped at the end. Rating: ***1/2

Raven cuts promo on Punk in the locker room. Daniels is distraught days after the event as he mourns the loss of the tag title belts, the FWA title and the ROH title. He calls out Michael Shane and Steve Corino and says The Prophecy may get a new member. Show ends as it started as Steve Corino cuts a promo from Japan on Homicide.