Show opens with Christopher Daniels promo. He congratulates Xavier, who gloats over his title win at the one-year anniversary show. Daniels says Xavier will be his partner in tag team title match as Donovan Morgan is in Japan. Daniels cuts long promo and Alison Danger even cuts promo her on her brother Steve Corino.

Match No. 1: Matt Stryker vs. Chad Collyer. For the first time, ROH lists the top five ranking system: 5) CM Punk; 4) Low Ki; 3) Steve Corino; 2) Bryan Danielson; 1) vacant. Mat wrestling early between the two. Crowd in Boston is hot early. Stryker does a leglock facelook on Collyer and then follows up with a modified reverse figure four (Stryker Lock). Collyer gets to the ropes both times. Collyer now working on Stryker’s leg. He uses his texas cloverleaf finisher. Stryker makes the ropes. Tons of reversals and near falls. Collyer hits texas cloverleaf again for the tap. Great opener that started slowed and finished hot. Rating: ***

Da Hit Squad and Low Ki backstage. Mafia and Low Ki argue and Monsta Mack tries to keep the peace. Low Ki cuts a promo on Special K. It’s the same tired promo. Mafia cuts him off and Ki ges pissed.

Match No. 2: Slim J vs. Amazing Red. Fast back-and-forth action early. Crowd approves. Red hits huge clothesline on Slim J who flips and falls on his head. Red does flip dive over the top rope onto J on the floor. Slim J points outside, ref Moyer looks and he punches Red in the balls. Red hits nice reverse hurricanrana. Slim J hits cradle ddt. Red drops J on his face for a near fall. Slim J goes for moonsault and Red hits diamond cutter on him. Red hits standing shooting star press (Red Star Press) but J kicks out. Red hits back to belly piledriver (Red Spike) for the pin. Decent match with some good moves. Slugga gives Red a body bag after the match. Rating: **1/2

Gary Michael Capetta in the ring with CM Punk. Punk cuts a(n) heel promo and says he is better than the fans and better than Raven. Fans chant “homo” at Punk. Great promo. Raven comes out and Punk cuts promo on Punk. They jaw back and forth to hype their match. Punk tries to jump Raven but Raven works him over and goes for a ddt, but Punk rolls out of the ring and leaves. Great segment.

Match No. 3: Carnage Crew (Loc & Devito) vs. Backseat Boyz (Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere) vs. A.J. Styles & Amazing Red vs. Spanish Announce Team (Joel & Jose Maximo). Red is not out as the match starts. Nice work by Jose and Acid early. From the ring apron, Styles does a springboard moonsault onto Joel and gives him a reverse ddt (Phenomenon). Jose does tope on Styles. Loc does running somersault dive onto floor. Boyz both do dives over top rope onto crowd on the floor. Devito does moonsault from top rope onto crowd. Joel then does senton onto the floor. Styles follows with shooting star press onto the floor. Boyz doubleteam A.J. Devito with a double clothesline on the Boyz. SAT does tandem leg locks into a flip slam (reverse Washing Machine?) on Styles. Boyz hit Dream Sequence on Joel. Loc hits neckbreaker on Kashmere and Crew does double back suplex on Acid. Joel holds Loc on over rope and Jose hits moonsault. A.J. hits sitout facebuster on Joel. Boyz with nasty double crucifix powerbomb (T-Gimmick) on Loc. Styles with sunset flip on Jose and he tries belly to back inverted mat slam (Styles Clash) but Jose blocks it. Styles then hits sitout powerbomb into a bridge for the pin. Entertaining match with some awesome high spots. Rating: ***1/2

Outcast Killaz (Oman Tortuga & Diablo Santiago) cut a promo in the ring on SAT and they start wrestling. Joel holds Diablo on his shoulder and Jose hits a tornado ddt (Maximo Explosion). Oman is on the top rope and SAT uses moonsault slam (Spanish Fly).

Match No. 4: Special K (Deranged, Angel Dust & Dixie) vs. Low Ki & Da Hit Squad (Mafia & Monsta Mack). Julius Smokes is seen and heard in the crowd. Special K does dives on all three foes outside the ring. They dive again but Da Hit Squad catches them and Ki kicks Deranged in the face. Dixie with hurricanrana on Mack, but Mack gives him a release german suplex into the corner. Low Ki pounding on Angle Dust. Ki kicks the shit out of Angel Dust’s back. Low Ki then follows with hanging dragon clutch. Angel Dust is holding Dixie and Mafia gives both a release german suplex. Mafia crushes Angel Dust with a cannonball. Mack headbutts chair into Dixie’s nuts. Things break down and Low Ki & Da Hit Squad win by DQ. Shitty finish but it was fun watching Special K get their ass kicked. Low Ki challenges all six to continue the match and they brawl outside. Low Ki takes an ecstasy pill and feels the effect immediately. Ki was playing possum and spits out the pill. He goes to town an all of them. Ki hits a cartwheel jumping high kick (Tidal Krush) on Dixie. Ki uses a fisherman driver (Ki Krusher), Mafia uses a burning hammer and Mack uses some kind of stuff piledriver simultaneously for the pin. Real finish bumped the rating up a bit. Rating: ***

Capetta interviews the Carnage Crew backstage. Loc cracks on his fat wife. Same schtick. Devito talks about kicking ass. Capetta is with Raven. He hits on some skank who walked past. Opps, it was Trinity. Maybe Raven is the one who fucked up the relationship between her and Chris Divine.

Match No. 5: Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos) vs. Quiet Storm & Ghost Shadow. Marcos can’t get the mic to work. He gives their catch phrase. Shadow uses some kind of spinning elbow. Marcos fucks up a head scissors. Shadow with a shining wizard and then a muscle buster. Storm hits spinal tap. Shadow with dragon screw on Marcos. Quiet Storm uses some kind of rollover leglock for the submission. For a bunch of jobber types, this was a pretty damn good match, albeit short. Rating: ***

Match No. 6: CM Punk vs. Raven with Trinity. Punk clowing with Raven, who is getting a little pissed. Raven launches his fat ass over the top rope onto Punk on the floor. It is said that Raven has the IQ of a genius. That’s debateable considering all the damage he’s done to his body over the years. Punk brings a chair into the ring. Punk hits himself with the chair as it ricchochet’s off the top rope and cracks him in the head. Raven hard into the guardrail. Punk into the guardrail. Punk sets up a chair in the corner. He throws Raven into it hard. Raven gives Punk a suplex on the wooden floor. Punk misses a legdrop. Raven is busted open. Raven all over Punk, gives him a bulldog. Raven puts Punk on top turnbuckle. Raven puts Punk in the sharpshooter. Raven throws Trinity hard into the guardrail. Punk hits tope on Raven who is a mess. Trinity hits moonsault onto Punk on the floor. Punk throws chair to the head of Raven. Punk legdrops Trinity through a table. Punk hits weak shining wizard but Raven kicks out. Punk hits ddt, followed by arm trap cloverleaf (Devil Lock). Raven ducks and Punk takes out the referee. Punk sets up a chair in the middle of the ring. Raven does drop toe hold and Punk hits the chair. No ref. Punk uses nutshot on Raven. Punk hits Devil Lock again and Raven taps. This match didn’t have much hype and it just wasn’t as good as I expect from the two. In fact, I don’t get why these guys are over so much. After the match, Punk goes to shake Raven’s hand and cheap shots hitm. Raven gets advantage, but ref stops him from using flowing snap ddt (Raven Effect) on Punk. Raven gives it to the ref instead of Punk bails. Rating: ***

Match No. 7: B.J. Whitmer vs. EZ Money vs. Samoa Joe vs. Homicide for No. 1 Contender’s Trophy. Julius Smokes shown again at ringside. Why the fuck are B.J. Whitmer and EZ Money in this match? They’re good, but they haven’t done anything to earn the right to be in this match. EZ Money won a four-way last show, but that was the opener. And Whitmer lost in a four-way two shows ago. Homicide and Joe all over each other. Joe with huge slam on Homicide. Money uses springboard into the ring for a clothesline (Money Clip) followed by a pendulum. Joe with a boston crab on Whitmer. Homicide breaks it up with a punch between the eyes. Homicide with a tope con gilo through the ropes on Whitmer, Joe does tope and Money uses body press from top rope to the floor. Homicide misses hurricanrana from the top rope and Money follows up with a blockbuster. Joe and Homicide beating each other again. Joe with some huge knees to Homicide’s head. Homicide and Whitmer trade suplexes. Joe powerbombs Whitmer then puts him in stf. Homicide breaks it up. Money with moonsault but Whitmer lifts his knees. Homicide hits ace crusher on Joe. Whitmer hits exploder 98 on Money. Joe and Homicide break it up. Joe knees Homicide in the face. Money drops Joe on his head. Joe puts rear naked choke (Coquina Clutch) on Money and he taps. These guys put on a damn good match. Joe looks like a beast. Julius Smokes tries to go after Joe and it gets broken up. Lockerroom clears again. Rating: ****

Match No. 8: A.J. Styles & Amazing Red vs. Christopher Daniels & Xavier for the ROH Tag Team titles. Alexis Laree looking hot. This was before her implants and about the same time she spread her legs on the Internet. I bet the Christian Styles had no idea his valet was a harlot. Heels attack at the bell. A.J. and Red do a pair of tope’s and Red lands in the front row. Red and Xavier fuck up a spot. They recover well and it’s barely detectable. Daniels and Styles square off. Daniels with a nice escape from a leg scissors. A.J. hits nice senton on Daniels. Huge lariat by Styles on Xavier. Xavier recovers with a power slam. Xavier then with a cobra clutch Suplex on Styles. A.J. withe nice dropkick and flip, similar to London. Red with nice dropkick that catches both guys. Red gets nailed with hotshot by Xavier as Daniles holds him. Styles with springboard moonsault into reverse ddt (Styles Clash) but he doesn’t go for the pin. Alexis Laree with spear on Allison Danger. Xavier catches A.J. with pumphandle sitout facebuser (Kiss Your X Goodbye) but Red breaks up the count. Red follows with leg trap sunset flip power bomb (Code Red), but Daniels makes the save. Styles hits brainbuster on Xavier. Styles hits sitout facebuster on Xavier. Daniels makes the save at the last second. Daniels hits double springboard moonsault (Best Moonsault Ever) on Red but A.J. makes the save. Daniels with a spinning lifting sitout double underhook facebuster (Angel’s Wings) on Styles but Red makes the save. Styles with a belly to back inverted mat slam (Styles’ Clash) for the pin. Excellent match with tons of high spots. Great job by all four guys. Rating: ****

Homicide cuts a promo on Steve Corino. Julius Smokes in the locker room afterwards talking as only he can talk. Daniels won’t do a promo and acts pissed off at the camera guy. Punk closes with a real good promo talking about his tag match the following week with Ace Steele against Raven and Colt Cabana.