Low Ki cuts promo outside the arena. Same old monotone kung fu talk that is vaguely amusing.

Nice video recap of first 13 shows from the previous one-year period.
Paul London cuts a promo on the way to the arena.
Match No. 1: Chad Collyer vs. EZ Money vs. Colt Cabana vs. Michael Shane in four-way match. Collyer and Money open things. Not much before they tag in Shane and Cabana. Cabana with a springboard moonsault. Shane replies with a Japanese arm drag. Money puts Collyer in a pendulum. Money with the first ROH placement ad as he has the URL for his trunks company on his tights. Shane working on Money. Shane uses a stepover toehold facelock (STF) on Money. Collyer reminds me of Dean Malenko. Money is kind of like Val Venis. Money hits Collyer with flying clothesline. Shane working on Money. Money hits enzuigiri on Shane. Money tries handspring into the ropes but botches the move. Money drops Shane from the top rope with a sitdown facebuster. Cabana with a big backdrop and dropkick on Collyer. He then gives Collyer an over the shoulder belly to back neckbreaker. Shane makes the save and Cabana catches him in a bearhug and gives him a cradle sitdown powerbomb (Cabanarama variant). Money makes the save. He gives Cabana a back-to-belly backmounted tombstone piledriver (Money in the Bank). Collyer makes the save. Shane hits powerbomb on Money and Collyer makes the save. Cabana takes a hard bump to the floor. Collyer does tope onto the floor. Money to the top rope. He hits a clothesline on Collyer and Cabana on the floor. Shane does somersault plancha onto Money. Collyer hits release german suplex on Cabana for a near fall. Shane goes to the top rope and goes for an elbow but Cabana catches him in a three-quarter facelock bulldog (cutter/Ace Crusher). Shane makes the save. Money then hits Cabana and Collyer with a springboard top rope flip into a double clothesline (Money Clip). Shane rolls up Money from behind and grabs the tights but can’t get the pin. Shane to the top rope. He misses an elbow. Cabana puts Shane up for Colt .45, but Collyer breaks it up. Shane gives Cabana superkick. Collyer puts Shane in a cloverleaf. Shane makes the ropes for the break. Money hits vertical suplex powerbomb (Cha-Ching) on Collyer for the pin. Damn good opener with some great technical moves. I’m very surprised Money went over in this one. Maybe Gabe owed him some money for ring attire. Rating: ****
A.J. Styles cuts a promo backstage. His accent his thick and his promo pretty short and weak.
Match No. 2: Fast Eddie & Don Juan & Hotstuff Hernandez vs. Carnage Crew (Loc & Devito & Masada). Fast Eddie and Masada start things. Eddie hits Japanase arm drag. Hernandez nails Devito with a lariat. He then gives Masato an inverted sitting powerbomb. Don Juan follows with a springboard moonsault (Quebrado/Lionsault) as does Fast Eddie, who lands on Don. Maybe it’s because he’s legally blind. Loc drops Don with side suplex. Nice pair of suplexes by Masada on Don. Don Juan getting his ass beaten. Loc & Devito give him double boston crab and Masda hits legdrop from top rope. Devito misses a moonsault. Hernandez drops all three with chop clotheslines. Fast Eddie does springboard moonsault outside the ring and Loc nails him with a hubcap. Bell rings as other two get nailed with the hubcap. Hernandez gets destroyed in the ring. Devito gives Fast Eddie a spike piledriver from the top rope. Rudy Boy Gonzales comes into the ring. He gets nailed with a chair by Loc. Mace and Buffy come to the ring. They clean house. Good match, lousy finish, great post-match. Rating: ***1/2
Match No. 3: Mark Briscoe vs. Jay Briscoe. Nice matwork. Jay kicks Mark to the head and it looks like he is knocked out. He was playing possum. More nice matwork. Jay hits snap suplex on Mark. Jay gives Mark a vertical suplex. Mark blocks double underhook piledriver (J-Driller) with hurricanrana. Jay drops Mark with a side suplex. Jay hits huge mafia kick. Mark responds with Japanese arm drag. Mark uses half boston crab on Jay, who reaches the ropes. They beat the shit out of each other with fists and forearms on the outside. Mark hits springboard somesault plancha on the floor. Jay is bleeding. Mark hits moonsault to the floor. Jay hits superkick. Then a backbreaker. Followed by a death valley driver. Mark hits a shining wizard, follwed by a springboard cutter (Ace Crusher). Mark goes for a cut-throat inverted death valley driver (Cut-Throat Driver), but Jay blocks it. Jay goes for double underhook piledriver (J Driller) but Mark blocks it. Mark goes for cutter, but Jay reverses it and gives him the cutter. They chop the hell out of each other. Jay hits huge mafia kick and Mark takes huge 360 degree bump. Jay hits sitdown powerbomb (Liger Bomb). Then a senton bomb. Mark kicks out. Mark hits J-Driller but Jay kicks out barely. Mark misses moonsault. Jay hits J-Driller, a second one and a third one for the pin. Damn good match. Rating: ****
Mafia and Monsta Mack cut promo outside with New York skyline in the background.
Homicide cuts a promo on Steve Corino. He says Corino will be going to the hospital.
Match No. 4: Steve Corino vs. Homicide. Samoa Joe gets in Homicide’s face as Corino cuts a promo. Corino announces the newest member of his group, Michael Shane. Corino calls out C.W. Anderson, who has heat with ROH, allegedly. Corino then calls out the final member of his group, Low Ki. Homicide says Low Ki isn’t down with Corino. Homicide and Corino brawl. Huge mafia kick by Homicide. Corino gives Homicide a flying bulldog from the middle rope. Homicide gives Corino a cutter (Ace Crusher). Corino with a big boot to the face. Homicide replies with a clothesline. Homicide gives Corino reverse ddt and referee Paul Turner gets hit in the balls. Homicide gives Corino a shining wizard. Homicide uses a chair on Corino. Homicide goes for tope con gilo but Corino moves. C.W. Anderson yells at Gabe Sapolsky. Corino hits inverted facelock neckbreaker slam (Old School Expulsion) but Homicide kicks out. Corino hits northern lights bomb but Homicide kicks out. Corino applies cobra sleeper. Homicide makes the ropes. Corino reapplies the cobra sleeper. Homicide is out and the bell rings. Corino reapplies the sleeper and Homicide’s boys jump the guard rail. Huge brawl ensues. A couple of fans get their ass kicked. Homicide is pissed afterwards. Decent match, great post-match riot. Rating: ****

Christopher Daniels also cuts a promo on Corino. Great, as always.

Match No. 5: Outcast Killaz (Oman Tortuga & Diablo Santiago) vs. Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos). Start of match is interrupted by C.W. Anderson. Anderson takes out all four guys. He issues a challenge to anyone in the back. CM Punk comes out. They will have a match. CM Punk vs. C.W. Anderson. Mat work early by the two. They trade chops. Anderson hits a superplex. Suplex by Punk. Punk hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Followed by a shining wizard for a near fall. Anderson replies with a super kick. Anderson goes for a spinebuster, but Punk rolls over Andreson and gets the pin. Match started slow and was a bit short with surprise finish. Rating: **1/2

Match No. 6: “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. Samoa Joe. Joe working on Danielson’s leg early. Danielson replies in kind on Joe’s leg. Danielson uses indian death lock and bridges over into facelock on Joe. Joe hits boston crab on Dragon, who makes the ropes. They trade huge chops. Then big slaps. Joe catches Dragon with huge lariat/slam. Joe uses a bow and arrow on Dragon. Joe hits stf on Dragon. Danielson with enzuigiri and another on Joe. Danielson with several forearms and chops, followed by running forearm. Danielson with a ddt for a near fall. Joe hits german suplex. Huge facewash by Joe. Superplex by Danielson who goes up to the top. He hits a diving headbutt for a near fall. Danielson with two huge discus forearms that knocks down Joe. Danielson wins with a small package. Pretty good match but not epic. Rating: ***1/2

Xavier comes to the ring. He acknowledges the A.C. Slater chant. He says he is scouting the three way where the winner will face him for the title.

Match No. 7: Paul London vs. A.J. Styles vs. Low Ki. Low Ki springboards off A.J.’s back onto London. London does baseball slide grabbing top rope onto the floor on Styles. Styles and Ki trade chops until Ki drops him with big kick to the head. London does frog splash to the floor on Styles and Ki. London springboards into the ring and nearly rolls up Ki for the pin. Huge dropkick by Styles on Ki. London hits missile dropkick on Styles from behind. London with two northern lights suplexes followed by a fall away slam. Huge elbow drop by Ki. A.J. with his trademark springboard moonsault, but Ki kicks him in the head before he can hit the reverse ddt (Phoenomenon). Ki applies Dragon Clutch on London. A.J. does another springboard moonsault, this time ddt’ing Ki. A.J. gives London a backbreaker, a reverse backbreaker and then a t-bone suplex. A.J. with indian deathlock on London. Ki uses dragon clutch on Styles. London puts neck lock on Ki. Ki sprinboards off middle rope and kicks Styles in the head for a near fall. Ki hits running fireman’s slam into top turnbuckle (Crush Rush) on Styles. London breaks it up. Ki goes for Crush Rush on London, who reverses it into a ddt. Styles, on the middle rope, goes for belly to back inverted mat slam (Styles Clash) on Ki, but Ki reverses it into a hurricanrana and London catches Styles on the way down and turns it into a power bomb. London goes for the pin but Ki breaks it up with a kick to the head. Awesome spot. Capo kick by Ki on London in the corner. A.J. goes for german suplex but Ki rolls through and puts Styles into dragon clutch. Ki hits cartwheel followed by jumping high kick (Tidal Krush) onto Styles in the corner. London and Ki on top rope. Styles joins them. Ki sets up A.J. for a fisherman driver (Ki Krusher) and hits it from top rope. London hits shooting star press (London Star Press) on Styles for the pin. Damn good match. One of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Rating: ****1/2

Xavier comes to the ring with the mic. He says London will only get a title shot if he fights him immediately.

Match No. 8: Paul London vs. Xavier for ROH Championship. Allison Danger distracts London and Xavier attacks him at the bell. London is looking winded. He couldn’t do his trademark flip after the dropkick. Danger tries to trip London and Xavier responds with overhead release suplex. Alexis Laree comes out to counteract Danger. London nearly rolls up Xavier for the pin. Xavier uses german suplex on London. Xavier throws London over the top rope and he goes through the ringside table. Xavier working London over outside the ring. He throws him into the ring post like a lawn dart. London is busted open. Xavier hits nice cobra clutch suplex. Xavier sits London on the top rope. He goes for a move, but London reverses in mid-air and hits cross body block for a two count. London with two dropkicks as he catches fire. He hits springboard forearm but cannot cover him. London to the top rope. Xavier rolls out to the floor. London hits high cross body block to the floor. London with springboard moonsault but Xavier grabs the bottom rope. Xavier kicks London in the balls. London ducks clothesline and hits backslide for a two. London goes for plancha and Xavier sacrifces Allison. Xavier then spears Danger (accidentally?). London with shooting star press from the guard rail. Gabe says London is going to win, which means he won’t. London hits nice legsweep ddt for near fall. London to the top rope. Xavier catches him and goes to the top. London hits shooting star press (London Star Press) but Danger drags Xavier out of the ring. Alexis and Allison fight in the ring. Xavier hits pumphandle sitout facebuster (Kiss Your X Goodbye) and goes to the top rope. He hits a 450 splash but London somehow kicks out. London rolls up Xavier but he rolls up London and grabs the tights for the pin. Another very good match. Gabe’s announcing and the bullshit interference knock this down a bit. Rating: ****

Match No. 9: Da Hit Squad (Mafia & Monsta Mack) & The SAT (Jose & Joel Maximo) & Divine Storm (Chris Divine & Quiet Storm) & Mikey Whipwreck vs. Special K (Angel Dust, Deranged, Izzy, Dixie, Slim J, Hydro, Jody Fleisch & Brian XL). Tons of back and forth. Deranged botches a couple of spots against Monsta Mack. Mack destoys Deragned with overhead throw into the corner. Fleisch with a nice springboard of the top rope. Mafia with overhead throw on Deranged into Fleisch. Whipwreck all over Slim J, including legdrop as his head is draped over the bottom rope. Fleisch hits crazy springboard somersault plancha onto the floor on Mafia. Mikey hits a flip dive from the top rope. Mikey turns on his partners and he gives them all Whippersnappers. Slugga gives Trinity the Body Bag. Joel with a nice blue thunder driver. Tons of spots. Monsta Mack with huge clothesline on Deranged. All the guys do superplexes. Pretty impressive. Mafia throws Slim J over the top rope onto the crowd on the floor. Tons of near falls. Crowd is getting restless. Fleisch hits nice 720 ddt. Mafia with huge burning hammer from top rope on Deranged for the pin. Crazy as hell match. Went a bit long. All spots but it was damn entertaining. Rating: ***1/2

Daniels cuts very good promo on Corino. Sytles asks London to be his partner. Punk tries to cut a promo but Cabana interrupts. He then cuts a strong promo on Raven. Raven follows up with great promo. All the boys are eating a cake backstage. Feinstein comes up and, of course, gets the cake in the face. Classic old school finish to the first year and to the show.