Match No. 1 (5/25/2002): Goldbond Mafia (C.M. Punk, Colt Cabana & Chris Hero) vs. Black T-shirt Squad (Mike Quackenbush, Reckless Youth & Don Montoya). Damn good main event for CHIKARA debut. Crowd is very over for Punk. Quack does nice Spaceman Plancha. Cabana’s antics are spectacular. Props to Quack for booking these guys before ROH. All six do submissions at the same time. Quack misses reverse frankensteiner. It looks like Cabana blew the spot. He hits it a second time and Reckless then pins Cabana with a Northern Lights Bomb 2K1. Great, entertaining match by six professionals. They went 30 minutes and it never dragged. Rating: ***3/4

Match No. 2 (6/14/02): Mister Zero & La Parka vs. Black T-shirt Squad (Mike Quackenbush & Reckless Youth). La Parka is over with crowd. His chair has Latino World Order sticker. Quack & Youth hit nice Double Tope. Nice highspots outside of ring. Zero gets mad at La Parka. Parka nails him with his chair. Park DQ’d for hitting Quack with the chair. Very good match with international superstar. Great moves, only blown spot was Parka slipping off top rope and nearly breaking his neck. Rating: ***3/4

Match No. 3 (6/21/02): Night Shift (Blind Rage & Hallowicked & Ichabod Slayne) & Mister Zero vs. Black T-shirt Squad (Mike Quackenbush & Don Montoya & Reckless Youth) & UltraMantis. Rage cuts promo before the match. He gives mic it Ichabod who is mute. He then gives mic to Hallowicked who is unintelligible. Again, funny bit. All eight guys do submission moves on each other. Actually, make it seven as UltraMantis stands outside waiting for tag. Nice Triple Tope by faces. Ichabod hit Reckless with pumpkin and Hallowicked got pin. Good match, liked the bits. Rating: ***

Match No. 4 (10/12/02): The Wild Cards (Eddie Kingston & Jack Marciano) vs. Senior Assault Team (Lester Crabtree & Melvin Snodgrass). Melvin chokes on his medication and then spits it in Marciano’s eye. Topes by the Senior Assault Team. Kingston hits yakuza kick on Crabtree. Moonsault by Marciano on Snodgrass. Then Kingston. Crabtree with a sweater-gree on Kingston. Kingston his uranage then an exploder suplex. Crabtree gets his foot on the ropes. Snodgrass rolls Marciano up for a two. Marciano does swinging ddt into a bulldog. Marciano hits flipping drop kick and Kingston hits royal flush on Crabtree for the pin. Decent comedy match, guys did a good job for their first match. Rating: ***

Match No. 5 (10/12/02): Mike Quackenbush & UltraMantis & Dragonfly & Gran Akuma vs. Blind Rage, Mister ZERO, Ichabod Slayne & Hallowicked. Slayne wearing a dress in the match. Monkey flip on Rage by Quack. Quack misses spinning kick but Rage sells it. Akuma looking good in his first match. Mantis tries to walks the rope but misses springboard. Quack gives Rage a monkey flip to the floor. Then puts him in a gory gallows submission. Nice group wrestling by the faces. Then slingshot giros by all three. Zero uses camel clutch on Dragon Fly. Rage uses muta lock type submission on Fly. Faces use fans to help with abdominal stretch leverage. Hallowicked hits swining neckbreaker on Fly. Rage gives Fly a michinoku driver. Mantis hits figure four on Hallowicked. Everyone in the ring with a submission hold. Then then all do suplexes. All eight do submission holds. Very nice. They all do headlocks. Then Zero does a ddt and everyone follows. Zero hits german suplex on Akuma. Akuma uses flying body press for a two count. Tons of finishing moves. Rage uses stf on Quack who makes the ropes. Both teams use triple team maneuvers. Quack hits tiger driver from top rope on Slayne for the pin. Tons of great moves and highspots. Really good match considering how young these guys are. Rating: ***1/2

Match No. 6 (11/9/02): DJ Skittlez vs. Hallowicked in Young Lions Cup quarterfinals match. Nice tope by Skittlez. Skittlez follows up with suplex. Hallowicked uses handspring splash in the corner. Hallowicked does hurricanrana and then plancha over the top rope. Hallowicked uses a cattle mutilation type move. Skittlez uses spinning bulldog. Then an inverted ddt. Hallowicked hits michinoku driver. Skittlez uses tiger driver for a near fall. Skittlez hits spinning seated power bomb but Hallowicked reaches the ropes. Hallowicked pins Skittlez with his feet on the ropes. Pretty good match. Rating: ***

Match No. 7 (11/16/02): Gran Akuma vs. Hallowicked in Young Lions Cup semifinals match. Nice lucha chain wrestling by these two. Hallowicked with a waterwheel slam. Then a release northern lights suplex. Akuma hits tope over top of referee Bryce Remsburg to the floor. Akuma uses a moustrap. Hallowicked misses handspring. Falcon arrow by Akuma, followed by a leg drop from the top rope. Hallowicked uses springboard frankensteiner for the pin as he holds the ropes. Lots of nice moves, nothing out of place. Rating: ***1/2

Match No. 8 (11/16/02): UltraMantis vs. Mister ZERO in Young Lions Cup semifinals match. Chain wrestling early. Now they trade slaps. Mantis uses double underhook suplex. Flying hip attack by Mantis. Zero responds with huge forearm. Followed by a snap suplex. Zero uses newspaper gimmick on Mantis. Nice sto by Mantis. Mantis uses torture rack backbreaker type of move. Gory special by Zero. Mantis uses unprettier. Zero uses last shaven unicorn for the pin. Another very solid match. Rating: ***

Match No. 9 (11/16/02): Mister ZERO vs. Hallowicked in Young Lions Cup final. Hallowicked attacks zero at the bell and takes it into the crowd. Nice dropkick from middle turnbuckle by Zero. Snap suplex by Hallowicked. Followed by neckbreaker. He hits a ddt and continues the assault with a knee to the back of the head. Hallowicked to the top but misses a frog splash. Zero on the offensive. Huge clothesline and elbow. They tumble to the floor from another clothesline, especially Zero who takes huge bump. Hallowicked tumbles into the chairs. Hallowicked misses cartwheel. Zero throws him into gimmick table. They are in the balcony wearing each other’s masks. Zero uses spotlight. Hallowicked tries to throw Zero from the balcony. They head back down to the floor. And have their own masks on. German suplex by Zero. Blind Rage at ringsade. UltraMantis also comes to ringside. Zero hits rydeen bomb and blue thunder bomb. Hallowicked uses michinoku driver for a near fall. All of the competitors are at ringside cheering. Zero hits last shaven unicorn but can’t make the pin. Hallowicked hits super fisherman’s buster from the top rope for the pin. Rudos jump into the ring to celebrate and they put Hallowicked on their shoulders. Great match by these two with some classic brawling. Rating: ****