Punk and Cabana in the car on the way to the show. Cabana talks, Punk gets pissed.

Gary Michael Capetta with Steve Corino. Corino cuts excellent promo.

High Impact TV taping highlights. Homicide beats Jay Lethal.

Match No. 1: C.M. Punk vs. Colt Cabana for ROH contract. Chris Lovey and Ray Murrow on commentary. Punk walks the rope, but Cabana makes him lose his balance and he crotches himself. Cabana with a huge lariat. Great rollup by Punk from his back in the corner. Cabana blocks shining wizard. Punk does nice tope on Cabana on the floor. Cabana does superplex type move dropping Punk on his face. Punk does belly to belly suplex from the top rope. Airplane spin by Punk, followed by split legged moonsault. Punk hits shining wizard but Cabana kicks out. Punk does running face wash on Cabana. Punk hits diving double underhook facebuster from the top rope for the pin. Great opener between two future stars. Rating: ****

Homicide runs into Johnny Kashmere and Trent Acid backstage.

Gary Michael Capetta in the ring. Christopher Daniels comes out. He takes the mic from Capetta. He calls out Alexis Laree. Simply Luscious attacks her from behind. Laree gives her a spear. As the ref is attending to Luscious, Daniels gives Laree a rolling cutter and Luscious then makes the pin.

Steve Corino comes to the ring and cuts a promo. He says he made more money in 2002 than Paul Heyman owes him. He tells Daniels he’s putting the Prophecy on notice. He tells Luscious they are done. Daniels gets pissed and leaves. Corino calls out Homicide. They go at it. Homicide pulls out a fork but Corino bails.

Dunn & Marcos cut promo before the show. Highlights from High Impact TV taping. Christopher Daniels & Donovan Morgan destroy Dunn & Marcos.

Mafia & Monsta Mack cut promo on Special K & Backseat Boyz.

Match No. 2: Special K (Deranged & Angel Dust) vs. Backseat Boyz (Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere) vs. Da Hit Squad (Mafia & Monsta Mack) in three-way scramble match. Nice opening sequence with Acid and Deranged. Angel Dust blows a spot. Mafia hits dragon suplex on Angel Dust. DHS powerbombs Kashmere on Acid. Angel Dust does moonsault to the floor. Camera nearly misses it. Deranged does springboard flip to the floor. Monsta Mack throws Hydro (Jay Lethal) onto Special K on the floor. Acid & Kashmere do tandem suicide flip onto the floor. Mafia does tope onto the floor. Backseat hits dream sequence on Angel Dust. While Angel Dust is holding Deranged, Mafia hits german suplex on him. Acid hits mafia kick on Mafia, then Mack. A second kick on Mack but Mafia hits huge lariat on him. Special K pins Mafia after he gets hit behind with cane and then cast then double team rollup. A bit sloopy but good match with tons of high spots. Rating: ***1/2

High Impact TV match with Ace Steele vs. Jay Briscoe. Briscoe wins with Jay Driller.

Match No. 3: Spanish Announce Team (Joel & Jose Maximo) vs. Christopher Daniels & Donovan Morgan in two out of three falls for ROH tag team titles. Morgan and Jose aren’t clicking early. Joel and Daniels next in the ring. Not much to report. SAT work over Daniels. They hit double bulldog. Then camel clutch/boston crab combo on Prophecy. Daniels uses springboard split legged moonsault on Jose. Jose rolls up Daniels but Morgan distracts the ref. Jose hits tornado ddt on Daniels. Prophecy uses revelations on Jose for the pin. Prophecy 1-0. Prophecy hits double suplex on Joel. Jose hits double dropkick then double backdrop. Jose hits spinning ddt on Mogan but Daniels makes the save. SAT hit spanish fly on Daniels for the pin. Tied 1-1. Joel hits ddt on apron on Morgan. Jose botches flip move. Nice fisherman’s buster by Morgan on Jose. Daniels hits spinning lifting sitout double underhook suplex, then misses double springboard moonsault. Daniels hits sto on Jose. Daniels hits rolling cutter on Joel for the pin. Daniels was great, other three had issues at times. Rating: ***

ROH High Impact match. Samoa Joe vs. Outcast Killaz.

Match No. 4: Carnage Crew (Loc & Devito) vs. New Christopher Street Connection. Bloody squash. Rating: **

Homicide cuts promo backstage. Pretty good job.

Match No. 5: Jody Fleish vs. Amazing Red. Nice opening sequence. Fleisch did springboard moonsault and landed on his feet. Red does plancha onto Fleisch on the floor. Fleisch hits springboard shooting star press onto Red on the floor. They go to the top rope and both do moonsaults and land hard. Special K comes to ringside. Fleisch hits another springboard moonsault. Fleisch to the top rope. Red knocks him down. Red does corkscrew senton but Special K pulls Fleisch out of the way. Fleisch hits twisting springboard tornado ddt for the pin. A bit short, but pretty damn good spot fest. Rating: ****

Special K with a beatdown on Red afterwards. SAT tries to make the save. Quiet Storm tries to make the save. Both are beaten down. Da Hit Squad and J.T. Smith come to the ring. Slugga gives Smith a chokeslam. DHS gets the beat down.

Xavier cuts a promo in the ring.

Match No. 6: Xavier vs. Paul London for ROH title. Xavier jumps London at the bell. Xavier drops London on his face as he was going for head scissors. They trade hard chops. Huge clothesline by Xavier. Xavier hits nice german suplex. Big elbow by Xavier after he snaps his throat over the top rope. London tries to superplex Xavier to the floor but he blocks it and drops him on the top turnbuckle. Xavier gets crotched by London. London with nice flip dropkick. Huge powerbomb by London. London hits shooting star press on the floor on Xavier. London misses shooting star press. Xavier rolls him up for a near fall. London hits some kind of spinning facebuster for a near fall. London fakes that he’s hurt. London hits ddt for three count but Xavier has his foot on the ropes. Xavier uses cobra clutch suplex and then jumping hangman’s neckbreaker for the pin. Great match. Rating: ****

Gary Michael Capetta tries to interview Special K. They clown with him and his hair. Slugga kicks out the camera man. Then he won’t let Da Hit Squad into the locker room.

Steve Corino comes out to the ring. He grabs the mic and takes a seat. He says you can’t have a main event without him. Corino attacks Homicide with a fork then gives him a pile driver. Corino gives Homicide another pile driver. And a third one.

Match No. 7: Homicide vs. Samoa Joe vs. Low Ki vs. Bryan Danielson in number one contenders match. Rob Feinstein says to give Homicide’s spot in the match to Corino. Danielson opens with Ki. They do test of strength then some mat wrestling. Danielson fakes a tag to Joe, who gets pissed. Danielson does giant swing on Ki. Joe tags in. Danielson uses shoulder block and both go to the floor. Corino tags in. Corino and Joe trade forarms and then Joe hits enzuigiri. Joe beating the shit out of Corino, who rolls out to the floor. Corino runs into the camera man on his way to the floor again. Low Ki tags in. Huge shoulder block by Corino. Ki responds with big elbow. Danielson tags in and his all over Ki. Huge chop by Ki but Danielson responds with knee lift and slam and elbow drop. And a second one. Joe tags in. He hits Ki with a shoulder block. Corino tags in. Ki kicks Corino twice to the chest and once to the face. He follows with some crazy hard chops. Joe tags in. As does Danielson. Joe suplexes Dragon. Huge chops by Joe. Ki tags in. And gives Dragon a back suplex. Huge forearm by Dragon. And then fall away slam with a bridge. Corino tags in. Ki hits boot to the face. He tries dragon sleeper but Corino turns it into a ddt. He then uses an abdominal stretch on Ki. Ki escapes with a kick to the head and tags in Dragon. Two head butts by Dragon. Corino tags in Joe. Dragon does bridging grounded double chicken wing. Joe escapes and hits german suplex. He tags in Corino. Joe back in. He does half boston crab on Dragon. Joe hits two more chops. Followed by a choke. Joe gets two count with a back suplex. Joe tags in Ki. Danielson escapes dragon clutch. Twice. Ki uses running fireman’s slam into top turnbuckle. Danielson hits fisherman’s buster suplex on Ki. Ki hits brainbuster on Danielson. Ki gives Danielson a suplex on the floor. Ki tags in Joe. Joe hits knee drop. And then overhead belly to belly suplex. Joe holds Dragon and Corino drops him with a clothesline. Joe tags in Corino. He slaps Danielson. Then uses a chinlock. Ki breaks it up with a kick to the face. Danielson tags in Ki. Joe chops Ki hard. Joe tags in Corino. They exchange moves and then Ki hits cartwheel jumping high kick. Joe tags in. He gives Ki facewash. Corino with dragon screw on Joe. Then a figure four. Ki and Dragon break it up with double head butts. Joe power bombs Corino and puts in an stf. He gives Ki a half boston crab. Joe gets stf on dragon. Ki breaks it up with baseball slide to the face. Low Ki does springboard kick on Corino. Low Ki blocks cattle mutilation. Ki and Danileson trade blows. Danielson hits discus elbow smash. Ki and Joe take off the tape. They trade huge chops and slaps. Corino and Dragon hit them from behind. Corino gives Ki a tbone suplex from the top rope. Danielson to the top rope. Corino goes up. Then Joe. Joe gives Corino ace crusher. Dragon breaks it up. Double enzuigri by Joe and Dragon. Ki gives Joe a fisherman’s driver. Ki has dragon sleeper on Corino but bell sounds before he taps. Match was long and crowd was a bit dead but it was damn good. These four put on a helluva show. Rating: ****1/2

Wrestlers take back their locker room from Special K. Carnage Crew cuts promo in the locker room that was longer than their match. Ki cuts his robotic promo. Capetta backstage with Corino. The first member of his faction is……Simply Luscious. He says next week he will introduce the second member.