Match No. 1: Nosawa & Masada vs. Hot Commodity (Julio Dinero and EZ Money). Heels jump Japs before the bell. Masada does springboard pescado and Dinero and Money catch him on the floor. Nosawa does baseball slide and knocks them to the floor. Nice doubleteam by Nosawa and Masada. Dinero with a nice corkscrew brainbuster. He follows with a fireman’s carry dropped into a suplex. Money hits a nice backflip splash. Money goes for a move and Masada botches it. Fans chant “You fucked up” and Money points at Masada. Classic. Money hits the bank roll on Masada and looks pissed. Masada hits release german suplex on Money. Nosawa hits shining wizard on Dinero. Nosawa hits sitout scoop slam piledriver (Nosawa Driver) for a near fall. Commodity hits ocean cyclone suplex on Masada for the pin. Real good opener. Rating: ***

Segment with Steve “Dr. Death” Williams working out with his student, P.J. Friedman. Williams has cut the mullet slightly and there’s some blond in the bangs. Major League Mullet.

Match No. 2: Christopher Daniels vs. Super Crazy vs. Fuego Guerrero (Amazing Red) in triple threat match. Crazy and Daniels open things. Crazy action right off the bat. Daniels tries some mic work, but fails. Nice body scissors by Fuego. Daniels with a sweet slingshot legdrop. Daniels bulldogs Fuego as he clotheslines Crazy. Daniels hits picture perfect moonsault on Crazy for a two count. Fuego hits Amazing Red’s leg trap sunset flip powerbomb (Code Red) on Daniels. Crazy hits a spinning sitdown powerbomb on Fuego. Fuego hits running standing shooting star press (Red Star Press) for a near fall on Crazy. Actually, Fuego got the pin. I missed it and the crowd was dead for the finish. Weak finish, terrible use of Daniels. Crazy tries to pull of Fuego’s hood and the Maximos make the save. Rating: **1/2

Promo with Fat Ass Dusty Rhodes. Boy, he looks like shit. He’d be great if this was radio. He rips on Corino. And speaking of ugly, Bill Alfonso cuts a promo with Sabu.

Match No. 3: Jimmy Yang & Mike Sanders vs. Steve “Dr. Death” Williams & P.J. Friedman. Friedman and Yang blow a spot. Williams hits huge power bomb on Sanders. Williams hits Sanders with a drink. Then drops him through a table. Crowd is mostly empty. This match sucks. Great missile dropkick by Yang. He has some serious ups. Yang follows up with nice corkscrew moonsault. Yang goes up again and get crotched. Williams hits press slam on Yang and Friedman follows with an elbow drop. Another botch as both Williams and Friedman both try to make the pin. Williams hits a gutwrench powerbomb (Doctor Bomb) on Sanders. Yang uses nice head scissors on Williams. Williams then hits high-angle belly to back suplex (Backdrop Driver) for the pin. Match sucked, early picked up at the end. Rating: **1/2

Promo with Simon Diamond and C.W. Anderson. Simon says they have been compared to Tully and Arn.

Match No. 4: Simon Diamond & C.W. Anderson vs. The SAT (Joel & Jose Maximo). Not much early. Jose hits an Asai moonsault on to all three on the floor. Diamond hits a Northern Lights suplex on Jose. Anderson his a nice superplex which he held long from the top rope. Joel hits a german suplex with a bridge. Joel follows with a moonsault. He then hits a back to belly piledriver (Beach Break) on Anderson for a near fall. Jose goes for a 540 from the top rope and appears to botch it as his foot hits Diamond in the face. SAT goes for the Spanish Fly but Diamond breaks it up. Anderson hits a spinebuster on Jose for the pin. Pretty good match. Rating: ***

Corino cuts a promo from outside of the War Memorial Auditorium, which looks like a shithole from the 1950s. He rips on Terry Funk and Dusty Rhodes for not giving him an autograph when he was a kid. Mike Awesome cuts promo on Jerry Lynn.

Match No. 5: Sabu vs. La Parka. Parka throws his chair at Sabu. Sabu’s back is a mess. Not sure if it is steroid acne or scars, probably a combination of both. Standard Sabu spots early. Parka tosses Sabu into the front row. He follows up with a chair shot. They fight in the crowd. Parka hits an axehandle from the top rope over the barricade into the front row. His knees will be shot before too long. Sabu holds down top rope and Park flips over and hits table that doesn’t break. Sabu gets scissors and stabs Parka in the mask. Sabu does spot where he jumps on chair and springboards off top rope into front row on Parka. Parka is a bloody mess. Sabu gets the scissors again and carves up Parka some more. Sabu legdrops Parka through a table. Parka is a bloody mess. Sabu hits an Arabian Facebuster. He then hits a triple jump moonsault for the pin. Decent bloody brawl. Rating: ***

After the match, Sabu tries to shake hands with La Parka. They finally shake and embrace. Another promo from that freak Alfonso. Parka then jumps him and throws him into a trash pile.

Match No. 6: Mike Awesome vs. Jerry Lynn for No. 1 contender to MLW tite. Awesome is a big bastard. Hard to believe he is the brother of that scrawny bastard Bill Alfonso, although they both have that trailer park aura. Huge spear by Awesome. Awesome vaults railing and clotheslines Lynn. Huge boot by Awesome. Awesome with a splash for a two count. Awesome hits a one shoulder powerbomb (Awesome Bomb) for the pin. Match was too short and Lynn didn’t get to do much. Rating: **1/2

After the match, Awesome raises his hands and you can see the gyno on his chest. Steroids will give you man boobs if you don’t watch out. Even Rock was cursed with the bitch tits for a while, wearing a shirt until he had surgery.

Daniels gets the mic and tells Lynn he is disappointed. He rips on Lynn for losing tonight and at the previous show. Daniels asks Lynn to join him and he accepts.

Promo with Terry Funk. Boy, is he looking old. He calls Dusty a fat ass. He says Dusty backed him up at left guard at West Texas State. He says Dusty was in his platoon in Vietnam with “those nips”. He says Dusty went AWOL and he shot him in the ass with his rifle. He says Rhodes rode a couple of fat pigs in Tampa. Great promo.

Match No. 7: Terry Funk vs. Steve Corino vs. Dusty Rhodes. Funk was right. Dusty is a fat ass. he must be pushing 350. Thankfully, he is leaving his Dusty Rhodes t-shirt on. Corino and Funk doubleteam Rhodes. He gives them both the bionic elbow. Corino crowns Dusty with a trash can. Funk does the same. Corino holds Rhodes and Funk instead clocks him with the trash can. Rhodes pulls down Funk’s pants exposing his flabby ass. Thanks Dusty. Rhodes is busted open. Funk nearly breaks his leg going over the guard rail. Rhodes hits Funk in the head with a shovel. Corino is now busted open. Rhodes takes a nut shot from Funk. Funk nails Corino in the throat with the shovel. Simon Diamond and C.W. Anderson jump Rhodes. Cheap fucking finish. Funk makes the save. He beats on Corino with the trash can afterwards. All three then attack Funk. Rating: **1/2

Rhodes makes the save and he and Funk then beat on Corino. Long post-match brawl. Funk and Rhodes flip each other off. They mug for the crowd, then hug each other.

Corino cuts bloody promo. Diamond is next, with his stupid Notre Dame jersey. Anderson rambles on.

Vampiro cuts promo. I hate this clown even more. He can’t wrestle and his promos suck. Why the fuck is he in the main event for this company?

Match No. 8: Satoshi Kojima vs. Vampiro for MLW title. Vampiro whips Kojima into the guardrail and fan in the front row falls on his ass. Kojima suplexes Vampiro on the floor. Vampiro jumps off camera stand 10 feet above stage and clotheslines Kojima. Dumbass grabs knee that already has a brace. Crowd is dead and I’m nearly falling asleep. Nice main event, Court Bauer. Kojima hits big elbow from the top rope. Dumbass Vampiro is wearing his wedding ring. Vampiro misses a corkscrew moonsault. Kojima hits a dragon screw and then kicks Vampiro’s knee. He hits another dragon screw. Kojima puts stepover toehold facelock (STF) on Vampiro. He then hits a cutter (Koji Cutter) on Vampiro followed by a lariat for the pin. Finish came out of nowhere and fans barely popped. Average match with pretty good finish. Rating: ***

Mike Awesome confronts Kojima after the match. He hits a sitout powerbomb and then walks away. I guess that is the main event for the next show. Awesome brings a table into the ring. He sets it up in the corner. And throws Kojima into the table. He then takes the belts and poses with it as the show goes off the air. Another average show.