Show opens with Da Hit Squad in the locker room. Divine Storm arrives. Trinity is in tow. She’s looking hot as always. They all leave to warm up and Special K takes over the locker room and starts to party.

Michael Shane cuts a promo backstage on Jeremy Lopez.

Da Hit Squad and Divine Storm return to the locker room. They are pissed at Special K.

Match No. 1: Jeremy Lopez vs. Michael Shane. Jeff Gorman and Chris Lovey on commentary. Senile Frank Talent of the Pa. Athletic Commission is talking in the hallway, not watching the match. Lopez hits nice neckbreaker. Shane uses back suplex to slow him down. Lopez hits double underhook ddt followed by a tiger driver. Shane fakes a superkick, Lopez ducks, then Shane hits superkick for a near fall. Shane to the top rope. He hits elbow drop for the pin. Decent opener. Rating: ***

Match No. 2: Colt Cabana vs. CM Punk. Cabana hits nice Japanese arm drag. Punk grabs Cabana’s arm and walks the rope like Undertaker. Punk gives Cabana a facewash. Cabana clotheslines Punk over the top rope. Cabana uses moonsault onto Punk outside of the ring. Cabana hits frog splash. Cabana uses snap suplex. Followed by double knee in the corner. Punk uses cross body block for near fall. Huge clothesline by Cabana. Punk hits a huricanrana from behind. Cabana takes a big bump but kicks out. Punk hits shining wizard but Cabana kicks out. Cabana hits colt .45 (double underhook overhead backbreaker drop) for the pin. Pretty good match, but a bit sloppy at times. Rating: ***

Gary Michael Capetta comes to the ring. He says the will have a rematch. And the winner will receive an ROH contract. Punk offers to cash in plane ticket for gas money. Cabana says he will fly if he wins.

Match No. 3: EZ Money vs. Paul London in No. 1 contenders match. Interesting match between a man who makes tights and a man who is an actor and model. Money uses a pendulum swing on London. Nice money clip by Money, who does springboard flip from outside and clotheslines London. He follows with standing moonsault. London does somersault plancha to the floor. Money uses an ez driver for a two count. London hits enzuigiri and Money staggers before falling. Nice springboard by Money. London hits legsweep ddt for the pin. Money looked good in his debut. One sloppy spot downgrades the match a bit. Rating: ***

Match No. 4: Chad Collyer vs. Bryan Danielson in No. 1 contenders match. Dragon works on the arm early. Collyer then works on Danielson’s arm. Dragon hits big shoulder block. Back-and-forth action between these two. Fans getting a little restless. Collyer working on Dragon’s leg. Big knee lift by Dragon. Dragon’s hits nice bridging german suplex. They trade blows. And chops. Collyer sinks in texas cloverleaf. Dragon reaches the ropes. Dragon hits dragon suplex for the pin. Very sound technical match. Rating: ****

Match No. 5: Special K (Joey Matthews & Deramged) vs. Jay Briscoe & Amazing Red vs. Spanish Announce Table (Joel & Jose Maximo) vs. Da Hit Squad (Mafia & Monsta Mack) in four-way scramble match. Jose and Jay trade arm locks. Mafia beating the shit out of Deranged. Red in against his cousin Joel. Nice work by these two. Trinity getting beat down by Special K outside the ring. Joel uses dragon screw leg whip and then figure four on Deranged. Jay hits nice snap suplex on Joel. Jay and Red to flapjack on Joel. Jose makes the save. Joel with a big clothesline on Jay. Jay and Mafia trading forearms. Red and Mafia botch a spot. Monsta Mack with a powerslam on Jay. Jay uses yakuza kick on Monsta Mack. Joey uses hangman’s neckbreaker on Monsta Mack. Red does superplex to the floor on Delirious. Mafia does suicide dive and takes out the guard rail and front row. Mafia misses headbutt from the top rope. Deranged misses a tope. Joel misses a tope. Red misses a frog splash. Joey misses elbow drop. Monsta Mack splashes Joey. He somehow kicks out. Monsta Mack hits big piledriver on Joey. Delirious with floating ddt on Monsta Mack. Jay with a huge powerbomb on Deranged. Jay goes for jay driller on Delirous, but Mafia spears both of them hard. Red hits f5 on Joel. Followed by red star press. Joel kicks out. Jose piledrives Red five times. Then a face buster and a swinging german suplex. Joey breaks it up. SAT uses tapping machine on Special K for the pin. Tons of high spots. Match went a bit long. Rating: ***

Special K argues with the ref after the match. Large black man gives ref a bodybag and leaves the ring.

Highlights of ROH High Impact TV taping. Paul E. Normous destroys Buff E. Dragon pummels Marcos. Paul London all over Angle Dust. Da Hit Squad beat Outkast Killaz. Jimmy Rave beaten by A.J. Styles.

Match No. 6: Jeff Starr & Shockwave vs. Divine Storm (Chris Divine & Quiet Storm). Quiet Storm with three northern lights suplexes. Starr doesn’t belong out here with these guys. Storm hits shockwave and storm cradle driver for the pin. Squash. Rating: *

C.W. Anderson hits the ring and beats up the two jabronis. Gabe tries to act like he hates C.W. and wants to edit him off the tape. C.W. rips on ROH. He says Gabe was an internet geek who became booker and used to kiss his ass in ECW. He calls out Gabe. C.W. goes to the back and him and Sapolsky yell at each other. If this was an angle, it was pretty damn good.

Match No. 7: Paul London vs. Brian Danielson in No. 1 contenders trophy final.
They trade hard chops and slaps early. Nice mat work by London. He hits a japanese arm drag. Tons of knife edge chops by Danielson in the corner. London hits two flip dropkicks. And a standing moonsault. Danielson uses cross arm german suplex on London. They both take a nasty bump over the top rope onto the floor. On the floor, London gives him a superkick. London hits cross body block for a two count. London goes to the top rope. Dragon catches him. And gives London back suplex from the top rope. London barely kicks out. Danielson hits cattle mutilation. London reaches the ropes. London hits shooting star press from the pin. Real good match between two great wrestlers. Rating: ****

After the match, London cuts promo and gives Dragon props. Dragon returns the kudos.

Match No. 8: A.J. Styles vs. Xavier. Styles hits styles clash immediately. Luscious puts his foot on the rope to save the title. A.J. hits nice back suplex, followed by clothesline and flipping dropkick. Styles does corkscrew plancha over the top rope. Xavier does release overhead suplex on Styles. He goes back to the chin lock. Styles hits superplex but he can’t make the cover as he is holding his head. They trade knife edge chops before Styles his enzuigiri. Styles uses springboard moonsault into ddt. Xavier catches him with waterwheel slam. Several near falls by both guys. Xavier uses shoulder block into A.J.’s back. He then uses a camel clutch. A.J. hits nice piledriver after reversing out of move by Xavier. Xavier hits pumphandle sitout suplex, but A.J. kicks out. Xavier misses 450 and A.J. hits superkick. A.J. hits styles clash from the top rope. He he hurts his knee and can’t cover him right away. Xavier gets his arm on the rope. Xavier ties up A.J.’s knee, rolls over and gets the pin. Solid match, with a couple of rope slips. Grade: ***1/2

Match No. 9: Carnage Crew (Loc & Devito) vs. Homicide & Abdullah the Butcher. Abby is one fat bastard. Homicide attacked early. Abby goes right to the fork, cutting Loc in the head. Devito hits moonsault on Homicide. Loc bleeding already. He’s a mess. Devito and Homicide are also bloody. Loc cracks Homicide in the head with a hub cap. Abby using fork again on Loc, this time in his mouth. Homicide puts Loc on the table and hits him with a chair shot. Homicide goes for flip dive on table but Loc moves. Loc and Devito double team Abby. Abby now has a chain. Homicide nearly gets cop killa on Loc but he reverses it into back suplex. Loc hits Abby with a chair but nothing happens. Except that he gets pissed. Homicide hits cop killa on Loc for the pin. Homicide has noose around Loc’s neck. Abby pounding on guys from the locker room. Mafia uses some vicious char shots. Him and Monsta Mack double team Abby. Homicide holds him back. Abby uses fork on some poor bastard. Entertaining bloodbath. Rating: ***

Homicide leads a chant for Butcher. Butcher goes back after some bastard who is a blood mess. Butch has a crazed look on his face as he leaves with Homicidee. They show the poor bloody bastard.

Homicide tells Carnage Crew their feud is over. He talks about his match with Low Ki. Carnage Crew is a bloody mess in the locker room and they are happy about their match. They cut a long promo on how much they like bleeding. Colt Cabana and Punk are driving home together. Colt is rambling and Punk is getting pissed. Punk gets out of the car and starts walking. Christoper Daniels cuts another great promo.