Show opens with promo by Christopher Daniels. Samoa Joe is smirking in the background. Dunn and Marcos stop Daniels as he tries to leave. They ask for a title shot. Daniels laughs his ass off. Nice comedy bit.

Jeff Gorman and Chris Lovey (Gabe Sapolsky) on commentary. Jay Brisco cuts a promo, calls out his brother. Mark comes out, introduces his dream tag team partner — Christopher Daniels. Daniels on the mic. He says Mark is the new member of the Prophecy.

Match No. 1: Jay Briscoe & Amazing Red vs. Mark Briscoe & Christopher Daniels. Mark gives Jay a cheap shot. Nice segment by Mark and Red. Damn good since they are 17 & 20. Daniels gives Red huge backdrop to the floor. Daniels and Mark double-teaming Red. Red uses small package on Daniels but Mark distracts the ref. Daniels hits double springboard moonsault on Red. Briscoe follows with ace crusher from the top rope. Red makes the hot tag. Jay hits ddt on Mark. Jay goes for jay driller but Daniels breaks it up. Mark clotheslines Jay over top rope. Red hits code red (leg trap sunset flip powerbomb) for near fall. Daniels hits last rites (rolling cutter) for the pin. Very good opener. Rating: ***1/2

Joey Matthews backstage with Special K. Alexi Laree interrupts. Joey just laughs at her and she walks off.

Match No. 2: Mace with Alison Danger vs. Alexis Laree. Alexis grabs Mace by the balls. Then hits ddt for the pin. Pretty weak finisher. Rating: **

Steve Corino backstage with a patch over his eye. He rips on ROH and its fans.

Match No. 3: Jeremy Lopez vs. Xavier. Xavier with some big chops. He hits a samoan drop. Lopez uses ankle lock. Lopez hits double underhook ddt, followed by a tiger driver. Xavier uses cobra clutch suplex. Lopez hits elevated ddt. Xavier hits x breaker (jumping hangman’s neckbreaker) followed by 450 splash for the pin. Started slow, but good finish. Rating: **1/2

Match No. 4: Tony Mamaluke & Matt Thompson vs. Da Hit Squad (Mafia & Monsta Mack). Gabe says Thompson is 6-8. And it’s only his fourth match. No idea why they are putting him on this show. Thompson hits a huge cross body block. He tries a satellite head scissors, but doesn’t quite hit it. Thompson botches something. Monsta Mack makes him pay with a clothesline. He then hits belly to belly suplex. Mafia hits facewash on Mamaluke. Mamaluke takes a double clothesline. Mafia hits clothesline on Mamaluke after Monsta Mack gives him a wheelbarrow suplex. Thompson clotheslines Monsta Mack from the ring apron. Mamaluke hits legdrop from the top rope. Then a swinging ddt. Thompson tags in. And hits a lionsault on Mafia. He goes to the top rope but gets knocked off his feet. Mafia then hits nasty burning hammer for the pin. Mamaluke got tap out on Monsta Mack but it was too late. Decent match with green freak show element. Rating: ***

Match No. 5: Special K (Joey Matthews, Izzy, Slim J, Deranged & Angel Dust with Dixie) vs. Devine Storm (Chris Devine & Quiet Storm with Trinity) & SAT (Jose & Joel Maximo) & Amazing Red. Deranged starts with Jose. Red and Slim J with some nice moves. Red gives him a vicious clothesline and he takes a flip bump. Joel drops Izzy with an enzuigiri. Holy shit is right. All five members of Special K dive to the floor. Three suicide dives and a couple of flip dives. Joel with a nasty clothesline on Joel. SAT with great triple team. Deranged gets hung in the ropes and all five faces give him baseball slide to the face. Devine hits brainbuster on Deranged. Deranged hits ddt. Devine takes five elbows. Red drops Slim J on his face. Izzy then gives Red a shooting star drop kick. Joel hits nice sitting power bomb on Deranged. Quiet Storm hits spinal shock on Joey. The faces hit four top rope power bombs after Red does flip dive onto the floor. Four moonsaults by the heels. Red and Deranged trade some nice high spot moves. Quiet Storm hits storm cradle driver on slim j but Izzy makes the save. Joel gives Deranged four power bombs and a maximo explosion. Red hits infrared on Angel Dust for the pin. Tons of high spots. Purists may not like it, but I enjoyed the match. Rating: ****

Match No. 6: Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos) vs. Samoa Joe. RCE tries to double team Joe, but it doesn’t work. He hits Marcos with an elbow and Dunn with a running boot. He gives Dunn a powerslam and then clotheslines Marcos after blinding him with his t-shirt. He follows with a sitout side powerslam on Marcos. Joe then hits the sitout side powerslam on Dunn for the pin. A handicap squash match. Rating: **

Match No. 7: Rudy Boy Gonzalez & Paul London vs. Michael Shane & Biohazard in a street fight. London & Gonzalez attacked before the bell. London takes bump through the guardrail. Gonzalez puts Biohazard through a guardrail. London and Shane in the ring. They trade some nice moves. London hits his dropkick where he flips. Gonzalez gives London a backdrop onto Shane. He then backdrops London over the top rope onto Shane & Biohazard. London uses standing moonsault on the floor on Biohazard. Gonzalez does tarantula on Shane. London puts Biohazard through the guardrail and into the crowd. Shane ddt’s Gonzalez on fence guardrail on the floor. London, seated in chair in the ring, gets snap mare from Biohazard from the second rope. Rudy Boy posted by Shane. Biohazard gives London a death valley driver. He then grabs a ladder from underneath the ring. He sets it up on guard rail. London sets ladder up between ring apron and guard rail. London crotches himself on the ladder. Gonzalez kicks Shane who bumps through table at ringside. Biohazard suplexes Gonzalez on the ladder in the ring. Biohazard hits senton on Gonzalez on the ladder. London hits standing moonsault on chair on Biohazard. Shane goes for superplex on London. London blocks it and Gonzalez superkicks him. London hits shooting star press on Shane for a two count. Shane hits superkick on Gonzalez for two. London and Gonzalez clothesline Shane over top rope. Gonzalez power bombs Biohazard from the top rope and London hits standing shooting star press for the pin. Damn good match. Rating: ****

Match No. 8: Carnage Crew (Loc & Devito & Masato) vs. Alex Arion & Don Juan & Fast Eddie. Fast Eddie does moonsault outside the match on all three members of Carnage Crew. Crew triple teams Arion. Loc drops Don Juan on his head using a back suplex. Masato hits huge power bomb on Don Juan. Devito superplexes Don Juan and Masato hits leg drop from top rope. Devito misses moonsault. Fast Eddie hits hurricanrana on Masato seated on top turnbuckle. Arion follows up with a splash but the ref is distracted. Loc hits him with a chairshot in the head. Arion kicks out. Loc and Devito hit spike piledriver from top rope for the pin. Decent match. Rating: ***1/2

Match No. 9: Samoa Joe vs. Homicide. Nice mat work early. Joe with several kawada kicks. Followed by facewashes and two big boots. Joe hits two hard forearms. Homicide does suicide flip dive through the middle rope. Homicide uses running knee on Joe. Joe responds with uranage suplex. Joe takes irish whip into the guard rail. Joe responds with enzuigiri. Joe drops homicide on his head with a dragon suplex. Homicide does huricanrana off top rope, followed by lariat, on Joe. Joe hits death valley driver and huge clothesline on Homicide. Homicide drops Joe on his head with a side suplex. He hits two yakuza kicks. Joe blocks the third and hits a power bomb. He hits an stf and turns it into a kokina clutch. Homicide makes the ropes. They trade hard slaps to the face. Homicide rolls up Joe for the pin. Awesome strong style match. Rating: ****

Match No. 10: Christopher Daniels vs. A.J. Styles for No. 1 Contender’s Trophy. Nice mat work early. Both hit the mat after simultaneous cross body blocks. Styles nails a nice dropkick. Daniels monkey flips Styles hard into the corner. Daniels drops Styles over the guard rail. Styles replies with same move. Styles hits facebuster. Styles gets crotched on the top rope and flips onto Daniels. They trade chops to the chest. Daniels hits back suplex. He does double jump moonsault but Styles moves and he lands on his feet. He then hits a flatliner. Styles nails a brainbuster for a two counts. Daniels hits nice blue thunder driver. Then an sto. He hits the double springboard moonsault. Styles kicks out. Daniels hits backslide, Styles replies with small package. Styles uses styles clash for the pin. Great match between two pros. Mark Briscoe and Xavier attack him after the match. They beat his ass. Jay Briscoe tries to make the save. He gets beaten down. SAT then make the save. Styles gives Xavier the styles clash. Rating: ****

Match No. 11: Bryan Danielson vs. Doug Williams in 30-minute iron man match. Nice work early. Williams working on Danielson’s arm. Danielson tries for stf. Williams hits judo throws, but Danielson responds with a hip toss. Danielson uses some european uppercuts. Nice back and forth action. Danielson hits superplex. Both are slow to get up. Danielson gets near fall with northern lights suplex. He gets another near fall with dragon suplex. He hits a second one for the pin. Danielson up 1-0. Williams hits tope on Danielson. Williams hits several knees for a near fall. Williams uses german suplex. Followed by swinging cobra clutch. Dragon to the top rope. He uses flying headbutt. Williams barely kicks out. Danielson blocks chaos theory by going through ropes to the floor. Williams uses rollup for near fall. Five minutes left in the match. Williams with floating ddt. Dragon kicks out. Danielson somehow kicks out of chaos theory. Williams to the top rope. He hits a big knee from the top rope. Danielson kicks out again. Williams with two german suplexes and chaos theory. Danielson makes the ropes. Williams with a brainbuster. Danielson kicks out again. One minute left in the match. Williams uses cross face near the end of the match. Danielson holds on for the win. These guys put on a great technical show. Rating: ****1/2

Danielson cuts a promo. Not bad. Williams cuts promo. He’s pissed. He wants a best of three match. Prophecy promo. Luscious is on the phone and Samoa Joe walks out. He’s wearing a Curry Man t-shirt. A.J. Styles is talking to Alexis Laree. Prophecy jumps them.