Steve Corino goes up to Low Ki in the locker room. Corino says the Zero One office wants them to face Otani and Tanaka and asks if he is interested. Homicide interrupts and he and Corino argue.

Match No. 1: Special K (Dixie & Joey Matthews) vs. Devine Storm (Chris Devine & Quite Storm) vs. SAT (Jose & Joel Maximo) vs. Da Hit Squad (Mafia and Monsta Mack) in a four-way scramble match. Jeff Gorman and Chris Lovey (Gabe Sapolsky) on commentary. Joel hits hurricanrana on Storm. They do a great power bomb spot from the top rope with all six guys. Monsta Mack hits spike piledriver from the top rope on Jose. Joey gets out of burning hammer attempt by Mafia. Mafia then does german suplex. Mafia goes to press slam Dixie, but Dixie rolls him into a ddt. Storm hits german suplex on Dixie, followed by a spinal shock (gory neckbreaker). Quiet Storm takes several suplexes from the Maximos. They both go to the top rope across from each other. One hits a moonsault and the other hits a legdrop timed perfectly. Dixie destroyed by DHS. SAT hits spanish fly on Dixie for the pin. Great moves, real good match if you like frantic tag team action. Rating: ***1/2

Christopher Daniels cuts promo backstage. Samoa Joe looks bored. Luscious showing off her ample bosom. Luscious gives Xavier a hard time again. Xavier cuts promo on Jay Briscoe. Joe walks out of promo.

Match No. 2: C.M. Punk vs. Michael Shane in No. 1 contenders gauntlet series match. This is Punk’s ROH debut. Mat wrestling early. Punk starts to work the arm. He walks the ropes and does a thesz press on the arm. It doesn’t work a second time as Shane gives him a back suplex. Back to the mat. Punk misses a dropkick. But he hits a senton for a near fall. Punk puts on arm breaker submission hold. Punk does a split leg moonsault but Shane gets the knees up. Punk goes for cross body block but Shane kicks him in the face. Punk hits shining wizard but Shane kicks out. Punk goes for rollup, Shane reverses it and holds the rope for the pin. These guys must have never worked together since it was sloppy in places. But still a pretty good match. Rating: ***

Match No. 3: Paul London vs. Michael Shane in No. 1 contenders gauntlet match. They trade punches right away. London chops the hell out of him and follows with some kicks. London takes a bump and takes out the barricade. Shane does standing suplex on the floor. London hits ddt out of nowhere for the pin. Good match, pretty short though. London bitches after the match. Fans chant shut the fuck up. Shane leaves without a handshake. Tommy Dreamer comes and brings Shane back to the ring. Dreamer cuts a promo, tells Shane he is not leaving the ring without shaking hands. He makes a joke about actually getting a paycheck now. Shane shakes London’s hand then cheap shots him. Dreamer hits a dreamer ddt (vertical snap ddt) on Shane. Post-match action bumps the rating. Rating: ****

Match No. 4: Paul London vs. Amazing Red in No. 1 contenders guantlet match.. Fast opening, but a bit sloppy. London grabs Red by the ankes and swings him into the guard rail. Red hits red star press (standing shooting star press) for a near fall. Red does huricanrana from the top rope. London kicks out. London hits shooting star press for the pin. Rating: ***1/2

Match No. 5: Paul London vs. “American Dragon” Brian Danielson. Mat wrestling early. Danielson starts to pound on London. London goes for moonsault and Danielson dropkicks him in the knees. Danielson goes for hip toss, but London ddt’s him. London with the nice dropkick into the flip. He hits a standing moonsault. Danielson then hits huge clothesline. Dragon goes for a suplex off the top rope, but London blocks hit. London with a russian leg sweep from the top rope. Danielson then does a superplex. Dragon nails a dragon suplex followed by cattle mutilation (bridging grounded double chickenwing). Great technical match. Rating: ****

Match No. 6: Christopher Daniels & Donovan Morgan & Samoa Joe vs. Homicide & Low Ki & Doug Williams for ROH tag team titles. Joe gets pissed as Daniels blind tags him from behind as he is about to lock up with Low Ki. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Joe actually looks cool with blonde hair. Not sure why he went back to the natural look. Homicide looks good cleaning the ring. He does some nice fast spots with Daniels, although they nearly botch one. Low Ki and Homicide hit double yakuza kicks on Daniels. Tons of crazy spots outside the ring. Joe ends it with a flip over the top rope onto everyone. Joe hits dragon suplex on Williams. Everyone does their finishers but pin bets broken up. Joe puts stf on Homicide then hits rear naked clutch for the submission. Great match, helluva finish. Joe shakes hands, Daniels gets pissed. Rating: ****

Match No. 7: Allison Danger vs. Alexis Laree. Laree wins with an inverted ddt. Mace suplexes her afterwards. Rating: **1/2

Match No. 8: Ring Crew Express (Marcos & Dunn) vs. The Carnage Crew (Loc & Devito). Spike piledriver on Marcos ends the squash. Rating: *1/2

Gary Michael Capetta calls out J.T. Smith, making his first return in six years. Special K comes to the ring and interrupts him. They then jump him until Omar Tortuga and Diablo Santiago make the save. Slugga jumps them, but then shakes the hand of J.T.

Match No. 9: Jay Briscoe vs. Xavier for the ROH championship. Simply Average makes the ring intros. Nice recovery by Jay after they lose grip with each other. Xavier bridges from his back. Xavier blocks a jay driller. Brisco clotheslines Xavier over the top rope. Xavier responds by suplexing Brisco over top rope and to the floor. Xavier then hits flying elbow from the ring apron. Xavier hits nice springboard moonsault onto Brisco. Jay is busted open after dropkick from a chair. Xavier hits jumping hangman’s neckbreaker but Brisco kicks out. Jay is a mess. Xavier blocks jay driller again. Brisco hits superplex. Then a german suplex. Xavier kicks out at two. Brisco hits death valley driver. He goes to the top rope. Luscious throws chair into the ring. Brisco hits leg drop from the top rope for a near fall. Jay just missed jay driller. Xavier hits cobra clutch suplex, followed by pumphandle sitout facebuster, but Jay somehow kicks out. Brisco hits power bomb. She throws chair in to distract the ref and trip Brisco from the top rope. Xavier hits nasty jumping hangman’s neckbreaker for the pin. Match was a bit sloppy in places and lacked heat, but nonetheless very good. Rating: ***1/2

Match No. 10: A.J. Styles vs. Brian Danielson in number one contenders gauntlet final. Great matwork early. Fans go crazy. More technical wrestling. Danielson knocks A.J. silly with huge shoulder block. They take it back to the mat. Danielson jumps in a drop kick attempt but Styles hits dropkick of his own. Danielson hits big elbow. A.J. jumps over guard rail and then hits Danielson with superkick. Danileson hits two head butts, but A.J. responds with forearm. Danielson goes to work on A.J.’s arm. He continues with some head butts to the arm. Styles does springboard suplex but Danielson catches him with fisherman’s suplex. Danielson is bleeding from the fac. A.J. hits a brainbuster. Dragon with a bridging german suplex. He then hits headbutt from the top rope for a near fall. A.J. with a german suplex followed by a facebuster. A.J. to the top rope. Danielson knocks him off balance and climbs to the top. Danielson hits back suplex and drops A.J. on his face. They trade slaps to the face and punches before clotheslining each other. They trade blows 0n their knees. Styles hits springboard moonsault and reverse ddt, but Danielson kick out. Syles hits styles clash (belly to back inverted mat slam), but Danielson kicks out. Danielson hits bridging dragon suplex but Styles kick out. Danileson uses cattle mutilation (bridging grounded double chickenwing) but he can’t hold it. He rolls A.J. over for near fall. Styles hits styles coash again for the pin. Damn good match. Rating: ****1/2

Danielson goes to the locker room and is jumped by Prophecy members Christopher Daniels, Donovan Morgan and Xavier. They then jump A.J. Styles in the ring. Jay Brisco and Bryan Danielson make the save.

Match No. 11: Steve Corino & Low Ki vs. Masato Tanaka & Shinjiro Otani. Tanaka hits sitout powerbomb on Ki. Otani and Tanaka make a wish on Ki. Otani hits double boot to the face as Tanaka holds him in camel clutch. Otani chops the hell out of Ki. Otani hits facewash on Corino. Followed by a big boot to the face. And another. Otani hits huge spinning sole kick on Ki. Tanaka spears Lo Ki and hits a stunner on Corino. Tanaka with a huge frog spash on Low Ki. Low Ki hits several kawada kicks on Tanaka. Otani hits tornado ddt on Corino. Tanaka hits same move. Corino responds with exploder suplex on Otani. Corino uses fisherman’s buster on Otani. Corino holds Otani and Ki does springboard enzuigiri Otani ducks and he hits Corino. Tanaka gives Ki a lariat and Otani hits springboard missile drop kick on Corino followed by a spiral bomb (spinning sitout powerbomb) for the pin. Great match, Otani is the man. Rating: ****

Da Hit Squad backstage. Homicide is sharpening his fork. He’s still pissed at Corino. He attacks Corino with the fork and leaves him laying on the ground.