Match No. 1: DJ Skittlez vs. Ichabod Slayne. Missed spot early. Slayne uses moonsault onto Skittlez on the floor. Nice sitting powerbomb by Skittlez. Blind Rage goes to hit Skittlez with the pumpkin but he hits Slayne. Skittlez hits spinning powerbomb for the pin. Decent match. Rating: **1/2

Match No. 2: Marshal Law vs. Dragonfly. Dragonfly can’t do anything in this one. Marshal hits blockbuster suplex. And a side slam. Nice bump over top rope by Dragonfly. Marshal hits amaze impact followed by senton for the pin. Nice finisher by a big guy. Squash. Rating: **

Mister ZERO cuts a promo. He says he is looking for the perfect partner. He brings out Brock Singleton and Sasha.

Match No. 3: Mister ZERO & Brock Singleton vs. Melvin Snodgrass & Lester Crabtree. Mostly comedy. Melvin spits his pills into Brock’s face. Lester hurts his back trying a suplex. Brock uses a torture abdominal stretch on Lester. Followed by a sitting power bomb. Zero hits camel clutch on Melvin. Lester spanks Brock and Zero. Melvin spanks Sasha. Zero hits last shaven unicorn drop for the pin. Average comedy match. Rating: **1/2

After the match, Zero fires Brock.

Match No. 4: Chris Divine vs. Don Montoya vs. Slyk Wagner Brown. Match joined in progress. Slyk does nice moonsault on Montoya. Divine and Slyk argue. Slyk hits some loud chops on Divine in the corner. Montoya powerbombs Slyk who superplexes Divine. Sadly, neither April Hunter or Trinity is at ringside. Slyk accidentally hits moonsault on Divine and Montoya rolls up Slyk for the pin. Decent for what was shown. Rating: **1/2
Match No. 5: Mercedez Martinez vs. Stephanie Star. Match not shown.
Match No. 6: Gran Akuma vs. Blind Rage. Sloppy work early. Pretty nice cross body block by Akuma. Ichabod Slayne comes to the ring. His interference backfires and Akuma gets the pin with a sitting power bomb. Decent match for what was shown. Rating: **
Match No. 7: April Hunter vs. Nikki Rox. Match not shown.
Match No. 8: Hallowicked & The Wild Cards (Eddie Kingston & Jack Marciano) vs. Mike Quackenbush & Love Bug & UltraMantis. Kingston and Marciano trade slaps and chops. Nice doubleteam work by the wild cards. Faces do group leverage move. Marciano misses 540 from top rope. Submissions by all wrestlers at once. Quack takes some punishment. He uses a razor’s edge into a sitting powerbomb on Hallowicked for the pin. Nice moves in this one. Rating: ***