Match No. 1: Devine Storm (Chris Devine & Quiet Storm) vs. Special K (Izzy & Dixie) vs. Homicide vs. SAT (Joel & Jose Maximo) in tag team scramble match. Jeff Gorman and Chris Lovey (Gabe Sapolsky) on commentary. Nice chain wrestling by Jose and Quiet Storm. Guys do chain submissions. Joel lariats Dixie from the top rope. Then hits Maximo Explosion. Izzy hits floating DDT. Devine hits Dragon screw on Izzy. Homicide hits flip dive outside of the ring. Tons of dives follow. Guys do multiple superplex. Storm hits muscle buster into power bomb. Homicide hits Cop Killa on Izzy and STF on Dixie for the pin. Tons of great high spots and moves. Rating: ****

After the match, Backseat Boyz come to the ring. Trent Acid says CPW and ROH will work together. They challenge Homicide to a match. Homicide says he will tag with anyone. Steve Corino comes to the ring.

Match No. 2: Steve Corino & Homicide vs. Backseat Boyz (Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere). Homicide does ace crusher on Kashmere. Homicide does drop toe hold onto chair outside of ring on Acid. Homicide does flip dive through middle rope on Acid. Kashmere with spear on Corino. And then Homicide. Boyz hit dream sequence on Homicide. Homicide goes for forearm on Kashmere. He ducks and Homicide nails Corino. Homicide goes for cop killa but Corino kicks homicide. Boyz hit t gimmick for the pin. Damn good tag team match. Great ending. Rating: ****1/2

Match No. 3: Christoper Street Connection (Buff E. & Mase) & Allison Danger vs. Christian York & Joey Matthews & Alexis Laree. Mase hits gay basher on Alexis. Allison gets the pin. York superkicks Japanese Pool Boy after the match. Then does a legdrop as Joey holds him. This one wasn’t the greatest. Rating: **

James Maritato talks about the FBI gimmick. He says if Tony Mamaluke wins, he can have the FBI gimmick. If he wins, FBI gimmick is dead forever.

Match No. 4:
Tony Mamaluke vs. James Maritato. Mamaluke jumps him at the bell. They do some mat wrestling. Mamaluke does dragon screw and then half boston crab. Maritato uses fujiwara armbar. Mamaluke responds with front chancery. Mamaluke does superplex into front chancery. Maritato taps in what turns out to be his final ROH match before going to WWE. Decent match although crowd wasn’t really into it, which downgrades rating. Rating: **1/2

Match No. 5: Ikuto Hidaka vs. Amazing Red. These guys do some nice choreographed moves, ending in both missing dropkicks on each other. Red does crazy flip over the top rope, misses Hidaka and goes hard into the chain link fence/guard rail. Somehow, he gets up. He misses red star press. Red hits spinning karate kick. Hidaka uses ankle lock. They trade rolling moves. Then double clothesline. Hidaka hits superkick. Then spinning ace crusher. Red hits 619. Followed by sunset flip power bomb. Red hits infrared and red star press for the pin. These guys did a great junior heavyweight style match. Tons of great moves. Rating: ****

Match No. 6: Don Juan vs. Fast Eddie. Eddie does a nice bridge. Don Juan hits neckbreaker type move. Fast Eddie hits german suplex. Don Juan takes nasty bump through the middle rope. Fast Eddie does springboard moonsault but misses and hits the guardrail. Don Juan hits ace crusher as Eddie enters the ring for near pin. Eddie nails Don Juan with knee. Eddie does fallaway slam blockbuster for the pin. These guys were a little slower and not as technically sound as the ROH guys, but they put on a nice show. Biohazard destroys both after the match. Rudy Boy Gonzales makes the save. Corino comes out. And rags on Rudy. Rudy says he’s a Dusty Rhodes wannabe. Then hits him with the mic. Rating: **1/2

Match No. 7: Rudy Boy Gonzales vs. Steve Corino in Texas Death Match. They jaw at each other on the mic. Rudy says Corino is a Dusty Rhodes wannabe. Gonzales hits Corino with the mic repeatedly. Corino already bleeding. Gonzales hits superkick for the pin. Corino beats the count. The brawl into the crowd. Corino hits some face washes with the boots. Corino hits cobra sleeper. Corino get the decision. Rudy can’t beat the 10 count and Corino wins the match. Rudy won’t shake so Corino puts on the sleeper again. London makes the save with a ladder. London does shooting star press from the ladder and hits the guardrail hard. Good match, great postmatch. Rating: ****

Match No. 8: Samoa Joe vs. Low Ki in Fight Without Honor. Joe making his ROH debut. They put him with Low Ki right away. These guys pounding on each other early. Joe goes after Low Ki’s leg early. They trade face slaps. Ki hits rolling wheel kick. Joe hits a huge lariat. Ki hits a tiger suplex. They trade slaps to the face again. Joe hits a couple of facewashes. Ki hits back suplex. Joe counters dragon clutch with a death valley driver. He hits island driver but Ki puts his foot on the ropes. More trading of slaps. And kicks to the face. Joe hits a big lariat. Ki with numerous kawada kicks. Joe is dazed. Low Ki hits some clotheslines to the head for the pin. Physical technical masterpiece. Grade: ****1/2

Match No. 9: Prince Nana vs. Elax. Elax does comedy spot and Nana attacks him. Squash. Dunn & Marcos confront Nana afterwards. He leaves but Slugga destroys them and walks back to his spot in the crowd. Grade: *

Match No. 10: Jay Briscoe vs. Xavier in a non-title match. Xavier hits nice belly-to-belly suplex. Jay with death valley driver. Then he clotheslines Xavier over the top rope. Jay goes for Macho Man double axe handle off top rope and misses. Xavier spears Jay in nuts as he is in tree of woe. Xavier ddt’s Briscoe from top rope. Jay does nice german suplex for near fall. Xavier nails cobra clutch suplex but Jay kicks out. Jay hits double underhook piledriver (Jay driller) for the pin. Nice upset win for Briscoe, but a bit short. Daniels and Joe attack Jay after the match. Low Ki and Doug Williams make the save. Grade: ***1/2

Match No. 11: Carnage Crew (Loc & Devito) vs. Da Hit Squad in falls count anywhere match. DHS hits CC with fence from the guardrail. Devito is bleeding. Mafia does suicide dive onto all three and through the guard rail. Devito takes chair shot to the head. Huge brawl in the crowd. Loc nails Mafia with chair and Devito follows. Loc uses hub cab on Mafia. Devito hits spike piledriver on Mafia from stage down through table. Great brawl, killer finishing spot. Grade: ****

Joey Matthews is all fucked up backstage. Special K laughs about it.

Match No. 12: Brian Kendrick vs. Michael Shane vs. Paul London. Spanky jumps Shane. London hits dropkicks and he tries a backflip but lands on his head. London and Spanky go at it. London walks over Spanky and hits shooting star press on Shane. Great move as Spanky skins the cat and Shane hits London with a baseball slide. Spanky then does pescado on both guys. London misses shooting star press. Spanky does sliced bread No. 2 off Shane’s back. But Shane superkicks Spanky and pins London. Shane now faces Spanky. Spanky tosses Shane into the guard rail. Shane blocks slice bread No. 2 with clothesline to the back of the head. He follows with flying elbow from the top rope. Spanky hits springboard drop kick. Spanky with a frog splash but Shane kicks out. Shane nails a floating ddt for a near fall. Shane with a superkick and flying elbow for the pin. The three guys were awesome, it slowed down after London was eliminated. Grade: ****

Match No. 13: Christopher Daniels vs. Doug Williams. They do a nice job of trading holds and escaping early. Williams can’t hit chaos theory. But he does deliver flying knee drop. Daniels hits a nice sto. Williams kicks out of best moonsault ever (double spingboard moonsault). Another chaos theory but Daniels grabs the rope. Williams argues, then Daniles drops Williams to the mat and Daniels puts his feet on the rope for the pin. Great match, but a bit short. Dick Togo cracks Daniels with a crutch afterwards. Jay hits him with a jay driller. Grade: ****

Tony Mamaluke leaves the building with his suitcase. James Maritato asks if he’s going to say goodbye. They hug. Maritato asks him to become a serious wrestler. Mamaluke seems to listen.

Daniels and Xavier and Samoa Joe cut promo. Simply Luscious interrupts Xavier. After the promo is over, Corino comes over to Luscious. Daniels asks him why he is hanging out with Michael Shane. Shane comes into the room. Xavier and Shane jaw at each other. Daniels won’t let Luscious leave with Corino and Shane. But Joe starts to and Daniels gets upset.