Show opens with Joey Styles saying the MLW title has been vacated. He doesn’t say why. After Shane Douglas talked shit about everyone in the industry on the last show, he is obviously done. Here’s the he said/she said recap of why Douglas was stripped of the title. Sounds like Bush League Wrestling to me. Styles says four men were in a lottery to determine who will wrestle for the title: Taiyo Kea, Satoshi Kojima, Sabu and Jerry Lynn. Lynn and Kojima will wrestle for the title, while Sabu and Kea will wrestle to become No. 1 contender. Hey Court Bauer, why not just have all four guys wrestle a mini-tournament to determine the champ? Again, questionable title booking is starting to piss me off when it comes to MLW.

The four guys from the lottery fight in the ring before the show. I think. Styles doesn’t identify them, or say anything, as they fight. Like I’m supposed to know what Kojima looks like?

Christopher Daniels cuts a promo with Dick Togo and Ikuto Hidaka.

Match No. 1: Super Crazy vs. Fuego Guerrero. Guerrero is Amazing Red using a mask. Two nice spinning arm drags by Red. Red then hits a flying head scissors. Huge kick to the head by Crazy. And another to the back of the head. Red hits springboard somersault plancha on Crazy on the carpet? Crazy with a springboard moonsault from the second rope followed by a standing corkscrew elbow. Cray plants Red on his face and then hits a slingshot legdrop. They do the spot where the crowd counts in Spanish as crazy punches Red. Red hits tornado ddt. It looks like they botch a spot. Crazy hits brainbuster but Red kicks out. Red with a nice corkscrew suicide plancha. He hits a standing shooting star press, but misses a senton. Crazy hits powerbomb for the pin. Damn good opener. Rating: ***1/2

Match No. 2: La Parka vs. Shocker. Good back and forth early. These guys have wrestled with or against each other hundreds of times and it shows. Shocker fakes a highspot to the floor and does a springboard handstand and stays in the ring and struts. Both guys plaing to the crowd. Huge springboard bump to the floor by Parka and then Shocker hits cross body block to the floor. Park hits corkscrew suicide dive. Park with a suicide senton. Park misses a chair shot but is dropkicked in the face with the chair. Shocker goes for dive through the ropes and Park nails him with the chair in the head. Russian leg sweep by Parka. Shocker from the top rope but Parka drop kicks him in the face. Parka hits missile drop kick from the top rope. Shocker hits superplex from top rope. Shocker hits huge bulldog. Shocker with La Magistral for near fall. Shocker uses Bronco Buster. He tries again but Park gives him a boot to the balls. Parka hits corkscrew moonsault for the pin. Another real good match. Rating: ***1/2

Match No. 3: Spanish Announce Team (Joel & Jose Maximo) & Quiet Storm vs. Far East Connection (Ikuto Hidaka & Dick Togo) & Christopher Daniels. Togo with a nice ddt on Joel. All six guys are fighting outside the ring. Idiot doing the graphics uses Joe L. instead of Joel. Fans are into Daniels. It just doesn’t look right seeing Quiet Storm in the ring with Daniels. Fans chanting for Dick. Jose holds Togo and Joel runs the ropes and dropkicks him in the face. Togo with a nice tornado ddt. Togo hits senton bomb on Joel. He then hits huge clothesline on Joel. Hidaka with a slingshot senton on Joel. Togo hits brainbuster on Joel. Joel makes hot take to Jose. Togo gives Storm tornado ddt onto the floor. Daniels hits springboard moonsault to the floor, followed by suicide dive by Hidaka onto all five guys. Storm hits northern lights suplex on Hidaka. Daniels with picture perfect moonsault on Joel. Joel hits frog splash on Daniels. Tons of high spots as match climaxes. SAT uses spanish fly on Togo and he hurts his ankle. Daniels uses Dragon Sleeper and then sweeps into neckbreaker on Storm for the pin. Match started slow, but built up at the end. Rating: ***1/2

Match No. 4: Chris Candido vs. Terry Funk. Tammy Sytch is at ringside. She looks horrible. Fans chant “she’s a crack whore” and she gives them the finger. Candido is all juiced up and his back is covered in pimples. He’s also got a gut. Funk is busted open. He’s too old to juice. This match is sad on so many levels. Including the idiot in the crowd with the sign that asks “Funk, got knees?” Moron. One of the security guards looks just like Don West. Bill Apter is at ringside taking pictures. Funk suplexes Candido on the floor. Funk is bloody mess. Funk with a ddt. Funk ddt’s Candido on the entrance ramp. Candido brings a ladder to the ring. He bumps onto the ladder. Fans boo as he takes weak bump in the corner. Funk nails him with the ladder. Candido hits diving head butt. Funk barely kicks out. Candido takes weak bump to the floor. Sytch gives Funk a low blow and slaps him. He gives her a ddt’s her and we get a shot of her fat, flabby ass, which Funk bites. He goes for a piledriver and Candido nails him with a chair from behind. Candido with a hangman’s neckbreaker. Candido sets up chairs in the ring. Funk gives Candido a weak hangman’s neckbreaker on the chairs. He does spinning toe hold but Candido catches him with a punch. Funk goes for spinning toe hold, Candido gets inside cradle, Funk reverses it for the pin. Candido piledrives Funk after the match. Sad match on so many levels. Rating: **1/2

Match No. 5: Steve Corino vs. Vampiro. Corino on the mic in the ring. He says the match will be an old fashioned street fight. He rips on Vampiro for sucking Vince Russo’s ass. He also rips on the crowd. Vampiro rips on Corino and ECW. He points out Corino’s faggot ass boyfriend in the front row. Sandman comes out before the match starts. Corino and Vampiro both give Sandman a superkick. Match becomes a three-way street fight. Corino is great drawing heat from the crowd. Vampiro suplexes Sandman onto entrance ramp. Corino takes a backdrop on the ramp from Vampiro. Vampiro cleans house with Sandman’s cane. Corino takes chair to the face from a Vampiro kick. Corino bloody as usual. Sandman throws a barricade into the ring. Corino uses a facewash on Vampiro. Sandman suplexes Corino onto the barricade. Corino sets up chairs in the ring. Sandman superplexes Corino onto the guardrail on the chairs. Vampiro then pins Sandman. Vampiro uses camel clutch on Corino. Several near falls by both guys. Crowd is dead. Corino finally goes to the top rope and hits inverted facelock neckbreaker slam (Old School Expulsion) for the pin. Corino tried, but he was working with a couple of hacks. Match really dragged in spots. Rating: **1/2

Match No. 6: Taiyo Kea vs. Sabu in No. 1 contenders match. Bill Alfonso is out with Sabu. Too bad, I thought we’d seen this last of that ugly, scary bastard. Kea chops the shit out of Sabu. Crowd is dead. Kea looks like a dipshit with his head shaved. A combination of Baron Von Raschke and Vito. Sabu’s back is scarred pretty bad. He uses chair and does springboard jump onto Kea in the front row. Crowd barely pops. Sabu with a nice ddt as Kea’s legs are draped over the top rope. Sabu catches chair and Kea kicks chair into his face. Crowd barely pops. Sabu props table over barricade and apron does leg drop on Kea. Crowd actually pops. Sabu does chair jump springboard moonsault. Kea kicks the shit out of Sabu, dropping him. Sabu throws chair at Kea and hits him in the face. Crowd is dead. Kea hits backbreaker rack neckbreaker (Hawaiian Five Out) for the pin. These guys tried hard but crowd was dead and match dragged. Rating: **1/2

Match No. 7: Satoshi Kojima vs. Jerry Lynn for the MLW title. Lynn is pumped. He’s gotta be juicing. Fans are into Kojima. Kojima with a standing senton to open things. Kojima hits a stf. Kojima with huge chops on Lynn. Lynn hits an inverted ddt for a near fall. Kojima takes off the elbow pad. Here comes a lariat. Lynn ducks. He hits a german suplex. Lynn follows with a tornado ddt. Kojima catches Lynn with a sitout powerbomb. Lynn hits a spinning fireman’s carry into a diamond cutter. Kojima uses a sitout powerslam for a near fall. Kojima destroys Lynn with a lariat for the pin. Decent match with semi-decent heat, but it didn’t feel like a title match. Rating: ***

Kea comes out after the match as the promote an All Japan title match. Kojima grabs the mic and cuts hilarious promo. He poses for pictures with the Japanese photographers as the show goes off the air.