Show opens with Paul London in the ring with Stephen DeAngelis. Audio sucks, but London says something about American Dragon being his partner. Danielson comes to the ring. Michael Shane comes limping to the ring and confronts London. They trade blows. Then London hits a fucking shooting star press onto Shane on the floor. London then says he and Shane will be in a street fight tonight. And he will use a ladder. London climbs to the top of the ladder as Shane leaves. DeAngelis asks Dragon who his partner will be now. He says he doesn’t know, but he has an idea. Not a match but damn good segment worth a high rating. Rating: ****

Match No. 1: SAT (Joel and Jose Maximo) vs. The Prophecy (Christopher Daniels & Donovan Morgan) with Simply Luscious. Chris Lovey (Gabe Sapolsky) and Ray Murrow (Doug Gentry) are on commentary. SAT start with some nice double team moves on the heels. Lovey explains this is a tag team title tournament. Now the opening segment makes sense. Jose puts Morgan in camel clutch and Joel puts Daniels in boston crab. Some chick comes from the stands and does reverse moonsault on Luscious and then takes her to the back. SAT hits spinning DDT from top rope on Morgan for near fall. Joel does one half of Spanish fly on Daniels. Morgan does sit down pedigree on Jose for the pin. Short opener but very solid. Rating: ***1/2

Togo & Hidaka are backstage and Christopher Street Connection confront them in comedy skit. James Maritato gives the sound guy new music but Tony Mamaluke switches it with their old music.

Match No. 2: Dick Togo & Ikuta Hidaka vs. James Maritato & Tony Mamaluke. Maritato is pissed they are playing his old music. Hidaka does a couple of handstands. Hidaka and Maritato trade some moves and get a hand. Togo and Mamaluke do some matwork and trade reversals. Fans give them a huge hand. Togo has Maritato in abdominal stretch and Hidaka kicks him in the face. Then he does a baseball slide to the face. Stiff moves so far. Mamaluke all over Hidaka. Hidaka hits sitdown power bomb on Mamaluke. Togo hits something, a senton without the flip, on Mamaluke for the pin. Enjoyable match with some stiff blows. Rating: ****

Match No. 3: Mamaluke and Maritato argue after the match. They hug and Mamaluke gives Maritato belly-to-belly suplex. This is now a match. They then battle on the floor. Maritato goes to hit Mamaluke with the ring bell but he moves and Maritato cracks his head on it on the guard rail. Maritato is a bloody mess. Mamluke gets the pin as Maritato has his hand on the rope. Decent match. Rating: ***

Danielson is backstage with Capetta and introduces his partner, Michael Modest.

Match No. 4: Devine Storm (Chris Devine & Quiet Storm) vs. American Dragon & Michael Modest. Modest pummels Devine with forearms to the face. Then drops him on his head with an exploder suplex. Modest hits fisherman’s buster from top rope on Devine for the pin. Short, but some real good high spots. Did see a blown spot. Rating: ***

Loc and Devito are pissed about not being in the tag tournament so at the fanfest, they destroy the ring crew. Again.

Match No. 5: Da Hit Squad (Mafia & Monsta Mack) vs. Natural Born Sinners (Homicide & Boogalou). Before the match, Loc and Devito attack DHS with hubcaps. They destroy Mafia with chair shot and then spike piledriver. No contest. According to Lovey, Loc and Devito jumped NBS in the locker room and sent Boogalou to the hospital. Rating: ***

Match No. 6: Togo & Hidaka vs. Danles & Morgan. Nice mat wrestling by Hidaka and Morgan. Daniels does elbow drop on Hidaka from the apron onto the floor. Togo does springboard senton onto Daniels. Morgan gets near fall with side suplex on Hidaka. Daniels does leg drop on Hidaka who is draped over the top rope. Togo puts leglock on head of Morgan, who does likewise to Hidaka. Daniels breaks it up with flying elbow on Togo. Hidaka hits tornado DDT on Daniels. Mogan hits sliced bread no. 2 on Togo. Togo hits SFT on Morgan. Hidaka does springboard senton onto Daniels outside of ring. Morgan hits fisherman’s buster then fisherman’s neckbreaker on Togo but Hidaka makes the save. Daniels hits angel’s wings on Hidaka but he kicks out. Hidaka with german suplex into a bridge on Daniels for near fall. Daniels does german suplex on Hidaka, who lands on his feet. Hidaka hits sitdown power bomb on Daniels and gets 2 7/8 before Morgan makes the save. Daniels his STO on Hidaka and gets the pin as Morgan holds his leg from outside of the ring. Awesome match between four international pros. Rating: ****1/2

Match No. 7: Dunn & Marcos vs. Prince Nana & Alex Arion. Nana says he can’t wrestle so it is Arion vs. Dunn. Arion hits splash for the pin. Not much in this one. Nana destroys Marcos after the match. Rating: *

Christopher Street Connection in the ring. Alexis Laree interrupts. Beats the shit out of Japanese Pool Boy.

Match No. 8: Xavier vs. Low Ki for ROH title. They trade stiff kicks early. More kicks by Ki. Xavier blocks one, but Ki then nails him in the head with another kick. Xavier hits samoan drop. Ki does rolling heel kick on Xavier. And a second knocking him out of the ring. Ki hits suplex with a bridge. They trade chops to the chest. Xavier hits what looks to be a dragon suplex into a bridge. Elbow drop from top rope by Ki gets a two count. Daniels comes to ringside. Xavier misses 450. Ki with several Kawada kicks. Ki comes after Daniels outside of the ring and Lo Ki chop blocks him from behind. He puts cement barricade on Ki’s chest. Then drives the barricade into his chest with a chair. Ki bleeding from the mouth. He’s crawling back to the ring. Xavier hits 450 for the pin. He’s the new champion. And the newest member of The Prophecy. Another damn good match. They bury Ki in an ROH sign. Rating: ****1/2

Match No. 9: Takao Omori vs. Sonny Siaki. Huge forearm by Omori. Siaki with some horrible chops. Siaki hits neckbreaker on Omori. Omori hits some kind of reverse piledriver on Siaki for the pin. Rating: **1/2

C.M. Punk cuts a promo. He’s acting like a face for some reason. Colt Cabana comes to the ring. He cuts promo, says he pissed that Punk got a date but he didn’t.

Jay Briscoe cuts a promo. No idea why they are showing a closeup his mug.

Match No. 10: Jay Briscoe vs. Amazing Red. Backstage, Mark asks Red if he can manage him. Red says no and then superkicks him. Briscoe hits pretty hard clothesline on Red. Red misses swanton. Red hits sunset flip power bomb from the top rope, then red star press. Briscoe kicks out. Briscoe hits jay driller for the pin. Short match, but great moves near the end raise the rating. Rating: ***1/2

Special K jumps Red after the match, SAT make the save. From top rope, Jose does torture rack on Dixie and leg drop on Elax. Then They gave spanish fly to Elax.

Black guy with dredlocks comes out of crowd and does bodybag on Ref Hanson.

Match No. 11: Michael Shane vs. Paul London. Shane puts London into post. London launches Shane from top rope and he crotches himself. Big forearm by London. London gets thrown over top rope, tries to skin the cat but Shane shoulderblocks him to the floor. Shane throws London hard into barricade. London grabs chair, Shane does flip over top rope on top of him. London is bleeding. Shane sets up chair in the corner. He tries to run London into it, but London reverses it and Shane goes headfirst into the chair. Shane is busted open. He grabs a ladder. London superkicks ladder onto Shane. London does headscissors from ring apron onto Shane who flips through a table on the floor. London with flying knee to the head. London backdrops Shane onto ladder leaning on top turnbuckle. London runs up ladder and does flip dive onto Shane. Crazy fucking move. London leapfrogs ladder from top turnbuckle but Shane catches him and turns it into power bomb. Shane hits flying elbow on London. London hits shooting star press but Shane kicks out. Shane climbs to top of the ladder. He hits picture perfect elbow but London kicks out. London does springboard off middle rope and spinning heel kick onto Shane on the ladder. Fans chanting, “Please don’t die.” London hits shooting star press from top of the ladder for the pin. INCREDIBLE FUCKING MATCH. Shane clotheslines London after they shake hands and hug. Then another clothesline. Rating: *****

Before the show, Donovan Morgan is in the ring with Michael Modest and Morgan tries to give him some advice, but Modest not interested. They then go at it in the ring.

Match No. 12: Christopher Daniels & Donovan Morgan vs. Michael Modest & American Dragon for ROH tag team titles. Daniels working the shit out of Dragon’s leg. First a couple of “Dragon” screws, then laying the boots. Daniels taking a beating outside of the ring as Morgan puts him into the guard rails twice. Modest finally gets the pin. Modest puts Morgan into barricade. Daniels does springboard moonsault onto Modest and Morgan. Dragon does dive through ropes onto Daniels but hurts his knees. Morgan hits reverse neckbreaker on Modest. Dragon hits cattle mutilation on Morgan, but he cannot bridge properly because of the knee. Daniels pins Dragon with spinning neckbreaker. Another great match. Modest attacks heels after the match and takes trophy. Dragon then destroys it with a chair. Rating: ****

Prophecy is backstage celebrating. Daniels says Xavier will wrestle Jay Briscoe in non-title match at the next show.