Low Ki cuts promo backstage holding ROH belt. He can sure wrestle, but his promos annoy the hell out of me.

Izzy and Dixie shown outside the arena. Elax is in a dumpster.

Match No. 1: Quiet Storm vs. Amazing Red. Donnie B and Steve Corino on commentary. Nice fast opening sequence. Red hits nice tope on Quiet Storm. Most of the match so far from ringside camera at ringside, which hides the fact that they are both about 5-6. Storm hits nice Running Sunset Flip Piledriver, a move similar to Petey Williams’ Canadian Destroyer. Maybe Williams got the idea from Storm. Red hits an Infrared and then Red Star Press for the win. Great opener. A bit short, but great moves by both guys. Rating: ***1/2

Special K (Brian XL, Izzy, Dixie and Elax) attack Storm and Red after the match.

Match No. 2: Special K (Brian XL, Izzy & Dixie) vs. SAT (Joel & Jose Maximo) & Chris Devine in scramble match. Izzy and Dixie do nice dives to outside of ring. XL hits Flying Tiger Star Press, which is a back flip over the top rope to the floor. Elax does flip dive from top turnbuckle. XL does standing star press. Joel does double power bomb from top rope. Devine does full nelson from top rope onto Elax. SAT hit Spanish Fly on XL for the pin. Great moves, tons of high spots. Crowd really into the match. Rating: ****

Devine puts over ROH after the match. He asks for match with Low Ki. Low Ki accepts.

Match No. 3: Chris Devine vs. Low Ki. Ki hits several Kawada kicks, then Dragon Sleeper for the tap. Low Ki looks impressive in a squash. Rating: **

Christoper Daniels cuts promo from Japan. There is a Japanese wrestling poster behind him, as well as a picture of Curry Man.

Match No. 4: Dunn & Marcos vs. Christopher Street Connection with Allison Danger. Mace pins Dunn with Gay Basher. Average match. Rating: **

Match No. 5: Mike Tobin with Danny Drake in a wheelchair vs. Scoot Andrews. Andrews pins Tobin with Force of Nature. Another quick squash. Rating: **

Xavier comes to the ring and challenges Scoot to match right now.

Match No. 6: Scoot Andrews vs. Xavier. Fans start A.C. Slater chant. Xavier jumps from top turnbuckle and does springboard moonsault to outside of the ring, nearly missing Scoot. Xavier hits 450 for the pin. Another short but decent match. Rating: **1/2

Michael Shane arrives in silver Lexus. It has New York tags so it is not his. He tells Bio-Hazard to get his bags and park the car.

Match No. 7: Michael Shane with Bio-Hazard vs. Paul London. London backdrops Shane over top rope onto Bio-Hazard. London dives through the ropes onto Shane. Shane pushes London from top rope onto guard rail, which he destroys. London hits crazy springboard flip onto Shane. Shane fakes leg injury and rolls up London for the pin. Great match, classic chickenshit heel finish. Rating: ***1/2

Simply Luscious comes to the ring. She offers Shane a spot in the Prophecy. Fat ass Rudy interrupts. Rudy mumbles some shit. Shane superkicks Danger. Then Rudy. Then him and Bio-Hazard destroy London, including Picture Perfect Elbow at the end.

Match No. 8: “American Dragon” Brian Danielson vs. Donovan Morgan. Corino says Donnie B’s brother, Simon Dean/Super Nova, has heat with the boys. All Dragon in early part of the match. Morgan throws Dragon into three different ring barriers. Dragon hits head butt from top rope. Dragon hits Cattle Mutilation. But time limit expires. Real good match with solid matwork. Fans ask for five more minutes. Dragon puts over Morgan after the match. He asks for him to shake his hand. Morgan goes to shake, but hits Pedigree-type move. Rating: ****

Promo outside the arena with Da Hit Squad. Carnage Crew destoyes ring crew, again.

Match No. 9: Carnage Crew (Loc & Devito) vs. Da Hit Squad (Mafia & Monsta Mac) in Boston Massacre Match. Mafia nails Loc with German Suplex. Devito hits Mafia with barbed wire. Mafia is bloody. Mafia returns favor with barbed wire on Devito. Monsta Mac is also bleeding. Devito shows color. He dropkicks chair into Mafia’s head. And gives him a chairshot. Monsta Mack wraps barbed wire around Loc’s head, busting him open. Devito takes chairshot to lower back from Mafia. Devito nails Mafia with cow bell. DHS head to locker room. They return with barbed wire plywood boards. Devito looks happy. Devito hits Mafia with hubcap. Monsta Mack first into barbed wire board. Mafia spears Devito into board, which breaks. Mafia hits Burning Hammer on Loc for the pin. A good bloody, hardcore match, if that is the kind of thing you like. Rating: ****

Match No. 10: Don Juan vs. Bio-Hazard with Michael Shane. Not sure why these two are on so late in the card. Crowd is spent from last match, not that it would matter with these two. Bio-Hazard hits suplex for a pin. Short match, nearly a squash. Rating: **

Match No. 11: Maverick Wild vs. Alex Arion. Battle of little-known New England indy guys. Again, these guys are way to high on the card, although a better match than the last match. Fans also into these two local guys. Arion pins Wild with victory roll. Average match. Rating: ***

Match No. 12: Natural Born Sinners (Homicide & Boogalou) vs. James Maritato & Tony Mamaluke. Back and forth action early in the match. Crowd not into this match. Maybe because it is the 12th of the night. Mamaluke nearly pins Homicide with german suplex into a bridge. Homicide gets two count with Ace Crusher on Maritato. Mamaluke hits superplex on Homicide, but Boogalou makes the save. Homicide can’t hit Cop Killa on Mamaluke, but does the second time for the pin. Average match, picked up at the end. Rating: ***1/2

Match No. 13: Jay Briscoe vs. Mark Briscoe. The Briscoes are as good as they are dumb and ugly. Jay all over Mark early. Great show so far by these guys. Mark runs Jay into the post. And a second time. Jay is busted open. Huge clothesline by Jay. Mark hits a release german suplex. Mark hits hard DDT on Jay. Mark hits springboard ace crusher from top rope. Mark hits tombstone piledriver on Jay. Jay responds with dragon screw. And a second one. Big backbreaker by Jay on Mark. Mark hits exploder suplex on Jay. Mark sells knee injury. Then gives a nut shot to Jay. Crowd into the match. Mark blocks jay driller. But Jay hits huge suplex. Mark hits german suplex on Jay. Then a full nelson dragon suplex. Then a fisherman buster suplex. Mark to the top rope. He misses a moonsault. Jay hits huge lariat. Then death valley driver. Jay goes to the top. Mark hits shining wizard. Then cut throat driver for a pin in his debut. Outstanding match. Especially for two high school-aged kids. Rating: *****

Mark taunts Jay after the match.

Match No. 14: A.J. Styles vs. Low Ki for ROH title. Mat wrestling early. Then they trade kicks. Low Ki with hard chops. And a big elbow. Low Ki nails styles with thrust kick. But Styles surprises him with head scissors. Styles does mule kick on Ki. Ki goes for big kick but Styles does sweep. Low Ki blocks styles clash. Styles hits big lariat. A.J. goes for dive between rope, but Ki meets him with a kick to the head. Tons of Kawada kicks by Ki. Styles bleeding from the nose. Lo Ki blocks styles clash into hurricanrana. Styles goes to the top. He misses 450 corkscrew. Ki hits brainbuster. Only gets two. Ki goes for phoenix splash but Styles gets his knees up. Styles hits brainbuster. A.J. nearly gets pin with small package. Low Ki hits ki crusher for the pin. Another spectacular match that turned an average card into a great one. These guys worked their asses off and A.J. bled hardway and Ki’s face looks bruised. Hats off to both of them. Rating: *****

Xavier meets Low Ki backstage after the match. Xavier asks for a shot at the title.

Michael Shane cuts promo after show and asks Rudy how he feels after his beating. Shane rips on London, calls out Spanky.

Dunn & Marcos cut promo and camera cuts to Carnage Crew beating up ring crew. Again.