Low Ki cuts same old promo. He can wrestle but he can’t talk for shit. Jackie Chan speaks better English.

Next is a true professional promo by Steve Corino. Does Corino give Simply Luscious a rub or does she give a rub? They make out again.

Christopher Street Connection eating bananas backstage. Brian XL and company steal one of them.

Tony Mamaluke asks Little Guido if he has any FBI T-shirts left. Homicide & Boogalou challenge the former FBI to a match in Boston.

Match No. 1: Jeremy Lopez vs. Tony Mamaluke. Not much to report. Average match, not much heat. Rating: **

CSC throws banana at Devine Storm.

Match No. 2: Prince Nana & Jacob’s Ladder vs. Christian York & Joey Matthews. Donnie B and Steve Corino on commentary. Corino sounds like he is in a phone booth. Alexis Laree at ringside, in corner of York & Matthews. Nana leaves after getting kicked in the head and York hits legdrop on Ladder while Matthews holds him on his back. Rating: ** Meaningless squash.

CSC tries to console Nana. CSC heads to the ring to confront York & Matthews. Corino makes crack about Donnie B’s brother, Simon Dean/Nova, being gay. He makes a second crack. Teams go at it and highlight is Allison Danger smacks Alexis Laree in the ass.

Texas Wrestling Academy guys arrive in minivan.

Match No. 3: Michael Shane & Bio-Hazard vs. Paul London & Don Juan. Winner of the fall gets ROH contract. London nearly kills himself with flip over top rope that nearly misses. Corino rips on Rudy Boy. Shane drops London on his head in the corner. London hits nice leg scissors on Hazard. Shane hits nice superplex on Don Juan. London does drop kick on Shane and then does back flip onto Bio-Hazard. London hits back suplex onto Shane. Shane & London get pin at the same time. Referee says Shane gets the win and the ROH contract. Rating: ***1/2 Great moves by London and Shane. Other guys just took up space.

Shane cuts heel program after the match, challenging Spanky. London interrupts. The two go at it. London misses a Shooting Star Press. Shane nails him with a lariat. And then misses a flying elbow. Rudy breaks up fight. London and Shane argue backstage. And try to fight some more. Rudy sets up match between the two next month.

Match No. 4: Da Hit Squad (Mafia & Monsta Mack) vs. Devine Storm (Chris Devine & Quiet Storm). Mack nails Storm on his head with a suplex. Storm hits Diamond Dust on Mafia. Mack nails Devine with power bomb for the pin. Rating: *** Match was short as DHS gassed.

Xavier wishes Low Ki luck tonight. Mr. Monotone says something.

Match No. 5: Jay Briscoe vs. James Maritato. Nice technical moves by the two. Briscoe hits Death Valley Driver. Maritato nails Briscoe with dropkick. Mark leaves, gives Jay the finger. Maritato hits the Kiss of Death for the pin. Rating: ***1/2 A bit short, but quality moves and match.

Christopher Daniels backstage promo with Simply Luscious.

Doug Williams cuts promo while stretching some jabroni.

Match No. 6: Natural Born Sinners (Homicide & Boogalou) vs. Carnage Crew (Loc & Devito) in a bunkhouse match. Devito hits Homicide with his boot. Then throws him into barbed wire. Homicide is busted open. Homicide returns favor to Devito. Camera has blood on it. Devito is busted open. Homicide takes three hard chairshots to the head. Homicide is a mess. Devito takes chairshot to the head. Boogalou hits Loc with cow bell. Homicide hits Loc and Devito with weight belt. Loc also bleeding from the left arm. Homicide hits Shining Wizard but Devito kicks out. Devito blocks Cop Killer and nails Homicide with clothesline and toss into the barbed wire. Devito puts barbed wire on Homicide and does moonsault onto him. Boogalou makes the save. Homicide hits Diamond Cutter on Loc. Homicide does flip driver outside of rope and crashes through rail. Devito taps after Boogalou wraps barbed wire around his face and mouth. Rating: **** Brutal match with many good moves and a lot of blood. CC destroy NBS with hubcaps after the match. DHS makes the save. Homicide pissed that DHS made the save.

Spanky cuts promo backstage, talks about his hardships.

Danny Drake & Mike Tobin backstage. Drake is in wheelchair injured. Tobin asks Rob Feinstein who will be his partner for six-man match. Pedostein says Dunn & Marcos.

Match No. 7: Adam Jacobs vs. David Young vs. A.J. Styles in three-way elimination match for NWA TNA X-Division title. Jacobs misses move, Young looks fat, Styles looks great as always. Young does moonsault on Styles outside of the ring. Jacobs does flip dive onto Styles and Young. Styles bleeding like crazy. He hits Asai moonsault into double underhook DDT. Young hits spinebuster on Jacobs. Styles hits flip into hurricanrana off top rope. Styles hits corkscrew dive onto Young for the pin. Styles hits huge forearm on Jacobs. Jacobs nearly gets pin with swinging DDT. Styles goes for Styles Clash but turns it into sitdown Boston Crab. Styles goes to top rope. And gets crotched. Styles blocks hurricanrana from top rope and hits Styles Clash for the pin. Rating: ***1/2 Pretty good match. Started out slow and sloppy but really picked up at the end.

Rudy Boy Gonzales cuts promo in the ring on Corino. Says he will face American Dragon.

Match No. 8: Dunn & Marcos & Mike Tobin vs. Black Gordman Jr. & Brian XL & Dixie. XL & Dixie turn on Gordman. Dunn gets pin on Gordman. Rating: None (highlights only).

Large black man with dreadlocks chokeslams Tobin, then double chokeslams Dunn & Marcos. He rolls Drake into ringpost.

Devito bloody backstage, challenges DHS to Boston Barbwire match.

Match No. 9: Scott Andrews vs. Xavier. Xavier busted open. Xavier hits forearm for the pin. Xavier hits Razor’s Edge, but Scoot kicks out. Scoot gets pin after dropping Xavier on his head. Rating: None (highlights only).

Match No. 10: Low Ki vs. Spanky vs. Doug Williams vs. Christoper Daniels in iron man match for the ROH title. Daniels and Williams great together early. Daniels pins Low Ki with Last Rites. Daniels 2, Low Ki -1. Spanky taps to Dragon Sleeper. Daniels 2, Low Ki 1, Williams 0, Spanky -1. Daniels get near fall with back moonsault. Williams kicks out from Picture Perfect Mooonsault from Daniels. Williams kicks out of cross body block from Spanky. Low Ki hits Phoenix Senton on Williams for pin. Low Ki 3, Daniels 2, Williams 0, Spanky -1. Low Ki hits Tombstone Piledriver on Spanky but Daniels saves. Williams hits piledriver on Daniels but he gets his foot on the ropes at two. Williams hits power bomb on Low Ki but Spanky makes the save. Low Ki hits 450 splash on Spanky, but can’t pin him. Spanky hits frog splash on Daniels but Low Ki breaks it up. Williams hits spinning DDT on Spanky on the floor. Daniels has Low Ki in Dragon Sleeper but he escapes. Time expires. Low Ki is first ROH champion. Rating: ***** These guys went 60 minutes. And had a helluva match. There’s no reason to downgrade from five stars.

Daniels teases shaking hands with Williams. And then leaves. Low Ki poses with the belt. Boys congratulate him in the locker room. He nearly passes out. Then cuts victory promo. He mentions the late Russ Haas, and his brother Charlie.

Mark still laughing at Jay for losing his match. Jay challenges Mark to match next month in Boston.

Daniels gets pissed at one of the referees and says ROH hasn’t seen the last of him.