Mafia and Homicide give Low Ki words of encouragement in the locker room. Low Ki gets fired up and tells Christoper Daniels the ROH title is his.

Match No. 1: Bio-Hazard vs. American Dragon in Block C match. American Dragon hits Cattle Mutilation pretty quickly. Rating: ** Squash match. Short, but nothing bad in this match.

Match No. 2: Paul London vs. Spanky in Block A match. Why is this match in the first round of the title tournament? Spanky drops London on his head with a back suplex. Spanky dropkicks London in the head. London misses shooting star press. London does sunset flip over top rope onto Spanky. Spanky botches suplex off the top rope and drops London on his head. Spanky wins with Sliced Bread No. 2. Rating: ***1/2 Pretty good match. Couple of missed moves keeps rating down.

Match No. 3: Doug Williams vs. Jay Briscoe in Block C match. Mark comes to the ring. Mark hits a pair of snap suplexes and then a front suplex. Briscoe gets a couple of near falls. Williams blocks Jay Driller. Williams wins with Chaos Theory. Rating: *** Good technical match, but a bit short. Mark is happy that Jay lost.

Match No. 4: Jonny Storm vs. Jody Fleisch in Block A match. Storm look like Bret Hart with long wet black hair and shades. Duo opens with great chain wrestling spot. Storm does a flip off the top rope onto the floor. Fleisch does shooting star press of top rope onto floor. Numerous near falls between these two. Storm hits release german suplex from top rope. Storm hits Frankensteiner off top rope. Fleisch wins with power bomb as Storm jumps from top rope. Rating: ***1/2 Guys worked great together which is no surprise since they are both from U.K. Tons of high spots and only one slight missed move.

Christopher Street Connection give Jerry Lynn a banana.

Match No. 5: Prince Nana with E-lax vs. Low Ki in Block D match. Nana attacks Low Ki as he jumps in the ring. Nana destroying Low Ki early. Low Ki chopping the hell out of Nana. Low Ki hits nasty enziguri on Nana. Ref stops the match due to head injury. Rating: *** Another good match, a bit short with the stoppage.

ROH officials and wrestlers attend to Nana after his “injury” in the ring.

Xavier and Jerry Lynn shake hands in the locker room. SAT and Chris Devine wish Amazing Red good luck in his match.

Match No. 6: Xavier vs. Amazing Red in Block D match. Red hits tope on Xavier. Xaver does nice handstand into ropes and then kicks Red in the face. Xavier misses 450. Red hits corkscrew dive and then Red Star Press for the pin. Rating: ***1/2 Another very solid match with some great moves.

Backstage, Daniels yells at Xavier and then Red.

Sheldon Goldberg introduces Scoot Andrews to Sumie Sukai. Who knows why.

Christopher Daniels introduces Simply Luscious as first member of The Prophecy.

Match No. 7: Christopher Daniels vs. Scoot Andrews in Block B match. Scoot gets near fall with neckbreaker. Daniels hits Best Moonsault Ever for the pin. Rating: ** This match was way too short. Daniels hit the finisher out of nowhere.

After the match, Simply Luscious tries to get Scoot Andrews to hit her. He then brings out Sukai for an impromptu match. Sukai wins with moonsault.

Match No. 8: Jerry Lynn vs. A.J. Styles in Block B match. Great chain wrestling in the opening. Several near falls. Styles nails superkick. Sytles hits twisting senton and Lynn kicks out. Styles wins with Styles Clash. Rating: **** Damn good match. They were given a decent amount of time and delivered.

Marcos and Dunn say they are the best tag team in ROH and then get destroyed by Da Hit Squad during intermission. Quiet Storm then comes out and challenges DHS. SAT comes out. All six battle. Tons of high spots. Christopher Street Connection then come out. And get destroyed by Natural Born Sinners as Homicide hits Cop Killa on Buffy. The Carnage Crew then attack NBS. Mafia power bombed LOC onto Devito and through a table.

Match No. 9: Spanky vs. Jody Fleisch in Block A finals. This one opens quickly. Fleisch blocks Sliced Bread No. 2. Fleisch does reverse moonsault off top rope and misses, hitting guard rail. Somehow he gets up. Spanky nails Sliced Bread No. 2 for win. Rating: ***1/2 These guys put on a great show. Fleisch is selling his knee, hopefully he didn’t hurt it.

Match No. 10: Doug Williams vs. American Dragon in Block C finals. Williams nails some forearms. And some knees. Williams wins with neck bridge after trading moves. Rating: **** These guys put on a classic mat wrestling match.

Match No. 11: Low Ki vs. Amazing Red in Block D finals. Great opening karate spot. Low hits spinning heel kick on Red on the apron and he hits the barricade hard. As Red goes for dive, Low Ki knees him in the jaw. Low Ki does front Muscle Buster move on Red. Red does Reverse Frankensteiner. Red misses Infrared. Low Ki hits Ki Crusher into turnbuckle and onto the floor. Low Ki misses twisting senton. Red hits spinning wheel kick. Low Ki hits Ki Krusher from top rope and gets the pin. Rating: **** Another great match with several great moves and near falls.

Brian XL comes out after the match. Crowd starts Little Bow Wow chant. He attacks Red. SAT makes the save, gives XL the Spanish Fly.

Backstage promo with Homicide and Boogalou hyping bunkhouse match with Natural Born Sinners.

Match No. 12: A.J. Styles vs. Christopher Daniels in Block B final. Good matwork early. A.J. takes nasty-looking bump into guardrail and comes up with some color. Daniels goes to work on Styles. Styles his nice brainbuster. Daniels blocks Styles Clash and turns it into an anklelock. Daniels hits Last Rites for the pin. Rating: **** A bit short, but you can’t discount the work of these two professionals. Great match.

After the match, Donnie B. heads to the ring. Damn, he looks just like his brother Mike, Nova/Simon Dean. Spanky enters the ring. And hits Daniels. Big announcement is ROH TV. Yawn.

Spanky, Low Ki, Christoper Daniels and Doug Williams in the ring for the unveiling of the ROH title. All four battle in the ring. Low Ki puts Daniels in Dragon Sleeper and he won’t let it up.

A.J. cuts bloody promo and says his Southern boys will be at the next show. Rudy Boy is looking for Simply Luscious. Spanky rips on Brian Danileson. LOC and Devito walking out of the building past the ring attack the ring crew. Corino and Simply Luscious are making out in the parking lot.