Match No. 1: UltraMantis vs. Ichabod Slayne. Hallowicked trips Mantis, Slayne falls on top of him for pin as Hallowicked holds his feet down so he can’t kick out. Rating: None (highlights only)

Match No. 2: Night Shift (Blind Rage & Hallowicked & Ichabod Slayne) & Mister Zero vs. Black T-shirt Squad (Mike Quackenbush & Don Montoya & Reckless Youth) & UltraMantis. Rage cuts promo before the match. He gives mic it Ichabod who is mute. He then gives mic to Hallowicked who is unintelligible. Again, funny bit. All eight guys do submission moves on each other. Actually, make it seven as UltraMantis stands outside waiting for tag. Nice Triple Tope by faces. Ichabod hit Reckless with pumpkin and Hallowicked got pin. Rating: *** Good match, liked the bits.

Match No. 3: Dragonfly vs. Ninja Mexicano vs. Super Orka. Dragonfly pins Ninja Mexicano, Dragonfly pins Super Orka. Rating: None (highlights only)

Love Bug cuts promo. Marshal Law comes out. Yawn. The Shoot Club come out laughing. Yeah, those guys do suck at promos, not to mention the gay chick music.

Match No. 4: Beauty & the Beast vs. The Shoot Club (Brock Singleton & Mason Hunter). Brock hits Bug with Six Shooter and Mason gets the pin. Rating: ** Not much to write home about.

Match No. 5: Zane Madrox vs. Phantasmo. Another Zane fiasco. He gets win in rematch with Cop Killa. Rating: None (highlights only)