Show opens with Shane Douglas walking out of the curtain before the show. He’s back in the ECW Arena, now called Viking Hall. He says he’s going to make history — again.

Opening montage. I hate when they show highlights of matches I haven’t seen yet. Of course, since this is the debut show, I guess they have no choice.

Joey Styles opens the show with the blue screen behind him showing the ring. He will be doing commentary.

Match No. 1: La Parka vs. Jerry Lynn. La Park working over Lynn early. He does his dance and the crowd pops. La Park with nice springboard somersault plancha. Lynn with nice flying headscissors. Crowd pops for him. Lynn with a cross body block onto Parka on the floor. Lynn hits a corkscrew ddt for the pin. Pretty good opener. Rating: ***1/2

Corino cuts a promo in the bathroom. Damn, he’s got a ton of scar tissue on his forehead. He cuts great screaming promo on Douglas.

Match No. 2: Christopher Daniels vs. Vampiro. Vampiro isn’t wearing makeup and he has a crew cut. He looks like a skinhead. Styles says it is their first ever meeting. Matwork early. Vampiro uses a leg submission but Daniels makes the ropes. Vampiro with a spinning leg lariat. They are outside the ring. Daniles hard into the barricade. Vampiro with a chair shot. Vampiro drops a knee into Daniels’ balls. Vampiro uses the hammer for the bell to nail Daniels in the nuts again. Daniles with nice springboard outside the ring. Daniels with a Thesz Press for a two count. Daniels with a double jump moonsault. Vampiro with belly to belly superplex from the top rope. Daniels somehow kicks out. Vampiro hits uranage for the pin. This match was a disappointment. It was the worts match I’ve ever seen Daniels in, and I blame Vampiro for that. Vampiro over Daniels? I blame Court Bauer for booking that one. Rating: **1/2

Backstage interview with The Wall. He cuts a weak promo. So does Taiyo Kea.

Match No. 3: The Wall vs. Taiyo Kea. I have to admit, I haven’t heard of either of these guys, although despite what Wikipedia says, I actually know Kea better by his real name. Styles buries Bam Bam Bigelow, who must have no-showed. Fans throw streamers at Kea. Wall is a big bastard. Wall drops Kea on his face and gives him a strange lariat. Kea uses dragon screw legwhip. Another dragon screw. Wall hits a superplex. Kea hits a northern lights suplex and bridges for the pin. This matched sucked as Wall was terrible. RIP Wall. Rating: **

Match No. 4: Steve Corino vs. Shane Douglas. Douglas is such a cocky prick, which explains why the Philly fans love him. He cuts a promo and drops the f-bomb numerous times. He puts himself over and puts down Flair. Corino cuts another great promo on Douglas and Paul Heyman. Fans chant Fuck Paul Heyman. Corino says Douglas is going to put him over by pin or countout. Douglas jumps Corino. Fans chant Where’s Your Skateboard at Douglas. Douglas with huge suplex on Corino. Douglas with a punch to the balls. Corino takes a chairshot to the head. Corino with a running boot to the face of Douglas. Corino uses arm bar on Douglas, who is wearing a brace on his right elbow. Corino all over the elbow. Douglas with a northern lights suplex into a bridge. Douglas hits belly-to-belly suplex for the pin. Another match that wasn’t as good as I expected. Rating: **1/2

Daniels tries to recruit Lynn backstage.

Match No. 5: Lynn vs. Douglas. Shane jumps Lynn after offering handshake. Lynn with nice legdrop on the apron that knocks Douglas to the floor. Lynn with a baseball slide. Shane gets posted. Will he blade? Doubtful. He gets posted again. Lynn also runs his shoulder into the post. Douglas does blade, but it’s a trickle. I’ve cut myself worse shaving. The guy rips on Flair, but he can’t even bleed properly. Lynn has to work hard with some punches to get some blood flowing. Double clothesline allows Douglas to rest his fat ass. Douglas with a kick to the balls. Lynn gets a near fall with a spinning ddt. Douglas with a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Douglas hits fisherman buster (Pittsburgh Plunge) for the pin. Another match were the better wrestler loses. Nice booking Bauer. Also another match were the winner hurt the match quality. Shot of senile Frank Talent from the state atheltic commission at ringside also downgrades the match. Rating: **1/2

Match No. 6: Vampiro vs. Taiyo Kea. Back and forth early. Nice hurricanrana by Kea. Crowd is fucking dead. Kea with a springboard splash of some sort. Kea hits a sitdown powerpomb. They go to the floor. Vampiro kicks Kea in the nuts. Shot of one of the Atlas Security giants with a mullet. Even he’s bored. Kea with a couple of powerbombs. Vampiro does some weak looking throw. Followed by a back suplex. Huge chop by Kea. Vampiro replies with average one. Vampiro is wearing a ring on his finger. Idiot. Vampiro with a top rope hurricanrana for a two count. Kea with a jaw buster that Styles calls the Hawaiian Crush. Bell rings and it is a time limit draw. Well, at least the better guy didn’t lose this match. But again, match was a disappointment. Rating: **

Match No. 7: Vampiro vs. Taiyo Kea vs. Shane Douglas for the MLW title. Since the last match was a draw, both guys advance to face Douglas. Fans are dead again. Kea holds Douglas and Vampiro goes for a spin kick. Douglas moves and he hits Kea. Douglas hits belly-to-belly suplex for the pin. Weak fucking match. Fans seem happier that the match was over than Douglas is the new champ. Weak match, way too short. Rating: **

Douglas grabs the mic. He drops the f bomb again. Multiple times. He rips on McMahon, Heyman, Hogan, Flair, the Clique. What an egotistical fucking prick. Major League Wrestling, Minor League Booking, Bush League Champion. He throws down the belt and spits on it. Styles acts outraged that Douglas throws down the belt again. Referee John Finnegan takes the mic. He says if Douglas pulls this shit again and doesn’t defend the title, he will be suspended from wrestling in Pennsylvania. They show senile Frank Talent at ringside. He remembers his cue and agrees with Finnegan. Douglas acts pissed. Fans are dead, just like this stupid fucking angle. And one final thing. To the idiot who produced the DVD, which showed highlights at the beginning of the show, including Douglas holding the belt. Thanks for ruining the surprise.