Match No. 1: Don Montoya vs. Blind Rage. Rage gets the pin after hitting Montoya with the pumpkin. Rating: None (highlights only)

Match No. 2: Hallowicked vs. UltraMantis. Phantom DQ for second straight show as Hallowicked throws loaded sock to Ultra and then falls down like he was hit. I guess the rules education continues. Rating: None (highlights only)

Match No. 3: Zane Madrox vs. Phantasmo. Another Madrox match in highlight form. He must really suck. Phantasmo wins with a Thesz Press type of move, holding the ropes. Rating: None (highlights only)

Mister Zero cuts promo, puts over La Parka.

Match No. 4: Mister Zero & La Parka vs. Black T-shirt Squad (Mike Quackenbush & Reckless Youth). La Parka is over with crowd. His chair has Latino World Order sticker. Quack & Youth hit nice Double Tope. Nice highspots outside of ring. Zero gets mad at La Parka. Parka nails him with his chair. Park DQ’d for hitting Quack with the chair. Rating: ***3/4 Very good match with international superstar. Great moves, only blown spot was Parka slipping off top rope and nearly breaking his neck.