Match No. 1: Reckless Youth vs. Hallowicked. Youth comes out to Copa Cabana, in tribute to Gold Bond Mafia? Hallowicked cuts promo but you can’t understand him. Youth tells him to lift his mask. He does, but you still can’t understand him. Funny bit. Ichabod Slayne comes out and distracts Youth. When Youth turns around, Hallowicked grabs his package and falls down like he received a low blow. Ref thinks it happened so he DQs Youth. Rating: *** Youth got a good match out of the kid. A sloppy spot or two but I liked the finish, as Quack is educating the CHIKARA fans. Last show, it was a real low blow, this time a phantom nut shot.

Mister Zero cuts a promo. He is wearing a more traditional wrestling mask, with a bald spot and comb over. He picks Zane Madrox as his new partner.

Match No. 2: Beauty & the Beast (Love Bug & Marshal Law) vs. Mister Zero & Zane Madrox. Marshal pins Zero after Rock Bottom by Love Bug. Rating: None (highlights only)

Mister Zero cuts promo on Madrox and then fires him. Madrox then lays him out.

Match No. 3: UltraMantis vs. Brock Singleton. Singleton wins with a spear. Rating: None (highlights only)

Match No. 4: Don Montoya vs. Ichabod Slayne. Montoya moves pretty well for a fat ass. Slayne pins Montoya with his feet on the ropes. Rating: **1/2 Average match, couple of missed spots.

Match No. 5: Mike Quackenbush vs. Blind Rage. Imitating Japan, fans throw streamers at Quack. He ties up Rage with La Nieblina. Quack hits nice Tope Con Hilo. We see first CHIKARA ref bump. Quack hits palm thrust and alligator clutch but no ref. Ichabod hits tornado DDT on Quack. Multiple run-ins. Ref sees everyone fighting and chases them to back. Quack hits Quackendriver. He runs to the back to get the ref. As he is entering the ring, Ichabod hits him with the pumpkin and Blind Rage gets the pin. Rating: ***1/2 Solid match with good moves, creative finish boosts rating. Give Quack credit for not being afraid to put over the young guys.

The Night Shift destroys the Black T-shirt Squad after the match.