Match No. 1: Zane Madrox vs. Matt Vandal. Madrox wins with legdrop off top rope. Rating: None (highlights only)

Match No. 2: Marshal Law vs. Brock Singleton. Marshal wins with some sort of camel clutch rollover pin. Rating: None (highlights only)

Match No. 3: Night Shift (Blind Rage & Hallowicked & Ichabod Slayne) vs. Black T-shirt Squad (Mike Quackenbush & Reckless Youth & Don Montoya). Quackenbush starts out solo. He does nice Kama Gatame on Hallowicked and Cerebrolock on Ichabod at the same time, which looks like he is surfing. Youth and Montoya join the match. Nice spot where faces trick Blind Rage into doing Pumphandle on Hallowicked. Another nice spot features all six guys do submission on each other at same time. Quack does nice Suicida onto the floor. Quack hits Quackendriver but no ref. Ref distracted as Ichabod hits Quack with pumpkin allowing Blind Rage to get the pin. Rating: *** Good entertaining match with decent moves.

Match No. 4: Blind Rage vs. Love Bug. This was actually opener, but shown in this spot. Love Bug wins after Blind Rage is DQ’d for low blow. Rating: **1/4 Average match, kind of short with questionable finish. Since this is second show, maybe Quack is trying to get over Lucha style of rules.

Match No. 5: Mister Zero vs. UltraMantis. Mantis wins with Butterfly Suplex. Rating: **1/2 Solid match, nothing spectacular.