Match No. 1: Mister Zero vs. Dragonfly. Love the pop-up video captions that give background, name the wrestling holds (VHS version only). Zero is wearing a classic Halloween style mask depicting a bald, middle-aged man. Zero has classic move: Camel Clutch while reading the newspaper. Zero also drinks coffee from his mug during the match. Zero wins with nasty Last Shaven Unicorn Drop. Rating: **1/2 Two rookies wrestle good, solid match.

Match No. 2: UltraMantis vs. Blind Rage. Blind Rage wins with Gory Catapult. I’ve never seen this move before so I take no credit for getting the name correct. Thanks, pop-up video. Rating: **1/2 Another good but not great match. No blown spots, but Mantis calls audible spot within earshot of camera.

Match No. 3: Zane Madrox vs. Kid Kruel. Madrox taps to arm bar. Rating: None (highlights only)

Match No. 4: Beauty & the Beast (Love Bug and Marshal Law) vs. Night Shift (Hallowicked & Ichabod Slayne). Love Bug makes Ichabod tap to Boston Crab. Rating: None (highlights only)

Match No. 5: Goldbond Mafia (C.M. Punk, Colt Cabana & Chris Hero) vs. Black T-shirt Squad (Mike Quackenbush, Reckless Youth & Don Montoya). Damn good main event for CHIKARA debut. Crowd is very over for Punk. Quack does nice Spaceman Plancha. Cabana’s antics are spectacular. Props to Quack for booking these guys before ROH. All six do submissions at the same time. Quack misses Reverse Frankensteiner. It looks like Cabana blew the spot. He hits it a second time and Reckless then pins Cabana with a Northern Lights Bomb 2K1. Rating: ***3/4 Great, entertaining match by six professionals. They went 30 minutes and it never dragged.