Opening segment: Before the show, Loc is on the phone and he is joined by his new partner, Tony Devito. Devito roughs up a couple of the ring crew on his way to the locker room.

Quiet Storm asks Brian XL if he can try a submission on him. Christopher Street Connection cuts a promo on the crowd outside before being chased away by Da Hit Squad. Quiet Storm asks American Dragon to show a submission move to Brian XL, which he does. Devito tells Boogalou to watch out. As Frank Talent from the state athletic commission is giving another rambling speech, he sees Spanky with headphones and tells him to “take that shit off his ears”

Donnie B has replaced Eric Gargiulo on play-by-play. Steve Corino remains on color. Da Hit Squad calls out Christopher Street Connection.

Match No. 1: DHS vs. CSC. Allison Danger cuts promo on DHS and Corino makes crack on his sister, saying she enjoys alternate lifestyle. Danger says match is now a three way, adding Prince Nana & his servents. Corino makes a crack about Donnie B’s brother, Super Nova/Simon Dean, being gay. Mafia gives Luscious a Burning Hammer to get the pin. Rating: *1/2 This match was a squash but Allison Danger and Elax getting destroyed increased the rating.

Jay Brisco cuts promo, Mark interrupts him. Dissension in the making between these two.

Match No. 2: Jay Briscoe vs. Tony Mamaluke. Donnie B cracks on Briscoes for being ugly. He called that correctly. Jay looks like Boris Zubov. Brisco wins with Jay Driller. Mark is mad that Jay won. Rating: **1/2 Solid match but not great.

The Briscoe parents are backstage. Old man Briscoe is a big bastard. James Maritato is mad at Tony Mamaluke for using the FBI gimmick.

Match No. 3: Divine Storm (Chris Divine & Quiet Storm) with Brian XL vs. Christian York & Joey Matthews. Matthews taps out to some kind of leg lock by Quiet Storm. (If Donnie B and Corino couldn’t name it, don’t expect me to.) Rating: **1/2 Another solid match, a bit sloppy at times. Finish came out of nowhere.

James Maritato and Scoot Andrews both cut veteran, old school promos.

Match No. 4: James Maritato vs. Scoot Andrews vs. Xavier in three-way dance. Xavier taps to Fujiwara Armbar by Maritato. Rating: *** Pretty good match, a bit short.

Allison Danger is pissed, cuts promo on Rob Feinstein, who is horrible on the mic. A.J. Styles cuts very short promo.

Match No. 5: A.J. Styles vs. Low Ki. Crowd is really into this match. Great back-and-forth action. Both guys area beating the hell out of each other. Styles reverses Ki Crusher into DDT. Crowd is going crazy. Many near falls. Low Ki wins with quick roll-up. Rating: ***** Spectacular match, tons of heat.

Christopher Daniels cuts promo on newcomer Donovan Morgan.

Match No. 6: Ring Crew Express (Marcos & Dunn) vs. Carnage Crew (Loc & Devito). Crowd is already crapping on this match, which is pissing off Carnage Crew. Devito pins Dunn with wicked power bomb. Rating: * Squash. Marcos & Dunn get destroyed afterwards with hub cabs.

Donovan Morgan cuts quick promo.

Match No. 7: Donovan Morgan vs. Christopher Daniels. Match starts slow, but they pick it up and crowd warms up. Morgan wins with swinging neckbreaker. Rating: ***1/2 Very good match by two vets.

After the match, Daniels tells Morgan he has his back if he wants it.

Match No. 8: Paul London vs. John Hope in Texas Wrestling Academy gauntlet match. London wins with Shooting Star Press. Rating: none (only match highlights)

Match No. 9: Paul London vs. Michael Shane in Texas Wrestling Academy gauntlet match. Shane wins with elbow drop. Rating: *** Good match, but short.

Match No. 10: Michael Shane vs. Spanky in Texas Wrestling Academy gauntlet match.
Spanky wins with Sliced Bread No. 2. Rating: **1/2 Good match, dragged near finish.

Match No. 11: Spanky vs. Brian Danielson in Texas Wrestling Academy gauntlet match. Spanky’s pants are totally shredded. Danielson kicks out of Sliced Bread No. 2. Spanky wins with Sliced Bread No. 2 from top rope. Rating: *** Match was sloppy early, but picked up at the end.

Spanky cuts hilarious promo after the match. Dragon tries to cut promo on Spanky. Daniels comes to ring and rips on both of them says they are not in his league. Scoot Andrews comes to ring and cuts promo on Daniels, challenges him to first round tournament match. Xavier comes to the ring, throws his name into the hat. Jay Briscoe is next and he says he’s in the tournament. Prince Nana wants his spot. Finally, Low Ki comes out and cracks Nana in the chin with a punch. Low Ki cuts same rambling Kung Fu promo.

Match No. 12: Eddy Guerrero & Amazing Red vs. Spanish Announce Team (Jose & Joel Maximo). Eddy misses frog splash on Jose, but pins him with Gory Special. Rating: ***1/2 Wasn’t the greatest without Guererro in the ring, but they really picked it up at the end.

Brian XL cuts promo on Guerrero after match. Eddy calls him Little Bow Wow. Then destroys him. It looks like he hit the frog splash extra hard on him. Fans start Eddy chant. He cuts emotional farewell promo. (RIP, Eddy.)

Danielson and Low Ki confront Spanky for not paying respect to Guerrero. Morgan and Daniels ask them if they are finished marking out for Guererro. The four fight. Spanky is upset at Daniels and Morgan for causing him heat with Low Ki.