Opening segment: Daniels cuts promo, rags on ROH; highlights from last show; Da Hit Squad cuts promo, goes outside again with fans, similar to last show. Again Mafia does great job getting crowd fired up; Devine Storm practice hold and in comedy spot, Danielson comes in and puts hold hard on Chris Devine.

Match No. 1: Christopher Daniels vs. American Dragon in Round Robin Challenge match. Great opener. Daniels wins with cross face out of nowhere. Rating: ***1/2 Match was a bit short, crowd wasn’t into match as much as you would think.

Eric Tuttle shines Nana’s shoes; CW Anderson cuts promo, picks Elax as his partner.

Match No. 2: Prince Nana & Eric Tuttle vs. Da Hit Squad. Corino puts over girlfriend Simply Luscious. Nana cuts promo, makes Tuttle shine his shoes. DHS jumps Nana and Tuttle. Mafia pins Tuttle with burning hammer. Rating: ** Another squash win for DHS. Extra star for Christopher Street Connection attending to Tuttle and DHS throwing Luscious out of the ring.

CSC tries to give Tuttle CPR before Nana saves him; Danny Drake and Mike Tobin try to steal Natural Born Sinners’ chainsaw

Match No. 3: Christian York & Joey Matthews vs. CW Anderson & Elax. York pins Anderson with a diamond cutter. Rating: ** Solid match, but lack of heat and presence of Elax dragged down match. Anderson destroys Elax after match.

Xavier says Scoot Andrews broke his leg and can’t wrestle him in rematch; Little Guido says he will change back to James Maritato

Match No. 4: James Maritato vs. Xavier. Fans start A.C. Slater chant at Xavier. Xavier gets surprise pin in middle of match. Rating: *** Solid match.

Frank Talent gives rambling speech to wrestlers; Natural Born Sinners promo on Boogie Knights

Match No. 5: Boogie Knights (Danny Drake & Mike Tobin) vs. Natural Born Sinners (Homicide & Boogalou). Boogalou uses chainsaw during entrance. Pretty much a squash. Rating: **

Low Ki cuts same tired promo

Match No. 6: Christoper Daniels vs. Low Ki in Round Robin Challenge Match. Daniels is a great heel with a killer ring entrance. (Naturally, in 2007, TNA utilizes neither.) Low Ki has early advantage as Daniels has already wrestled tonight. Slow methodical match. Daniels hits Angel’s Wings, but Lo Ki kicks out. Daniels then gets to rope after Ki Krusher. Daniels taps to Dragon Clutch. Rating: **** Great technical match that built to finish with several near falls.

Daniels acts contrite, then won’t shake Low Ki’s hand and cuts promo. Xavier congratulates Daniels behind the curtain.

Match No. 7: Chris Marvel vs. Paul London in Texas Wrestling Academy challenge match. London does nice acrobatics early. London then does Moonsault onto Marvel outside of the ring and match is stopped after Marvel suffers gruesome broken leg. Rating: None

Jay Briscoe cuts promo, there is growing dissension with brother Mark.

Match No. 8: Jay Briscoe with Mark Briscoe vs. Brian “Spanky” Kendrick. Kendrick is in great shape. He’s not in great shape after getting thrown into the corner and hitting his head on the ringpost. In fact, he’s a bloody mess. Match picks up at this point. Spanky wins with Sliced Bread No. 2. Rating: ***1/2 Mark Briscoe gives his brother hard time after the match.

Match No. 9: Divine Storm vs. SAT vs. Amazing Red & Brian XL in lucha style match. Match drags until they hit several high spots outside the ring. These guys are hitting nice moves, but at times, things seem a step slow. Red hits Red Star Press on Quiet Storm for the pin; Divine Storm is eliminated. Brian XL and Red each try for pin and argue; Joel Maximo pins Red. Rating: **1/2 Match had some nice moves, but sloppy mat work cost it low rating.

Match No. 10: American Dragon vs. Low Ki in final Round Robin Challenge Match. Ken Shamrock comes to the ring, cuts promo, offers to referee the match. Dragon and Ki agree. Danielson bleeding from a cut next to the eye which happened in first match of the night. With Shamrock as the ref, match is kept on the mat in early going. Low Ki hits Ki Krusher from the second rope. Crowd goes crazy. Low Ki passes out in Cattle Mutilation. Rating: ***** This was a classic old school match that built perfectly to the finish. This match was even more impressive considering they went 30 plus minutes in their second match of the match.

Dragon cuts post-match promo, thanks Shamrock, puts over Low Ki.

Mikey Whipwreck breaks up his guys arguing in the locker room; London, Kendrick and Danielson argue about ROH internet balloting, Rudy says he will try to get a match with all of them against each other.