Opening segment: Mafia and Monsta Mack cut a promo on a bus full of New York fans before the show. Da Hit Squad then cut a promo in front of some Boston fans.

Match No. 1: Christopher Street Connection with Allison Danger vs. Da Hit Squad. Corino rags on his sister. Kinda funny. Fans not sure how to react when Buffy kisses a male fan. Buffy and Mase then make it more awkward by making out. Da Hit Squad then destroy CSC. Mafia then powerbombs Danger onto Buffy on a table. Rating: ** In a symbolic opening match, ROH destroys “sports entertainment” in a squash. While the match wasn’t much, the symbolism and crowd heat raise it from one star to two.

Match No. 2: Jay Briscoe with Mark Briscoe vs. Amazing Red. Red wins with shooting star press. Rating: *** Good match for guys that young. Some good moves, none obviously blown. Great heat.

In vignettes, they show Low Ki in front of some Karate banner; Homicide in his old neighborhood; Xavier giving advice to Eric Tuttle; Scoot Andrews talks about Xavier match.

Match No. 3: Xavier vs. Scoot Andrews. Scoot enters to Ric Flair’s 2001 entrance music. Fans start A.C. Slater chant at Xavier. I admit it. I had to look on the Internet to figure out A.C. Slater is the Mario Lopez character from Saved by the Bell. Xavier wins with a neckbreaker. Rating: *** Another very solid match with several near falls.

Match No. 4: Boogie Nights (Mike Tobin and Danny Drake) vs. Natural Born Sinners (Homicide & Boogalou). Classic entrance. Homicide comes out with Michael Myers mask, Boogalou is carrying a working chainsaw. NBS disqualified for using a rubber chicken. Rating: *** Match was a squash, but it gets three stars for the ring entrance and post-match beating of referee H.C. Loc. In shades of Abdullah the Butcher, Homicide used a fork or spike to the head of Loc and busted him open. And then gave Loc his Cop Killa finisher for good measure.

Drake and Tobin, armed with bats, look for NBS; Buffy and Mase bemoan their loss as Spanky dances in the background.

Match No. 5: Quiet Storm & Chris Divine & Brian XL vs. SAT & Amazing Red in elimination match with Mikey Whipwreck as guest ref. Match opens with tons of high spots onto the floor. Jose Maximo pins Red. Chris Divine pins Brian XL. Quiet Storm pins Jose Maximo and Joel Maximo pins Chris Divine simultaneously. Quiet Storm pins Joel to win the match. Rating: **1/2 Match dragged near the end and there were a couple of sloppy and/or slow moves. Still a decent match.

Homicide curses at the camera; Feinstein gives Eric Tuttle a match. He probably met the kid on the Internet.

Match No. 6: Prince Nana vs. Towel Boy Eric Tuttle. Nana wins a squash. Rating: * Popcorn match.

Match No. 7: Michael Shane & Oz vs. Spanky & Ikaika Loa in Texas Wrestling Academy challenge. Kendrick and Shane in the ring for most of the match, thankfully. Spanky pins Oz to win an ROH contract. Rating: **1/2 Would have been *** if the two meatballs had not been in match.

Mikey goes off on his guys in the locker room; a bloody H.C. Loc makes a phone call, threatens to quit

Match No. 8: Super Crazy vs. Eddy Guerrero for IWA Intercontinental Championship. Eddy looks ridiculously big and it isn’t natural. (RIP, Eddy.) Super Crazy wins with a small package. Rating: ***1/2 Very good match, may have been four stars if it went longer.

Low Ki cuts his signature Kung Fu promo

Match No. 9: American Dragon vs. Low Ki vs. Christoper Daniels. Very stiff match. Very technical match. What can you say other than these guys are great. Tons of heat. In one crazy spot, Daniels superplexes Dragon who superplexes Low Ki. Low Ki pins Daniels with Ki Krusher. Rating: ***** I can’t say one bad thing about this match or think of a reason to downgrade it from a perfect rating of five stars.

Daniels refuses to shake hands after the match; in the locker room, Eddy Guerrero puts over ROH for being pure; the show closes with a video montage of match highlights.