Show opens with a Brian Pillman video.

Clip shown from “A Matter of Respect” as Rob Van Dam shakes hands with Bill Alfonso and Sabu is taken out on a stretcher.

Fan Cam segment with Paul Heyman. He makes UFC reference. He cuts promo on Van Dam. Then drives away in a Camaro. Cheeseball.

Match No. 1: 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Chris Jericho from house show on Fan Cam joined in progress. Jericho is all juiced up. Scorpio gets pin with reverse 540. Rating: None.

Highlights of Sandman gettting his knee fucked up by Shane Douglas at a house show. Stevie Richards interrupts Joey Styles with cheesy promo.

Raven interview in the ring at house show in Allentown, Pa. Same old Raven shit. He asks Richards to find him a slut.

Richards interrupts Styles again.

Highlights of Dudleys vs. Damian Kane and Devon Storm. Storm takes backdrop over top rope onto D.W. Dudley. Devon hits Kane, Storm and the Bubba with a chair. The the ref Paul Richards. Richards rings the bell for the DQ. Bubba and Devon argue.

Cheesy skit with Bubba trying to call Big Dick Dudley. Stevie Richards says he has signed pictures of Big Dick in his bedroom and nobody is a bigger fan of Big Dick than him.

Match No. 2: Brian Lee & Eliminators vs. Gangstas & Tommy Dreamer. Crazy brawl, as always. Kronus with a nice flying tiger drop over the top rope. Saturn uses a moonsault (Saturnsault). They brawl all over the arena including on the stage below Styles. Lee suplexes Dreamer through a table and off the stage. Mustafa hits Kronus with a toy robot. New Jack gets ball shot splits into the post. Dreamer getting triple-teamed. He’s a mess. Dreamer gets superkicked in the back of the head by Stevie Richards. Kimona and Beulah then grab his balls and take him off. Dreamer puts a cinderblock on Lee’s chest and hits it with a chair. Saturn then gives him a spike piledriver. Saturn sets up a table in the corner of the ring and lifts Dreamer onto it. Saturn to the top rope. Dreamer gives him a ddt through the table. Kronus makes the save. New Jack gives Kronus nasty chairshot to the back. New Jack jumps off top rope with a chair and hits Saturn with it for the pin. Crazy as hell brawl in typical ECW fashion. Damn good stuff. Rating: ***1/2